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Vanessa Hudgens Got Fined For Defacing A Rock

May 14, 2016 / Posted by:

Nature is a wonder. Its beauty is endless, its majesty grand and its tranquility unrivalled. Just ask Justin Bieber. He’s ssssuuuuppppppeeeerrrrr into nature right now. But humans are destructive and selfish. Nature has suffered because of us and our hands are covered in green blood. You’d think that someone who lives for flower headbands and fringe vests would be out protecting it, not destroying it. Like noted Coachella attendee, Vanessa Hudgens. Not cool, Vanessa! Very, not cool!

Page Six reports that Vanessa has had to pay a $1,000 fine for defacing a beautiful, innocent, never-been-to-Coachella red rock wall in Sedona, Arizona. Back around Valentine’s Day she threw up a photo on Instagram of the vandalized rock in question, on which she’d written “Vanessa” and “Austin”, as in Austin Butler, her piece. She deleted it off her Instagram once she realized that its a crime to deface natural features, but this is the internet, where nothing ever dies.

The $1,000 fine seems like she’s getting off too easy. She should be in jail! That poor rock. If you’re going to deface something at least do it nicely. Don’t try and be cute with that pre-school level drawing, Vanessa. You are a grown woman. Act like it. Though it’s common for idiot people to ruin nature’s beauty, the culprits are rarely found, but because Vanessa is a celeb type and put it on the internet she done got caught. It was apparently her followers that reported her ass to the authorities. If you break the law, you’re gonna have to pay one way or another. Now who do I talk to about Grease: Live and the appropriate punishment?

Pics: Wenn, Instagram


Run For The Hills, Coachella Is Here

April 16, 2016 / Posted by:

I’ve been putting up crosses, pictures of the baby Jesus and lighting prayer candles all week to protect myself from the impending apocalypse, which started yesterday. Hell fire rained down, demons joyously jumped through fields and string headband sales skyrocketed. My friends, pray with me… Coachella is upon us. Thankfully, I live on the East Coast, so I’m not in the danger zone, but these things spread. The hell mouth that has opened up in California to let loose boho dresses and string fringe vests could very well continue to grow and swallow the whole world. Let’s take a look at some of the devastation.

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Vanessa Hudgens’ Daddy Has Died

January 31, 2016 / Posted by:

Y’all, 2016 is proving to be The Year of Ls (that means “losses” for anyone here who doesn’t speak hip-hop)—even for the parents of celebrities. Today, Vanessa Hudgens is mourning the loss of her father, Greg Hudgens, after he passed away at the age of 65 from battling stage 4 cancer. Just in case you need a reminder as to how much Vanessa hates cancer, here’s a snippet of her speech she shared Wednesday at the 2015 Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show held at Avalon in Hollywood:

“Last year, my boyfriend, Austin, lost his mom, Lori, to cancer, and my dad has just been recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Let me tell you, I hate cancer. I hate cancer with every cell of my being.”

“If you would have asked me two years ago what I thought of cancer, I would have said, ‘Man, you know, it sucks. It’s a horrible disease,'” said Vanessa. “But that’s only because I had not been faced with it personally.”

The 27-year-old Mila Kunis doppelgänger shared the sad news on Twitter with her fans who have watched her document her father’s bout with cancer since August of last year.

Gabriella Montez’s loss comes hours before she plays Rizzo in FOX’s Grease: Live which tonight. In light of her father’s passing Vanessa is going on with the show and will actually perform tonight as a tribute to her daddy.

Greg is survived by his wife Gina Hudgens, Stella Hudgens, Vanessa’s 20-year-old sister and Vanessa.


The Bright Shining A-List Stars Really Came Out For The People’s Choice Awards Last Night

January 7, 2016 / Posted by:

I almost watched the People’s Choice Awards last night, because there’s something about seeing the few A-listers there making faces that say, “I really need to fire my goddamn publicist for making me go to this shit,” while surrounded by extras from The CW shows and shameless spotlight humpers (see: Frankie Grande). But I shat on that thought and decided to watch the condensation on my water glass for 2 hours instead.

