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“Imagine” If All These Celebrities Sang In The Same Key

March 19, 2020 / Posted by:

Corona isn’t the only thing going viral these days. With everybody on lockdown and bored out of their minds, we are grasping at straws for anything even mildly entertaining to distract us from this supremely shitty situation. Some desperate souls have even resorted to watching Cats! Which is why you may have seen the video that’s going around where Gal Gadot and a bafflingly random group of celebrities join together as one to sing John Lennon’s Imagine. You see, coronavirus got Gal to thinking: What if we are all really the same? And to her credit, when it comes right down to it, celebrities really are just like us. They’re also bored, scared, barely any of them can sing, and the ones who can sing, are always doing too much.

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Norah Jones Is A Mom Again

July 7, 2016 / Posted by:

May 15. Mark it. Take note. That’s the day I told you all that the warm months mean nothing but babies. Babies! There are so many people in the world already, but that doesn’t stop people from humping on each other when it’s cold out and unleashing masses of wee ones unto the rest of us once it’s warm out. Yesterday brought news of a witch baby. If Starbucks still sold CDs (why is life so cruel?!), today we’d probably get a Norah Jones mini disc with our Best of Norah Jones CD, because she’s given birth to her second child.

Norah’s reps have confirmed to UsWeekly that she welcomed baby No. 2. Norah is famously discreet about her personal life, so there’s no word on what this baby’s sex or name is. Norah has also never publicly disclosed the identity of her musician partner or their first son’s name. I’m going to assume that they’re named Grande, Tall, and Short for the new one, for the sake of speculation.

Norah has on occasion Instagrammed photos of her first son, but never anything where his face is visible. The closest we got to that was this Christmas shot. But who’s to say that’s even her baby? However, if it is, we can safely assume that he has two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Ha! We got something on him, Norah! But let’s not shade where shade is not due. Good for her keeping shit on the DL if that’s what she wants to do. People like Backdoor Farrah might want to take a page out of Norah’s parenting book.

Congrats, Norah! May little No Name 1 and 2 stay out of the spotlight and prosper.



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