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The Stars Of The Original “Mean Girls” Were Reportedly Supposed To Appear In The Upcoming Movie Musical, But Talks Have Stalled Over Money

February 23, 2023 / Posted by:

2004 was a much easier time to be a passive-aggressive, petty person: you could wail, “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!” or “she doesn’t even go here!” at anyone you didn’t feel like messing with. Everyone would just laugh and laugh and just pretend you were innocently quoting Mean Girls while swallowing the fact that all involved knew deep down you probably actually didn’t feel like fucking with that person. Paramount+ is currently working on a Mean Girls musical movie based on the Broadway musical that was based on the original movie that was based on a book. Since we’ve hit that point in the availability of new ideas, maybe the old Mean Girls standards will regain life anew. However, original stars Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert were slated to be in the film, but contract talks are allegedly at a standstill because of Paramount+’s “disrespectfully” low-money offer.

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Lea Michele Is Nice Now And Can Allegedly Read

September 1, 2022 / Posted by:

Of all people you’d think Lea Michele would be familiar with the Streisand Effect and I don’t mean when you star in a Broadway play about a young, starry eyed up-and-comer and instantly become the “greatest star.” I mean when you are already the “greatest star and try to dispel a long-standing rumor but only wind up reminding everybody that you’re a mean girl who (allegedly) can’t read. Lea’s big Funny Girl debut is next week, and for those unable to attend, Lea’s given an interview to The New York Times to let us know just what we’ll be missing— a wiser, more generous, and mature leader who is going to do “a good job when the camera’s rolling, but also when it’s not.” And in case you’re asking, she may not be able to read a room, but she absolutely can (allegedly) read a book. Need proof? She must have read The Feminine Mystique because how else would she know that it’s sexist to joke about her illiteracy?

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Today In Boo Hoo News: Chrissy Teigen Says Being In “The Cancel Club” Sucks

July 15, 2021 / Posted by:

Looking at Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram page you see a woman leading a charmed life. Beautiful home, beautiful children and luxury travel on the arm of the world’s sexiest man. Sure, that’s only according to People Magazine, but John Legend is, at the very least, cute. Yet, judging by her most recent Instagram post, it’s clear that Chrissy has a desperate desire for validation outside of her seemingly beautiful life. On Twitter no less! That’s like sitting on a beach in Cinque Terre, as she very recently was, in a glamorous kaftan sipping a crisp Pinot Bianco and asking the waiter if he can bring her an old bucket of fish guts, put it in her lap and set it on fire. Chrissy writes that she feels like “utter shit in real life” and that she “desperately” wants to communicate with “you guys,” presumably her fans, lamenting that being in “the cancel club” “just sucks.” Meanwhile the waiter is just standing there like, you still working on that bucket of fish guts or can I take it away? It’s disturbing the other guests.

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Chrissy Teigen’s Team Claims That Michael Costello Faked Those Cyberbullying DMs

June 18, 2021 / Posted by:

Upon entering the Valley of the Sphinx be prepared to answer riddles three. I’m not going to give you the answers because that would be cheating and I don’t need any more curses on my bloodline, thank you very much. But be prepared to explain who is the victim and who is the villain in the saga between Chrissy Teigen and Michael Costello, both of whom have been accused of bullying and harassment, and both of whom claim that direct messages implicating them have been fabricated. According to People, Chrissy’s “team” now alleges that the direct messages Michael shared earlier this week which show Chrissy threatening to have him blacklisted, are fake. Somewhere Alison Roman is cackling over a very real bowl of watery chickpea stew and loving every minute of this mess.

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The New York Post Called Out Chrissy Teigen For Bullying Lindsay Lohan And She’s Apologized Again

June 14, 2021 / Posted by:

Welcome to 2021— A year unlike any other where Lindsay Lohan gets a three-page piece in The New York Post all about her triumphant return to world domination just as Chrissy Teigen has been shamed into silence for her legacy as a Twitter troll. Do you know how much devastating Lohanaissance material Chrissy probably has saved in her drafts? Sadly, we’ll probably never find out because Chrissy has issued yet another apology for her past behavior and swears she’s left the “insecure, immature” person she used to be in the past. But as Chrissy seeks absolution, there’s one person who’s not going to let her forget the lives she ruined, and that person is Dina Lohan!

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Mrs. World And Her Friend Were Arrested For Stealing Mrs. Sri Lanka’s Crown

April 8, 2021 / Posted by:

Yesterday I gave the controversial score of 6.8 to the Mrs. Sri Lanka 2020 crown snatching but I may have to revise that considering that while the snatch itself was lackluster, it has since become AN INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT. According to E! News, both Mrs. World Caroline Jurie, the instigator of the snatch, and her accomplice, who has been identified as “2006 model of the worldChula Padmendra, were both arrested and charged with “simple hurt and criminal cause.” They’ve both been released on bail but the brouhaha their hi-jinks caused has forced me to adjust their overall score to a 7.1, thanks in no small part to snatchee Pushpika De Silva’s unwavering thirst for revenge.

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