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Hugh Grant Brought His Signature Grumpiness To His Oscars Interview With Ashley Graham

March 13, 2023 / Posted by:

Just last week, Emily wrote about how known certified grouchy bitch Hugh Grant admitted to busting out a tantrum on an innocent woman he thought was a studio executive on the set of Dungeons & Dragons. Since Hugh has a reputation as a crank to uphold, he seemed visibly thrilled and excited about all the riveting questions that red champagne carpet Oscars host, Ashley Graham, tossed his way last night. Ashley was doing her job of asking a bunch of canned mundane questions, and Hugh seemed to be trying to be dry and witty, but it became a puddle of awkwardness. It was like a conversation between two people who aren’t even on the same book, let alone the same page. And yes, the book that Hugh was on was called Old-Timey Phrases, and the “book” that Ashley Graham was on was an issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

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Ashley Graham And Her Husband Welcomed Twin Boys, And Not A Moment Too Soon

January 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Last time we checked in with former Spots Illustrated model and America’s Next Top Model judge Ashley Graham, she announced that she and her husband, director Justin Ervin, were expecting their first child, who was conceived via IVF. Now, two years, later Ashley and Justin have just welcomed twins. But you’ll have to excuse my initial confusion because when I saw the photos that Ashley shared on Instagram of her ever-growing super-bump, I thought for a minute that she had been pregnant this whole entire time because she very much looked like she was carrying a full-sized toddler in there. But no, their son Isaac Menelik Giovanni has been breathing air for the past 23 months and is now a big brother to two bouncing baby beach balls!

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Ashley Graham And Her Husband Are Expecting Their First Baby

August 14, 2019 / Posted by:

Looks like the time has come for Ashley Graham to put away her silky drawers and bust out some nice, roomy industrial cotton pannies because she’s having a baby. The slightly more recognizable other “who” from Rita Ora’s season of America’s Next Top Model and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model made the announcement on Instagram alongside her husband of nine years, director Justin Ervin. I guess all that fight-fucking paid off! One of Justin’s sperm successfully fertilized one of her eggs, and that folks, is how babby is formed. Don’t let anybody ever tell you different.

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Open Post: Hosted By Jason Momoa’s Fendi Scrunchie

February 25, 2019 / Posted by:

Before Kunty Karl went off to the afterworld where, hopefully for him, there’s no sign of fats, tats, or shorties, he personally created a velvet pink 70s prom look for Panty Creamer Hall of Famer Jason Momoa to wear to the Oscars. But while I’m all for some 70s prom glamour, the real star of Jason’s ensemble was the must-have accessory of every 90s high school girl named Becca. Just in case Jason wanted to put his wild mane up into a man bun to keep his hair from whipping hos in the face as he drops it low on the dance floor, he wore a scrunchie on his wrist. A fucking FENDI scrunchie, thankyouverymuch. Although, it looks more like a discount scrunchie from a Claire’s circa 1995 with a Fendi logo lazily sewed on it (and now everybody’s cousin is going to take a discount scrunchie from Claire’s and lazily sew a Fendi logo onto it).

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Ashley Graham Says That The Key To A Happy Marriage Is To Bone All The Time 

January 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Pictured: Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin during a rare moment of not fucking. Unless… he’s got a side slit in his pants and his peen is really long and covertly made its way to her parts through her dress slit. It does look like she’s going, “oooh!

Depending on who you ask, the key to a happy marriage can be anything from honesty to communication to patience to separate bathrooms to separate bedrooms to separate houses to separate lives. But if you ask world-renowned marriage and relationship expert Dr. Ashley Graham, she’ll tell you that the key to a happy marriage lies within your crotch. Because how can you and your spouse fight over money or them texting that gutter sludge skeezer from work if your mouths are busy 69ing?

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