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Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Want To Play Trump Anymore

June 7, 2019 / Posted by:

There was a time when one of Alec Baldwin’s favorite things to do on a Saturday night was to jump into a messy pile of wigs, ties, and orange setting powder, and drag his Twitter enemy Donald Trump during the cold open of Saturday Night Live. It almost brought him as much joy as getting into fist fights with strangers on the street. But that love affair is over. After two Emmy nominations and one win, Alec Baldwin says he’s ready to call it a day.

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Chris Kattan Claims Lorne Michaels Pressured Him To Sleep With A Director

May 29, 2019 / Posted by:

Chris Kattan is claiming Lorne Michaels is not only a boss but also a bit of a pimp. Chris Kattan recounts that while making “A Night At The Roxbury”  Amy Heckerling (who was supposed to direct it) wanted a piece of Mango and tried to get with him. When he turned her down, she threatened to quit the movie. This infuriated Lorne and he tried to (allegedly) get Chris to give her a piece of Mango.

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Goopy Spoofed GOOP On “Saturday Night Live”

March 10, 2019 / Posted by:

As if losing an hour of sleep for daylight savings time wasn’t the most INSUFFERABLE thing about this day already, Saturday Night Live just went and made the weekend worse with their GOOP parody on Weekend Update. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that they brought Gwyneth Paltrow on as a surprise guest to make fun of her to her face yet failed by pulling back on all of their punches, or that they failed to offer a mock PSA on the benefits of steaming one’s vagina while simultaneously boiling water for making organic zucchini spaghetti. Major missed opportunity.

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Open Post: Hosted By Halsey Performing Double Artistic Duty On “Saturday Night Live”

February 10, 2019 / Posted by:

Wait – Halsey performed on Saturday Night Live but was also the host? Was this SNL’s version of frugality – getting some sorta-known singer to also speak words in skits? Whatever it was – Halsey probably realized she’s not exactly on the superstar train just yet. So she knew she had to make her performances as memorable as possible. Which she did by painting a portrait of her (?) face on the stage floor while singing her song “Eastside” during her second song. And she painted upside down!

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Open Post: Hosted By Jason Momoa As An “Extra Ghost” On “Saturday Night Live”

December 10, 2018 / Posted by:

There are blessed few things in this world that are a simple snack for the mind, body, and soul. And Jason Momoa shaking his money maker to RuPaul’s “Freaky Money” in a half-baked Saturday Night Live sketch called An Extra Christmas Carol is one of them. From Jason’s Land Of Make Believe accent, to his hopeless attempt at making every grain of sugar in his tank shine, to the self-consciously delivered body rolls, we stan a goofy queen. Jason’s “extra ghost”, juxtaposed against a very convincing set, professional costumes and an expertly delivered straight-man performance by Mikey Day, goes down like two buttery, spicy, ginger snaps to the left.

Here’s the skit with a big assist by Kate McKinnon as Tiny Tim who “gets it”.

I want to bury my face in that tumtum something awful. What crimes against humanity do I have to commit in order to be visited by Jason in a shiny lame cape and tear-away pants, being all extra just for me? I would seriously like to know if I just have to be dick to a little kid and grump about Christmas, or if I have to go full genocidal maniac? Okay, maybe I wouldn’t go quite that far, but my morals are flexible when it comes to Jason Momoa.

Pic: YouTube

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