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Alec Baldwin Played Donald Trump Again On Last Night’s “SNL At Home” Season Finale

May 10, 2020 / Posted by:

It’s been two weeks since Brad Pitt made Dr. Anthony Fauci’s dreams come true with a spot-on impression on a virtual episode of Saturday Night Live (or SNL at Home). Well, last night the NBC staple was back with another remote broadcast in honor of the show’s season finale. Only this time, the main event wasn’t one silver fox portraying another silver fox. It was Alec Baldwin portraying an orange turd––and (maybe?) for the very last time.

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Brad Pitt Made Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Dream Come True By Playing Him On Last Night’s “SNL At Home” 

April 26, 2020 / Posted by:

Saturday Night Live was back with their second episode of SNL At Home, which stands for “Saturday Not Live At Home” since the sketches aren’t live. But unlike the last one’s cold open, which featured Tom Hanks as Tom Hanks, this one featured an actual cold open sketch featuring a portrayal of Dr. Anthony Fauci, (a.k.a. the doctor from the memes who could barely hold it together while Trump shat out stupidity near his earholes).

Well, Dr. Fauci can now hold his head up high because he has been immortalized by Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt as Dr. Fauci is more like “sandpaper-voiced high school principal who smokes an entire pack of cigarettes in his car during lunchtime and perks up whenever somebody tells him he kind of looks like the guy on the spaghetti jars” but this was Dr. Fauci’s wish! Dr. Fauci recently joked to CNN that he wants Brad to play him on SNL and his wish was granted!

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Tom Hanks Hosted “SNL At Home” Last Night

April 12, 2020 / Posted by:

Many have been saying that Saturday Night Live has been phoning it in for a while, and well, last night, they Zoomed it in (sort of). Because of the obvious, the SNL cast can’t get together, so they did the show from their homes. And like the rest of us, I had nothing better to do last night, so I checked up on it and found “COVID-19 survivor Tom Hanks rising out of the pits of corona hell to open the show.

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Harry Styles Shaded Zayn Malik On “Saturday Night Live”

November 18, 2019 / Posted by:

Many-nippled wonder Harry Styles was the musical guest and host of this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live, and he wasn’t bad, which is saying a lot considering what usually happens when non-actors host that show. Harry also found time to shade his old One Direction group member, Zayn Malik, in his opening monologue, and inspired many to fill Sara Lee’s Instagram comments with thirstiness. But they’re cool with it.

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Michael Che Might Have Subtly Addressed The Backlash From His Caitlyn Jenner Joke

November 4, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s Michael Che’s job to read the news on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment. But for the second week in a row, he is the news. Last week, Michael Che pissed off viewers with a transphobic joke about Caitlyn Jenner. This week, he delivered a series of jokes that appeared to be self-aware of the backlash.

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Michael Che Went There And Called Caitlyn Jenner “Fella” On SNL

October 28, 2019 / Posted by:

Michael Che once again has decided to remind us that he’s still Saturday Night Live’s second most likely reason for an NBC spokesperson to work overtime on a Monday. On Saturday night, Michael Che made a joke about Caitlyn Jenner during Weekend Update. Except he didn’t call her Caitlyn, and he didn’t call her “her.” Casual transphobia? Scarlett Johansson is wondering if she picked the wrong Update host.

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