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Open Post: Hosted By The Trailer For Tom Brady’s Passion Project “80 For Brady” AKA The Passion Of The Yikes

November 17, 2022 / Posted by:

I don’t know why it happened, I don’t know how it happened. Similarly, I don’t know what it’s for, and I don’t know who it’s for. Nor do I know when it happened, or, after having watched the trailer, IF it actually happened at all. By my count, no fewer than seven CGI Guy Fieri’s are featured here. Variety has attempted to outline a few of the basic facts related to 80 for Brady, a movie starring four of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses as obsessed Tom Brady fans who “travel to the 2017 Super Bowl to see Brady on the field,” but unfortunately, their reporting has left me with more questions than answers. The only thing I’m 100% sure about in regards to 80 for Brady, produced by and starring Tom as himself, and Tom’s work wife, Rob Gronkowski, as the inspiration for one of the ladies’ “Gronk erotica,” is that Gisele Bundchen’s jiu-jitsu instructor is definitely getting pinned tonight.

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The Staples Center Has Been Re-Named The Arena

November 17, 2021 / Posted by:

Take a good look at that picture above, because it could be one of the last times you see that particular building with the words STAPLES Center on it. After 22 years as the aforementioned Staples Center, the Staples Center is no more. It would make 100% pure good sense to rename it the People’s Republic of Lakerton (in municipal partnership with Little Clipperville), but that’s not what’s happening here. It was announced yesterday that that building will be known as the Arena. That name might have made you roll your eyes and wonder if they’ll let just anyone name these buildings. And the answer would be yes, they do, so long as the check is big enough and it successfully clears at the bank.

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Chad Michael Murray Will Star As Ted Bundy In A New Movie And People Are Over It

May 27, 2021 / Posted by:

Chad Michael Murray has signed on to play Ted Bundy in an upcoming film titled American Boogeyman. And the people are asking, “Why?” No, not “Why is Chad Michael Murray still getting work in 2021?” It’s more like, “Why are we continually making movies that glorify this lunatic serial killer who wasn’t even hot like everybody says?”

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Here’s A Promo Video For Elon Musk’s “Saturday Night Live” Episode

May 7, 2021 / Posted by:

The only thing worse than a billionaire is a thirsty billionaire, and Elon Musk is the richest, thirstiest one the world has ever known. And you can’t tell him nothing! Least of all “no.” And so, as we know, he’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. As such, SNL has released a promo clip for the show which features musical guest Miley Cyrus, who similarly can’t be told nothing. Only thing is, Miley can pull it off. Elon, well Elon is so stiff, his fresh-out-the-box leather jacket still has creases in it.

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Open Post: Hosted By John Travolta Getting Down With 50 Cent At A “Gotti” After-Party In Cannes

May 16, 2018 / Posted by:

My weird obsession/revolution with the Cannes International Film Festival continues and these videos of John Travolta in a tux dancing to, and with, 50 Cent at the Gotti premiere after party are not helping matters! The Gotti gang’s in Cannes with the beleaguered movie, directed by E from Entourage (I refuse to call him by his born name Kevin Connolly). Pitbull did the musical score so I’m not sure how Fiddy plays into all this. According to Variety he was at Cannes to pitch his own movie, taking time out of his busy schedule defending R. Kelly on Twitter.

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