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Carmelo Anthony Denies Cheating On La La Anthony After He Was Papped On A Yacht With Another Woman

June 27, 2019 / Posted by:

Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony have a complicated relationship. He made her the original Wendy Williams when rumors were circling that he got his side-piece pregnant. That indeed did happen and he has a daughter with Mia Angel Burks named Genesis. La La and Anthony were going to divorce, which was probably going to be messy since he’s worth a lot of money and he cheated on her so, you know. But then it seemed like Carmelo was fighting to get La La back and maybe reconciliation was on the horizon? Well, you might want to shoot that theory to Hell because Carmelo was caught on a yacht with a woman who wasn’t La La.

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Estranged Couple La La And Carmelo Anthony Say They’re “Figuring Out” Marriage After Being Spotted Making Out

October 17, 2018 / Posted by:

People reports La La Anthony and her sort of estranged husband Carmelo Anthony were spotted making out recently. Hence the “sort of” estranged. They broke up in April 2017, but it seems like they’re maybe giving it another shot… or at the very least are having plenty of ex-sex.

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Open Post: Hosted By Iman Working The Hell Out Of A Glamorous Purple Ruffled Alien Growth

November 14, 2017 / Posted by:

The difference between goddesses and us peasants is that when peasants like myself wake up with a giant purple ruffled wart on our shoulder, we go down to the free clinic with a list of our past fuck partners while trying to remember which one of them rubbed their dirty dick on our shoulder. But when goddesses wake up with a giant purple ruffed wart on their shoulder, they work it to the core at an event and bring the people to their knees.

Iman put the glamour in Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards in NYC last night when she slid along the red carpet in a Christian Siriano gown that made her look like that ultra glamorous Jurassic Park dinosaur if that ultra glamorous Jurassic Park dinosaur got a fairy godmother to turn them into a human goddess. Iman also looks like the most gorgeous venus fly trap that ever sprouted from the earth, and if they ever do that Little Shop of Horrors remake, she can play Audrey II. But instead of eating humans, she causes them to pass out from the power of her pose skills.

Here’s more from last night’s Women of the Year Awards. Nobody can touch Iman and her ruffled fortune cookie, but I am into Nicole Kidman’s tits beneath my wings dress.


Madonna Never Really Disappoints At The Met Gala

May 2, 2017 / Posted by:

As if Madonna needed to physically show us how thirsty she is. We know, girl!

Every year, Madonna descends upon the Met Gala with more excitement than a clown who just snorted a line of crushed espresso beans. Last night was no different. Madonna showed up in Duck Dy-Nasty camo couture, swigging something from a canteen. Who cares what the theme was; Madonna wanted to do drunk Bass Pro Shops beauty pageant queen, and so that’s what Madonna is gonna do.

Of course, Madonna did disappoint a teeny tiny bit. I’m of course talking about the fact that her ass – arguably the Met Gala’s most frequent guest – was nowhere to be seen last night. Given the theme of her ensemble, she could have taken it further by letting her ass cheeks flop around behind her like two plucked mallards. Madonna’s look was done by Jeremy Scott for Moschino, so I blame him for that.

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Carmelo Anthony Is Trying To Save His Marriage By Liking La La’s Instagrams

April 28, 2017 / Posted by:

Carmelo and La La Anthony’s marriage recently bit the dust for several reasons including him allegedly getting one of his side pieces pregnant. Even though Carmelo is “taking care” of his pregnant side piece, who reportedly works in education and is not a stripper, TMZ says that he really doesn’t want to get divorced from La La. Carmelo is apparently doing everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen. Carmelo is really trying to win La La back by going above and beyond. Brace your hearts for the following huge romantic gestures: He’s sending her texts and liking her social media posts.

Sources tell TMZ that Carmelo has been apologizing to La La and begging her to go on a date or a vacation via text, and also liking her Instagram posts. Carmelo never used to acknowledge anything she posted to social media, so sources say there’s a chance this could work and he legitimately wants to be with her. They’re currently on ok terms right now for the sake of their 10-year-old son Kiyan.

If Carmelo wants to win La La back, I think he’s going about it in the right way. La La is a friend of the Kardashians, which means she no doubt gets the vapors from Instagram attention. If Carmelo really wanted to prove he was serious about his La La loyalty, he would make the move from liking to commenting. I mean, there’s no way La La could resist once she saw Carmelo write the words “COME ON VACATION WITH ME, QUEEN!

Pic: Instagram

Carmelo And La La Anthony Could Have A Very Messy, Expensive Divorce

April 20, 2017 / Posted by:

On Tuesday we learned that Carmelo and La La Anthony’s marriage of seven years was pretty much over for many reasons including La La discovering that Carmelo had allegedly knocked up a stripper. Neither have filed for divorce. TMZ seems to think that if and when it does happen, there’s a lot of money that they could be fighting over.

Sources say that Carmelo and La La signed a prenup when they got married seven years ago, and the person it benefits most is Carmelo. He has a $124 million contract with the Knicks and has earned more than $200 million during his career as a professional basketball player. He also has contracts with Nike Jordan and Foot Locker. La La, on the other hand, came into the marriage as an MTV VJ.

So here’s where it could get messy. TMZ brings up the fact that many prenups have cheating clauses. It’s not known if Carmelo and La La had one in theirs, but if they did, she could use his alleged baby with his side piece as a bargaining tool. They also have a 10-year-old son named Kiyan, which could also factor into a divorce battle.

TMZ thinks that if La La were to challenge their prenup (like bringing up his cheating), Carmelo might just cut her a huge settlement check. I know he’s got major money, but a cheater’s bank account is no match for an ex-wife scorned. I hope Carmelo has a good relationship with Foot Locker; he might need to get a part-time job there after this divorce is done.


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