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Tom Brady Got In Trouble For Working Out In A Closed Park In Tampa

April 21, 2020 / Posted by:

Florida is still under a stay-at-home order (for now), but I guess Tom Brady either didn’t get the memo or like many, doesn’t give a fuck about the memo, because he was caught working out in a closed park in Tampa. I guess Tom Brady just doesn’t have the celebrity pull like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez and can’t get a gym to open up just for him, so he had to work out in a public park like a nobody and got busted! The dumb fuck should’ve just worked out on one of the open beaches and he would’ve never gotten that little slap on his privileged wrist. Gisele Bundchen is totally going to give Tommy a stern talking to for this.
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Tom Brady Talked About The Time That Gisele Bundchen Let Him Know She Wasn’t Happy In Their Marriage 

April 8, 2020 / Posted by:

Tom Brady, the reason why 100% of Boston bros suffered from severe dehydration after crying out all of their bodily fluids, was on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show today to talk about leaving that one ball-throwing team for another ball-throwing team. The other ball-throwing team being in Tampa, so if you own a grocery store in Tampa Bay that carries whispers of purified air infused with distilled broccolini water and bottles of organic dew drops farmed from a pesticide-free dandelion petal, Gisele Bundchen is about to become your #1 customer!

But Tom didn’t only talk about football with Howard. Tom also talked about the love of his life. Oh, and he talked about Gisele too.

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Tom Brady Is Leaving The New England Patriots

March 17, 2020 / Posted by:

Tom Brady was the number one trending topic on Twitter this morning because he is officially no longer with the New England Patriots. Gisele Bündchen‘s husband is hanging it up with the team after a twenty year career, six Super Bowl wins, an important cameo in Ben Affleck’s nanny cheating scandal, and one conspiracy to deflate footballs for which a judge let him all the way off the hook. 42-year-old Tom is ready to move on and deflate footballs somewhere else!

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Gisele Bündchen Doesn’t Like The Term “Stepmom”, Prefers “Bonus Mom”

February 28, 2020 / Posted by:

I guess Gisele Bündchen won’t be watching that Susan Sarandon/Julia Roberts vehicle from 1998 any time soon, because she is NOT a fan of Stepmom. Gisele hit up her Instagram Stories yesterday to answer questions from fans. One person asked, “How does it feel being a stepmom? I want positive story for myself, cause I am stepmom”. Cool it, lady, we all want positive story for ourselves. Gisele replied with, “I don’t like the word stepmom. I use the word bonus mom because I feel like it’s a blessing in my life. I feel so lucky that I got to have an extra, wonderful little angel in my life.” How VERY LeAnn Rimes of her.

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Tom Brady Posts Cryptic Photo In Football Stadium, Boston Proceeds To Lose Its Shit

January 31, 2020 / Posted by:

Boston is burning, y’all, and it’s all because of Tom Brady. After the New England Patriots kind of stank it up toward the end of football season this year, some thought that Pepaw Brady is too old, at 42, to keep playing quarterback. Tom is also without a contract for next year, so Boston is a really annoying place to be right now since all the damn news seems to be about Tom Brady staying or fleeing to a different team. Tom addressed this on Twitter yesterday by posting the photo above that seems to confirm…he’ll either stay or leave. Continue reading


Tom Brady Was Super Bummed When His Youngest Son Wasn’t Into Sports Since “He’s A Boy”

August 7, 2019 / Posted by:

Tom Brady has really been getting the Tori Spelling treatment lately. No I don’t mean that he can’t afford his Amex bill–I mean people are coming at him for his parenting skills hard online. First there was that awkward moment when he sort of dragged his daughter over a cliff (safely into water!) and now it’s time for what Tom said about his son not liking sports. In a recent interview with Men’s Health Tom talked all about his fabulous existence because people love to know what’s going on in the lives of people whose lives are better than theirs. During the conversation, Tom said that he’s faced some parenting struggles–his youngest son, Benjamin: isn’t interested in sports. Poor one out for ol’ Tom Brady, this is a TRAGEDY.

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