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Lindsay Lohan Covers Allure And Talks About Her Husband, Her Pregnancy, And Dubai

June 8, 2023 / Posted by:

Lindsay Lohan covers this month’s Allure, and in the interview, she talked about her pregnancy, her marriage to financier Bader Shammas, and living in Dubai. 36-year-old Lilo says she loves Dubai cuz it’s “the same thing every day,” and she craves structure. In the article, Allure’s Brennan Kilbane writes that Dubai is a wonderful place to live for someone “internationally famous” and “lavishly financed” like Lindsay. Mainly because the paparazzi is illegal there. But Brennan also points out that, for “many other demographic groups,” it can be “much less wonderful.” Translation: they don’t love basic human rights over there (DON’T TELL LINDSAY).

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Jennifer Garner Opens Up About The Problems Of Having A “Nice” Persona

May 10, 2023 / Posted by:

Another day, another celebrity talking about their persona of beingĀ  “nice.” Yesterday, Tom Hanks said that he’s not a 24/7 nice guy and has acted like an asshole on-set before. “You don’t say?!” said Henry Winkler. And now, wholesome star of Capital One commercials, Neutrogena ads, and a dozen movies where she plays the nice mom, Jennifer Garner, is talking about her “nice” person. In a world where celebrities get revenge on their exes on Instagram, by placing witches on balconies or releasing threatening claymation videos, Jennifer stays supportive of ex-husband Ben Affleck and says shit like she’s “happy” for him. But despite having a heart of gold so pure she could trade it in for cash, Jen says there’s a downside to being seen as “nice.”

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