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Kim Kardashian Asked A Doctor To Save Kris Jenner’s Bones During Hip Surgery So She Can Turn Them Into Jewelry

October 20, 2022 / Posted by:

If you ever needed MORE proof that Kim Kardashian and the rest of her sisterly Koven practice the Dark Arts, look no further than her recent request on an episode of scripted soap opera The Kardashians. Apparently, the weight of pimping your daughters out for fame is finally catching up to their mother, Kris Jenner, and she had to have hip-replacement surgery. But instead of showering Kris with love and affection, Kim has decided she wants to take Kris’ bones and turn them into jewelry. However, this isn’t a strange request among the Koven since they talk about death all the time.

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Open Post: Hosted By The 7-Eleven/Crocs Collaboration

September 21, 2022 / Posted by:

There is a certain subset of folks in the world who actually believe in the power of ugly and evil Crocs. So in keeping up with a good marketing gimmick, longstanding convenience store 7-Eleven has teamed up with Crocs to reveal a line of shoes that look like something from a wacky anime fever dream. In other words, it’s high fashion at its best.

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Open Post: Hosted By Models Working “Sex Tape” Looks During New York Fashion Week

September 12, 2022 / Posted by:

I don’t claim to be the most fashion-forward person in the world, but what I do know is that there are certain designers out there creating some very horrible clothing and charging an arm and a leg for it. That is not the case with designer Joel Alvarez, founder of the Black Tape Project. Basically, Joel is a self-proclaimed pioneer of creating designs for his models with nothing but tape. Just ask Julia Fox, hitting up the Home Depot tape aisle for an elegant crotch cover IS very now. And during a New York Fashion Week show yesterday, Joel’s models paraded around the stage draped in pieces of tape that left very little to the imagination in a show that should have been titled Hardware Store…But Make It FASHION!

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Open Post: Hosted By The Hot Pink Phallic Wall Lamp

August 19, 2022 / Posted by:

Whoever coined the phrase ‘Sex Sells’ obviously had no idea that those words would become a call to action for furniture manufacturers all over the world to create something provocative, yet profitable. And one of those companies, London-based Monsby, is leaning into this spirit by creating a line of lamps that look like they should be hidden within someone’s sock drawer instead of plastered along their walls. And for the low, low price of $500.00 you too can own something that will make visitors wonder if you’ve got a little too disposable income by plastering illuminated dicks all over your domicile.

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Cameron Diaz Believes She May Have Been A Drug Mule During Her Early Modeling Days

July 11, 2022 / Posted by:

Whenever I look at Cameron Diaz I think to myself “I bet you’ve got a bunch of stories!” because she’s been giving Let’s Get Wasted energy since the 90s. I was mad when she decided to take a break from acting. But Cameron must have been listening to my prayers because she’s decided to return to acting and is making a few rounds on the interview circuit beforehand. One story she told recently during the Second Life podcast is guaranteed to make everyone thankful that she chose acting and not a life of crime. Because she would have sucked at it.

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Open Post: Hosted By Hard Seltzer Made From Leftover Hot Dog Water

July 8, 2022 / Posted by:

If you’ve ever been to a cookout this summer and wondered why there wasn’t enough hot dog flavor in your hard seltzer, your name is probably Fred Durst. But who has time for basic bitch flavors like strawberry or mango when you can enjoy sips of salty processed meat traveling down your esophagus instead? Sounds like dreams in a glass to me. And in an attempt to make this dream come true, a brewery in Forth Worth, TX called Martin House Brewing Co. has decided that everyone deserves the taste of questionably forged meat in their adult beverages. In their infinite wisdom, they have taken one of the world’s least favorite things, hot dog water, and created a drink experience that will either be revered or regurgitated.

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