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Dakota Johnson Joked About Those Armie Hammer Cannibal Allegations At The Sundance Film Festival

January 20, 2023 / Posted by:

Back in 2021, Dakota Johnson did an interview and graciously shared with us her opinion on “cancel culture.” 33-year-old Dakota admitted that she felt bad for former controversial co-stars like Johnny Depp (Black Mass)Shia LaBeouf (The Peanut Butter Falcon), and Armie Hammer (2019’s Wounds and The Social Network). She said she’d never experienced abuse from any of these men (then they’re INNOCENT!), and she felt sad “for the loss of great artists.” Yeeeah. Okaaaay. Huuuuh. Anywho, it’s more than a year later, and it sounds like Dakota’s sadness has ceased, and she’s finally moved on to the “joking about Armie Hammer being a cannibal” stage of her grief.

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Even The Twitter Account For A Previous Jane Austen Movie Adaptation Is Getting In On Roasting Netflix’s “Persuasion”

July 21, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week, Netflix released their movie version of Jane Austen‘s novel Persuasion. But well, Netflix’s version is sort of hip, and tongue-in-cheek, and the star, Dakota Johnson, breaks the fourth wall throughout. And so far, people seem to be hating it. Well, well, well! Looks like Emily In Paris isn’t the most insufferable brunette on Netflix anymore!

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Open Post: Hosted By Dakota Johnson, Wedding Crasher

March 13, 2022 / Posted by:

When Dakota Johnson isn’t pretending to be a spiderperson in movies or George Clooney when making restaurant reservations, she likes taking her show on the road and pretending to be a person who is invited to weddings! That’s right. Dakota is a wedding crasher. I guess when you’re the offspring of famous people, normal hobbies like painting aren’t enough. You gotta go for the weird thrills!

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Dakota Johnson Will Reportedly Star In A Marvel Movie As “Madame Web”

February 3, 2022 / Posted by:

Forget for a second that “Madame Web” sounds like what you’d get if the 50 Shades of Gray franchise crossed over with the characters of Charlotte’s Web. But this isn’t what this is! Madame Web is a Marvel comic book character who first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #210, published in 1980, and she’s about to become a big-screen star with a film adaptation. And according to some well-placed sources, Madame Web herself will be played by none other than Dakota Johnson.

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Open Post: Hosted By Dakota Johnson Pitching Butt Plugs For Stocking Stuffers

November 10, 2021 / Posted by:

Dakota Johnson has an idea for a stocking stuffer and it involves stuffing your ass. Dakota recently joined sexual wellness brand, Maude, as a co-creative director and investor last year, and this year the company has come out with a perfect holiday gift for your friends and family: A BUTT PLUG. So it looks like when you have sex with Chris Martin, you suddenly become obsessed with dildos and ass plugs. Too easy, too easy.

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Dakota Johnson Hates The Phrase “Cancel Culture,” Feels Sad That Some Of Her Co-Stars Might Not Act Again

November 4, 2021 / Posted by:

Dakota Johnson had a serious, in-depth chat with The Hollywood Reporter because she’s in a serious movie, The Lost Daughter, which means she’s on that awards season promo train, and – choo choo! – she gets more real than that time she called out Ellen DeGeneres’ ass for bailing on her birthday party. Dakota opened up about growing up famous (her parents are Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson), and how she wanted to be an actress forever and only ever saw herself as an actress, so it’s probably a good thing she ended up being successful at it (god bless you, St. Nepotism!). But she also got on the topic of “cancel culture,” something that several of her former co-stars have experienced the wrath of. Well, guess what, she’s not a fan of cancel culture, and she’s bummed right out that some of those former co-stars might disappear from Hollywood forever.

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