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Keke Palmer Is Pregnant With Her First Child And Made The Announcement On “Saturday Night Live”

December 5, 2022 / Posted by:

Keke Palmer pulled a Cardi B. No, she didn’t allegedly arrange a hit on some strippers who were allegedly banging her man, but she did reveal a pregnancy on Saturday Night Live. There were pregnancy rumors about 29-year-old Keke, but she confirmed the news herself during the monologue of her debut hosting gig by rubbing her baby bump live. Hopefully, she decides to return our timeline to the right path by never teaching her child about Dick Cheney–I think her finding out who he was is one of the time paradoxes polluting our existence.

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Anti-Defamation League President Responds To Dave Chappelle’s “Saturday Night Live” Opening Monologue

November 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Back in the early days of Saturday Night Live, the cast used to do everything short of having an orgy before performing their live skits, and that spirit of “Who Gives A Fuck?!” energy has been resurrected in recent years. But no more than when caustic comic Dave Chappelle took the reins as host this past weekend. Ahead of his appearance, several SNL writers reportedly tapped out of his episode over his past controversies. We already know Dave says what he wants, smokes whatever he has in his hand, and makes a swift exit before anyone can throw a rotten tomato at him. But his recent monologue for last week’s SNL episode, where he referenced GoFundMe candidate Kanye West‘s anti-Semitic sentiments,  has gotten him into trouble with the Anti-Defamation League and its president Jonathan Goldblatt.

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Some “Saturday Night Live” Writers Are Rumored To Be Boycotting This Week’s Show In Protest Of Dave Chappelle Hosting

November 10, 2022 / Posted by:

Because of Dave Chappelle’s history of jokes that many find homophobic and transphobic, he’s since become the festering church fart many make a concerted effort to avoid (or try to swat into dissipation). His last Netflix special, The Closer, drew a great deal of ire and protest when it came out last year; and now Page Six reported that several Saturday Night Live staff writers are sitting out this week’s show as a statement of their disapproval of him being chosen to host. I mean, SNL has been sitting out SNL for about five years as it is, so this Saturday’s episode may be especially devoid of sketches that cause people to make quiet “mmph” sounds through their nostrils in acknowledgment that a joke was just attempted.

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Open Post: Hosted By The “Saturday Night Live” Spoof Of Nicole Kidman’s AMC Commercial

October 3, 2022 / Posted by:

Season 48 of Saturday Night Live premiered this past Saturday, and despite a ton of talented cast members (and Pete Davidson) leaving after last season, the show went on. And one notable skit starred Chloe Fineman in a spoof of Nicole Kidman’s commercial for AMC Theaters. SNL’s parody added another layer to the already dramatic original without even changing the script.

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Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan And Lorne Michaels Have Been Added As Defendants In The Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Horatio Sanz

August 24, 2022 / Posted by:

Once again, Saturday Night Live alum Horatio Sanz is making headlines for allegedly grooming a 15-year-old girl and sexually assaulting her at an SNL cast party when she was 17. I say “once again” but that is literally the only reason Horatio has ever made a headline in his entire career. With a legacy like that, you’d think his old pals at SNL might have all come down with Sanznesia like the rest of us and wiped him from their collective memories. But in fact, Lorne Michaels and Horatio’s former castmates Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan care very much about what Horatio is up to these days because they have all just been named as defendants in an amended complaint filed by a “Jane Doe.” Jane Doe claims that Lorne, Jimmy, and Tracy all enabled Horatio’s misconduct. I guess that’s one way to get the guys to pick up your calls. It’s a sick, twisted, and extremely convoluted way, but hey I guess it worked. I heard Horatio and the boys were gonna try to get together with their lawyers soon for some beers and mutually assured destruction.

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John Mulaney Gave A Shout-Out To Olivia Munn On “SNL,” And She Joined Him At An After Party

February 28, 2022 / Posted by:

We haven’t heard much regarding whatever it is that’s going on between John Mulaney and Olivia Munn in a while. Which is actually more like an eerie calm, considering there was a time when we were all crunching the numbers on their relationship in full show-your-work algebra mode like Good Will Hunting. But John is back, and his grand return happened on Saturday night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Obviously he didn’t spend the whole show gushing about what an incredible and totally 100% morally ethical situation he’s currently in with the former star of The Newsroom. Because come on, he had sketches to read cue cards in. But he did briefly mention her in his monologue, as well as crack a few jokes about their 12-week-old son.

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