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Soulja Boy’s Home Was Burglarized And The Thieves Bragged About It On His Instagram

April 17, 2019 / Posted by:

Soulja Boy’s home was burglarized Monday night to the tune of over $600,00 ($500,000 jewelry and $100,000 cash), which is too bad because he’s currently in jail for weapon violations  after police paid him a visit for online threats and holding a woman against her will. So really this couldn’t have happened to a better guy! And it turns out the thieves are about as good at making decisions as well as  Soulja Boy is. They went on his Instagram live to brag about their burglary skills.

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Soulja Boy Was Arrested Again On A Probation Violation And Is Being Held Without Bail

April 12, 2019 / Posted by:

It was just last month when Soulja Boy got arrested for violating his extended probation for some firearms charges from eight years ago. After Soulja made some threats online and allegedly held a woman he was seeing against her will, the cops paid him a visit and found a firearm, which was a probation violation, so he was taken to jail. He was arrested, but released that same day, just in time for an appearance at a Clippers game.

But now he’s back in jail, and luckily for him since he seems to love jail, he doesn’t have to worry about getting released and leaving the warm embrace of monochrome gray decor, thin bed mattresses, and orange jumpsuits, because the judge has decided Soulja can stay.

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Soulja Boy Has Been Arrested…Again

March 15, 2019 / Posted by:

Just in case you were wondering, Soulja Boy is still the Mayor and sole occupant of DummyTown. It hasn’t been that long since he made some very bad career decisions such as impersonating the neighborhood crackhead during an interview with The Breakfast Club or redefining true love by snatching up Mother of the Year Black Chyna and making her his lady for all of five minutes before moving on. But in addition to these productive life goals, Soulja Boy also enjoys the excitement of being handcuffed and taken to a place where spitting bars gets replaced with prison bars, because he’s been arrested again on a charge he’s all too familiar with.

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Soulja Boy Dragged A Bunch Of Rappers During His Interview On “The Breakfast Club”

January 16, 2019 / Posted by:

Call me naive but I still think of Soulja Boy as the little young boy who used to superman that hoe with his infectious song “Crank That“. However, that was over a decade ago and now he looks more like the fanciest neighborhood fiend draped in costume jewelry. When I first saw him during his appearance on The Breakfast Club I asked myself “Flavor Flav is still booking interviews?” And that was the first of many questions to enter my mind over the course of the next fifty-four minutes as Soulja Boy started saying a whole bunch of things you can’t tell me weren’t sponsored by the words “drugs“, “drama” and “lies“.

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