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Ezra Miller Was Arrested Again In Hawaii

April 20, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s the perfect story for a “Stop me if you’ve already heard this one” joke set-up. But sadly, it’s a same soup, different bowl situation. Just a few weeks ago, Ezra Miller was arrested in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment at a bar, then later, was the subject of a restraining order from the Hawaiian couple Ezra was staying with. Now Variety is reporting that Ezra has again gotten familiar with Hawaiian police, but this time for something much more serious than just acting like a messy fool at a bar. Ezra was arrested for second-degree assault.

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The Lawsuits Are Flying In The Jussie Smollett Saga

March 19, 2022 / Posted by:

Even though Jussie Smollett was convicted of telling lies to the police about getting attacked in a hate crime and was sentenced to 150 days in Cook County Jail, this saga, which started in January 2019, is not over. Last week, a judge let Jussie, who still claims he’s innocent, out of the clink while his lawyers work on his appeal. And yesterday, one of Jussie’s lawyers Mark Geragos hit Abimbola (aka Abel) and Olabinjo (aka Ola) Osundairo with a malicious prosecution lawsuit for falsely accusing him of making shit up about their involvement in the stunt-gone-wrong. The Osundairos are the bodybuilding brothers who say they were paid $3,500 by Jussie to fake attack him.

On top of that, a federal judge in Chicago also ruled yesterday that the Osundairos’ defamation lawsuit against another one of Jussie’s lawyers, Tina Glandian, can continue. The brothers sued Tina for saying that they possibly wore “whiteface” while attacking Jussie. So basically, everyone is suing everyone!

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“Jeopardy!” Host Mike Richards Is Apologizing For Stuff He Said On His Old Podcast

August 19, 2021 / Posted by:

Jeopardy! executive producer Mike Richards was crowned one of two new hosts of Jeopardy! only a week ago, and it’s starting to look like the rest of Mike’s co-workers at Jeopardy! probably should have called at least one of his references before they decided to promote Mike to a higher pay grade. Because it didn’t take long for people to unearth stuff from his past that Mike and the rest of Sony Pictures Television probably would have rather kept buried. Several discrimination lawsuits were found from Mike’s time as a producer on The Price is Right that painted him as a rude sexist asshole. He was able to sweep those under the rug with a statement and a strong denial that those lawsuits accurately reflect who he is as a person. Well, Mike used to host a podcast back in the day, and the internet just discovered that too. And look who is being forced to apologize once again for sounding like a rude sexist asshole. But this time, there’s also a little splash of racism in there as well.

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Nick Cannon Confirms That He’s Expecting His 7th Child

June 21, 2021 / Posted by:

It’s entirely appropriate that Nick Cannon created a show called Wild n’ Out because that’s also how you could explain what his penis has been doing over the past year or so. Just absolutely going wild and popping off, fertilizing every vagina possible. Less than a month after it was confirmed that Abby De La Rosa was pregnant with Nick’s second set of twins, we learned that he had allegedly gotten another woman pregnant, a former Wild n’ Out model named Alyssa Scott. Nick’s appearance in a recent maternity shoot posted to Instagram has confirmed the rumors that he’s expecting his seventh child. Nick better stock up on Sharpies now, because at the rate he’s going, he’s bound to run out of ink every time he attempts to draw his family tree.

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Designer Michael Costello Says Chrissy Teigen Bullied Him And Threatened To Have Him Blacklisted

June 15, 2021 / Posted by:

Yesterday Chrissy Teigen emerged from her self-imposed internet hiatus to offer up a broad, sweeping apology, via, to all the people she hurt with her mean tweets. This was a few weeks after Chrissy made a public apology (private apology still pending) to Courtney Stodden for bullying them online when they were a minor. If Chrissy was hoping her most recent apology might get some of her lost deal back, well – not so fast Chrissy. Because former season 8 Project Runway contestant Michael Costello has recently opened up about his alleged experience with Chrissy, and it’s not a good look.

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