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Nick Cannon Wants You To Know The Mother’s Of His Children Have Access To His Bank Account Whenever They Need Money

May 22, 2023 / Posted by:

I hope Nick Cannon takes a very much-needed break from baby-making for the next few years because he has way too many children. And I know he still wants us to believe that these kids aren’t taking a toll on his mental health, but we all see it is because he looks and sounds crazy as cat shit. But the one thing Nick really wants you to understand is he’s very rich, and he doesn’t adhere to the parameters of child support like poor people. Because all of his children’s mothers must have the same ringtone, T.I.’s Whatever You Like, since instead of getting courts involved with unnecessary legal drama, Nick admits he gives his ladies whatever they want as long as it makes sense to him.

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Nick Cannon Admits He Mixed Up Some Of The Mother’s Day Cards For The Moms Of His 12 Kids

May 16, 2023 / Posted by:

Mega-sperm carrier Nick Cannon recently assured everyone that he didn’t fumble his past marriage to Mariah Carey, but it looks like he admittedly DID fumble Mother’s Day for at least a few of the six mothers of his 12 children this year. So if there was still any notion that he’s been handling this mass re-population effort he’s perplexingly spearheaded, well, the answer is “definitely not” if his mixing up of the handwritten Mother’s Day cards he attempted to hand out is any indication.

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Nick Cannon Rebukes The “Deadbeat Dad” Claims And Says He Makes $100 Million A Year

May 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Nick Cannon did a puff piece with the Los Angeles Times where he talks about being “villainized” because of his choice to father twelve children with six different women. In fact, he refutes these “deadbeat dad” claims and says he is an amazing father who makes $100 million a year. I’m sure this is news to the IRS… and Nick’s accountant.

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Nick Cannon Said He Absolutely Did NOT Fumble His Marriage To Mariah Carey

April 27, 2023 / Posted by:

Nick Cannon, better known as Tricky Dick Nicky amongst his children’s mothers, was at one time married to dethroned Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey. And their love was odd because no one believed they belonged together, which eventually proved true after they got divorced. Now we know Nick has gone on to begin his mission of re-populating the Earth, which could be looked at as the lesser prize after having Mariah as your wife. And many believe that in the greater scheme of things, since Mariah will always be the bigger star, Nick was the one who dropped the ball on their relationship. However, Nick doesn’t believe that and thinks it’s actually the other way around.

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Abby De La Rosa Said It Turns Her On To See Nick Cannon With His Other Children’s Moms

April 25, 2023 / Posted by:

California’s recent heavy rains have a perfectly logical explanation: Nick Cannon’ssuper sperm” incubator four of six, Abby De La Rosa, recently said that seeing Nick with his other babies’ moms turns her on. And since there are five others besides her (so far), it made for a very wet winter! 

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Nick Cannon Claims He Has Super Sperm That Defeats Birth Control

April 21, 2023 / Posted by:

The Genghis Khan of the 21st century, Nick Cannon, recently appeared on Howie Mandel’s podcast Howie Mandel Does Stuff this past Tuesday to talk about his fruitful career and what Howie really wanted to talk about, the fruit of his loins. Howie quickly pointed out, “When Nick’s not in production, he’s in reproduction.” But Nick wants it to be known that he has totally used birth control, it just doesn’t work against his “super sperm,” as if the only thing that could kill off spunk would be kryptonite. That’s funny since listening to Nick Cannon constantly talk about spreading his “seed” is a real form of birth control for many.

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