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A SpaceX Flight Attendant Was Paid $250,000 After Elon Musk Allegedly Exposed Himself And Asked Her For Sex

May 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Well well well, if it isn’t the earth-shaking “thud” from the sound of the World’s Largest Other Shoe dropping. Last month, Elon Musk purchased 9% of Twitter shares, making him the largest shareholder of the company, but a plan to join Twitter’s board of directors was put on hold after it was reported that Elon allegedly didn’t want to submit to a background check. That’s when Elon decided to play by his own rules and just straight-up buy the whole company (sale currently pending). But why ever would Elon want to dodge a routine background check? Hmmm. Could it be because Elon’s background allegedly includes an incident where SpaceX had to pay off a female flight attendant after Elon exposed himself to her and pressured her to have sex with him after giving him a massage? To be fair, you can’t technically spell “SpaceX” without the letters from “workplace sexual harassment allegations.”

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The ACLU Says That Amber Heard Hasn’t Paid Them Her Full Divorce Settlement Donation Due To “Financial Difficulties”

April 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Every new update in the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard brings a new level of courtroom embarrassment. One day, it’s Johnny looking like the fool, whether that be thanks to a photo of a passed-out Johnny with melted ice cream on his crotch, or audio of him seemingly admitting that he cut his own fingertip off. Another day, it’s a security guard testifying that Amber shit in Johnny’s bed as a prank.  Now it’s Amber’s turn again. According to testimony from the ACLU, they’re still waiting on an allegedly cash-strapped Amber to make good on her promise to donate her entire divorce settlement to charity.

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A$AP Rocky Was Arrested At LAX Earlier Today, Due To An Alleged Shooting That Took Place Back In November

April 20, 2022 / Posted by:

If you’ve been on social media any time in the past 24 hours, you might have seen some pictures of Rihanna working her third-trimester tummy in a bikini back home in Barbados. Rihanna had been enjoying the warm weather, and she was joined by her boyfriend and the father of her baby, A$AP Rocky. But what should have been a nice little babymoon has turned into a perp walk and a warrant to search A$AP’s house. Upon A$AP’s arrival back in Los Angeles, he was greeted by several police offers, who offered him a set of complimentary handcuffs and a complimentary ride to the nearest police station.

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The Police Are Investigating Prince Charles’ Charity After They Allegedly Offered Honors And Citizenship In Exchange For Donations

February 16, 2022 / Posted by:

The police are currently investigating one of Queen Elizabeth’s kids right now. Not exactly a shocking thing to read, considering the cops were on Prince Andrew’s tail for the better part of three years. But in this case, the police want to talk to Andrew’s older brother, Prince Charles. According to reports, Prince Charles’ charity, The Prince’s Foundation, is being investigated over accusations that it was used in an alleged cash-for-citizenship scam. But the similarities between the two might end there. Because unlike his brother Andrew, it would appear as though Charles is actually cooperating with the police who are investigating his maybe-shady activities.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Pilot Testified In Court About Who Flew On Epstein’s Private Plane

December 1, 2021 / Posted by:

Remember how Prince Andrew has repeatedly tried to brush off his friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein, by claiming they weren’t even barely friends, and he only stayed at Jeffrey’s place in New York a handful of times? Yeah, I hope he’s got another one of those rock-solid creative excuses in his pocket, because he, among several other high-profile types, were just named in court, under oath, as being passengers on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet.

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Amazon Swears Nicole Kidman Didn’t Walk Off The Hong Kong Set Of “Expats”

September 8, 2021 / Posted by:

Nicole Kidman’s publicist might be thinking right now that they wish they could go back in time to three weeks ago when the messiest news related to her show, Amazon’s Expats, was the reveal that she skipped a mandatory COVID-19 quarantine when she showed up for filming in Hong Kong. Because things have gotten reach-for-the-Tylenol levels of headache making on the set of Expats, allegedly. It’s gotten so bad, Amazon had to come out with a statement assuring everyone it’s not the problematic tone-deaf fiasco that it’s rumored to be.

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