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Rachel McAdams Has Reportedly Given Birth To Her Secret Baby

April 10, 2018 / Posted by:

Pictures have surfaced of 39-year-old Rachel McAdams leaving lunch with her 37-year-old screenwriter boyfriend Jamie Linden, and joining them at lunch is what would appear to be a baby. Well, that, or Jamie got the rest of everyone’s meals wrapped up together in an awkwardly-shaped to-go package.

According to Hollywood Pipeline, Rachel and Jamie had a boy, and they could be heard talking about him at lunch, saying he’s “a good baby,” and what a “good sleeper” he is. When reached for comment, Rachel’s rep had nothing to say. When the rumor first broke back in February that Rachel was pregnant, it was reported that she was at least seven months along. So Rachel probably had her baby recently.

Rachel has been very private lately. She and Jamie haven’t yet appeared together on a red carpet, and she never confirmed her pregnancy. We’re probably not going to know anything about her baby until she’s ready to tell us herself. Which is too bad, because I’m dying to know what she named him. Rachel is Canadian, and I want to believe she paid tribute to her country by bestowing on her son one of Canada’s proud heritage names, like Gord, Graham, or Ricky.  I’d also like to know what kind of restaurant were they having lunch at. Either Bass Pro Shops serves food now, or Bigfoot is real and runs a secret A-list invite-only supper club in the woods.


A Source Says That Rachel McAdams Is Seven Months Pregnant (UPDATE)

February 22, 2018 / Posted by:

The last time we checked in on who Rachel McAdams was dating (or “Who Rachel McAdams is killing time with until her true love Ryan Gosling swoops back into her life” as those remaining die-hard The Notebook fans might say), she was dating fellow hot Canadian person Taylor Kitsch. This isn’t good news for people who are hoping this story ends with a Lil’ Tim Riggins/Regina George baby.

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And Here’s Tilda Swinton Giving You Extraterrestrial Evening Gown Competition Realness

October 21, 2016 / Posted by:

Benedict Cumberbatch’s new creation wasn’t the only star at the Hollywood premiere of Doctor Strange last night. Tilda Swinton, high priestess of otherworldly fashion, showed up to the premiere in this. For a movie with the word strange in the title, Tilda’s look wasn’t nearly as unusual as I was expecting. Then again, she probably decided to keep it simple (by Tilda’s standards, at least) because there’s no way she could top the strangeness of being cast as a Tibetan man. Whatever the reason, Tilda is really telling a story with her dress, and that story is of an alien pageant queen whose style inspiration comes solely from pirated transmissions of Dynasty reruns. Sadly, the Moussed Elegance wig she ordered from her planet’s version of didn’t arrive in time for her latest pageant.

However, she did managed to inject some weirdness into her ensemble.

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Okay, So Here’s Tilda Swinton As A Tibetan Morpheus Or Some Shit

April 13, 2016 / Posted by:

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, The Alien Lizard King debuted the trailer for the newest movie that will probably bring in seven trillion dollar signs and allow a Marvel executive to say, “Sure, go ahead and get the solid gold bidet that shoots out diamond water,” to their contractor.

Doctor Strange barely finished filming, but the teaser trailer is already out, because I guess Marvel wanted to keep the nerd boners hard after Disney put out the trailer for the latest Star Whores movie. Although, I don’t know if this crap is going to keep you nerds hard, because it’s just, uh…no. If Inception ate up giant servings of The Matrix, washed it down with a glass of Thor 2 and then barfed up all over a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon diorama, the end result would look like this trailer. It’s got Benedict Cumberbatch doing an American accent, some Inception shit, some Matrix shit and Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One. The Ancient One is a Tibetan sorcerer, but if I didn’t know that, I’d guess that Tilda was playing Powder’s real biological mother doing lazy cosplay as the boy from The Last Airbender.

While watching this trailer, you may be wondering why there’s no Asians in it. Um, there’s Asians as the EXTRAS, thankyouverymuch!

Since they insisted on casting Tilda as the Ancient One, they should’ve went all the way. They should’ve Tilda-washed the whole thing by casting her in every single role.

And here’s Tilda graciously bestowing her regal presence upon her loyal subjects while walking through NYC with her young lovah last month.

Pics: Splash

Canadian Relationship Update: Rachel McAdams And Taylor Kitsch Are Pretty Much Living Together

March 18, 2016 / Posted by:

Back in July, Rachel McAdams wouldn’t say whether or not she was riding on her True Detective co-star and fellow Canadian person Taylor Kitsch’s maple-dipped long john (or if you want to get really Canadian, letting him dip his “chicken” into her “Chalet sauce“). Around the same time, there were whispers that she was also being wooed by another hot True Detective, Colin Farrell. But reportedly, Rachel still has a thing for non-threatening Canadian hunks. According to Life & Style, Rachel and Taylor are definitely 100% doing it. And it’s happening so often they’re basically living together. Although really, as if we needed to be told; anyone with at least one working eye can see the white-hot sexual chemistry radiating between those two in the picture above.

A source tells Life & Style that Rachel and Taylor (sidenote: Rachel & Taylor totally sounds like the kind of place popular 14-year-old girls shoplift crop tops) are “practically living together” at Taylor’s condo. The source adds that they’re always going to brunch together and the gym together. Well that’s entirely too wholesome. I always pictured Taylor Kitsch as more of a ‘get beer drunk and have sloppy couch sex’ type, but maybe that could be my brain’s refusal to believe he’s not actually Tim Riggins.

The source also says that it’s gotten so serious that Rachel introduced Taylor to her family, and he bonded with her mom. Meeting the parents in regular life is not that big of a deal, but meeting the parents in Hollywood famous people life is huge. That’s basically the code word sequence that UsWeekly requires to pull out their “GETTING MARRIED!” cover template.

On that note, I’m sure the obsessive Notebook fans have started writing fanfic about Ryan Gosling barging into the church, The Graduate-style, on Rachel McAdams’ wedding day, crying “I couldn’t let you marry the low-budget British Columbia version of me“, and whisking her off in a rowboat.

Pic: HBO

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