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The IRS Says That Executors Undervalued Prince’s Estate By $80 Million

January 5, 2021 / Posted by:

I’m pretty sure if you were to write a handbook for human beings, the first page would be like: “Welcome! The holes on your face are for breathing, eating, or fun,” and the second page would be a giant warning that reads: “DO NOT FUCK WITH THE TAX MAN.” Because you absolutely should never, ever try to withhold a single penny from the IRS. Well, the executors in charge of the late Prince’s estate are likely crying at least a few dove-sized tears today, because the IRS has decided they weren’t doing the correct math when they calculated the value of Prince’s estate. And now the IRS wants the money they were missing.

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A Dog Walker Claims They Caught Pastor Carl Lentz Having Sex With A “Younger Celebrity”

December 21, 2020 / Posted by:

Some of the more notable celebrity parishioners of Hillsong Church might be dropping like flies, but that doesn’t mean Pastor Carl Lentz can’t find his name in the papers for his close celebrity relationships, like he was used to, pre-scandal. For example, his name recently pinged Google alerts everywhere after a dog walker came forward and claimed to have caught him with a “young celebrity.” Okay yes, I can see now how that’s the sort of seen-with-a-celebrity headline he wouldn’t be so enthused about. Continue reading

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Lil Wayne Could Be Going To Prison For Illegal Gun Possession

December 14, 2020 / Posted by:

Oh no, another case of breaking the law gone bad! Lil Wayne, a man known for his rapping, his protégés, his misguided political opinions, and his ability to single-handedly keeping the styrofoam cup industry in business, might soon also be known as a prison inmate. Sorry, he could be known as that again. Lil Wayne has been up against the legal system as of late, fighting a federal weapons charge stemming from a 2019 incident in which cops found a gold-plated handgun on his private plane. That’s a no-no, because Lil Wayne – a convicted felon – is prohibited from possessing firearms. He was looking at a possible 10 years in prison if convicted. And Lil Wayne just pleaded guilty to the firearm charge, which means that possible prison time threat is looking a little more likely.

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NBA Player Malik Beasley Was Seen Holding Hands With Larsa Pippen, Who Is Not His Wife

December 2, 2020 / Posted by:

Larsa Pippen is a former Housewife of Miami, estranged wife of Scottie Pippen, and current enemy of the Kardashians. And now, she’s the reason why Malik Beasley’s wife is likely looking for a divorce lawyer today. 24-year-old Malik, who is a shooting guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves, was recently seen walking hand-in-hand with 46-year-old Larsa last week in Miami. And this might be a problem because Malik’s wife was under the impression that she was the only lady in his life. In all fairness, I’m pretty sure that’s one of the agreements you make as a couple in front of your family, friends, and wedding reception caterers.

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Melissa McCarthy Donated To An Anti-LGBTQ/Anti-Abortion Charity By Mistake, And She’s Sorry

November 13, 2020 / Posted by:

Melissa McCarthy wanted to do something nice to promote her upcoming HBO Max film, Superintelligence, and so she decided to give away a whole bunch of money to various charities, through a social media campaign called 20 Days of Kindness. Now, usually when it comes to celebrities promoting a project, the gold standard of cringe is eating lizard rectums with James Corden. But Melissa found out that even something as safe as a charity campaign is absolutely able to get cringey. How? Oh, let’s say, like if you were to urge your Instagram followers to donate to a charity that has a messy history of being anti-gay and anti-abortion.

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The Ratings For The New And Improved “Ellen” Aren’t Doing So Well

October 8, 2020 / Posted by:

There was a time that the ratings for Ellen DeGeneres’ daytime TV talk show were so high and robust, it seemed like she’d be swimming in syndication cash for the rest of her life. But that was before Ellen was exposed over and over for allegedly encouraging or ignoring (depending on who you ask) the workplace toxicity at her show. So Ellen had to revamp her image which meant frowning while reciting the apologetic monologue that was probably written for her. Some current and former employees reportedly didn’t want anything to do with Ellen’s sorry act. And according to some new viewership data, the viewers at home might not really be that interested in tuning in either.

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