Besides attention whore flamingo Frankie Grande showing up looking like a Great Value version of Caesar Flickman from The Hunger Games (more like The Thirst Games), other stuff actually happened. Sensitive thumb Vin Diesel cooed out another musical tribute to Paul Walker and Melanie Griffith’s daughter made a joke about her tits. But the moment that really made the rounds was the sad re-creation of Kanye West’s “Imma let you finish…” stunt.

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Leave It To Z LaLa To Bring The Magical Glamour To The VMAs

August 31, 2015 / Posted by:

Former HSOTD, “world pop artist” and the white magic sorceress of style Z La La once again used her wizard powers to bring some much-needed sparkle to the MTV VMAs red carpet FLOR carpet. Z LaLa was a spectacular glittery flower in the middle of a field of dull weeds.

Z LaLa not only has a stage name like a Teletubby, but last night she looked like a Teletubby after getting stuck while trying to shape-shift into Lady Gaga. Z LaLa was perfection from the tippity top of her cone dildo wig to the bottom hem of her exploding Christmas ribbon dress. Someone needed to show up to that dreadful award show looking like a Conehead witch who works part-time as an emcee in a Cirque du Soleil show and thank god that Z LaLa was that someone.

Z LaLa strikes me as the kind of fashion icon who really commits to her look and goes all the way, so I’m sure the drapes match the carpet. If you lifted her dress, I’m sure you’d find a long cone of pubes hanging off of her crotch. Z LaLa is also pretty brave for wearing a long black dildo wig to an event where Kartrashians will be. I’m sure Z LaLa had security guards who kept the Kartrashians from trying to climb up her body to fuck her wig.

And one of my other favorite looks of the night came from Our Robotic Lady of Cheetos and her suffocating chichis:


Daddy Spears should give a raise to whoever is responsible for doing Brit Brit up like Double Trouble from She-Ra in the uniform she wears to serve cocktails at a 2-star casino in Reno.

And here’s 6,000 pictures from the VMAs carpet. You should just stop clicking when you get to Rebecca Black, because it doesn’t get more A-listery or relevant than her.


Universal Treasure Tim Curry Honored With A Lifetime Achievement Award On Tony Night

June 8, 2015 / Posted by:

Almost three years ago, human jewel Tim Curry had a major stroke that left him in a bad way. Since then, humanity has been asking “Where the hell is Tim Curry to show these bitches how it’s really done?” and I think I asked that question out loud while watching Christopher Walken in NBC’s Peter Pan Live! Tim Curry has been laying low and recovering with the help of physical therapy. At last night’s Actors Fund Tony Awards Viewing Party in Los Angeles, Tim Curry rolled onto the red carpet to receive a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to making ass lips pucker by swishing, swaying and serving pure talent in Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Worst Witch, etc… etc…

Tim, who’s my favorite age (69), still has to use a wheelchair to get around, but he told Los Angeles Magazine during an interview about his lifetime achievement award from the Actors Fund that he’s doing okay.

Since your stroke you have made limited public appearances. How are you doing and are you looking forward to the Actors Fund event?
I’m doing well and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve done a few benefits for the Actors Fund and I think it’s a marvelous organization. I hope not to have to use it.

How important is your sense of humor to you?
Vital. Absolutely vital. It’s not tough to maintain. It is just part of my DNA.

When I woke up this morning, I saw all these headlines about how Tim Curry was honored at the Tonys. I drunkenly watched every single second of the Tonys (because as a gay dude who once lived in NYC I like to play a game of “Oh Shit, My Friend Totally Blew That One Chorus Boy In A Gay Bar Bathroom” while watching it) and I didn’t remember Tim Curry showing up at all. I almost looked up information for the nearest AA group, because I obviously have a problem if booze ate my memory of seeing a legend like Tim Curry at the Tonys. But after injecting coffee directly into my brain, I realized he was at a Tony viewing party. Tim should’ve been at the actual Tonys, though. They should’ve cut that ship wreck of a Finding Neverland performance and let Tim sing a Rocky Horror/Annie/The Worst Witch/Spamalot medley as he descended from above in his wheelchair. That’s what the Tonys needed.

Here’s a few more pictures of Tim Curry at the Actors Fund Tony Viewing Party. I also threw in a million pictures from the actual Tonys of Bernadette Peters, Chita Rivera and other Broadway legends like Gigi Hadid, Ashley Greene and that model who got naked in a Robin Thicke video.


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