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A Professional Lip Reader Thinks Jennifer Lopez Told Ben Affleck To Look “More Friendly, Motivated” At The Grammys, And A Source Says He Was Just Tired

February 7, 2023 / Posted by:

Depending on how you look at it (or whether you’re a seasoned fame-ho or not), Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s night at the 2023 Grammys was either a massive failure or wildly successful. Yeah, Ben’s whole-night misery went viral, and they seemed to have another on-camera tiff, but they went VIRAL! And any kind of attention is good attention if you’re Bennifer. A professional lip reader studied the footage of Jen and Ben and came to the conclusion that Jen basically told him to give the camera a more friendly face and/or the impression he actually wanted to be there. And although the majority of us have added this outing to our ever-growing pile of “it’ll be a miracle if they make it until summer” evidence, a source said Ben wasn’t acting like himself because he’s just exhausted from juggling multiple projects.

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T.I. Punched One Of The Chainsmokers In The Face For Kissing Him On The Cheek

August 18, 2022 / Posted by:

Rapper, T.I. and electronic duo, The Chainsmokers, were in the same space at the same time the other night; and if you’ve read anything about T.I.’s many alleged evils or just about The Chainsmokers’ typical behavior, you may have guessed that they met up and bonded at a creep convention. But they didn’t exactly hit it off unless you count a Chainsmoker getting hit in the face. Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers ended up getting pounded in the face after he got overzealous and kissed habitual societal menace/confrontational shit-stirrer, T.I., on the cheek without his permission. 

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Laverne Cox Doesn’t Regret Bringing Up “Entanglements” To Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith

March 4, 2022 / Posted by:

On Sunday night, Will Smith inched his way just a little closer to the possibility of his first Oscar win when he took home the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for King Richard. But on Sunday, he was also reminded of the time he took home the Red Table Talk award for Most Meme-able Face when his wife Jada Pinkett Smith admitted to an “entanglement” with their son’s friend August Alsina. That reminder came courtesy of E! red carpet correspondent Laverne Cox, who brought up the entanglement situation in a light way. But still, a whole lot of people thought it was beyond tacky for her to utter the E word to the Pinkett Smiths. Laverne has something to say about her red carpet choice, and she truly isn’t bothered by the hate it received.

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Julianne Hough’s Niece Claims That Her Aunt Told Her That Leonardo DiCaprio Sucks At Sex 

May 29, 2021 / Posted by:

Well, it looks like Julianne Hough’s little niece just spilled tea all over future invites to illustrious events like the after-after-party for the 126th season finale of Dancing For A Check and another KINRGY-hosted asshole excorcism (exHOLEcism?). I mean, the Hough family reunions are probably awkward enough with Julianne and her brother, Derek Hough, sexy dancing together in the middle of the barbecue, but now they’re about to get even more awkward with Julianne throwing shank eyes at her niece for telling the world that she claimed Leonardo DiCaprio left her cooze with a sad face. One of the last things I’d want to do is talk to my teenage niece about my fuck life, but if you can’t trust your niece to keep her mouth shut about the horrible dicking down you got from a celebrity, can you really trust anyone? That IS the question.

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Writers For The 2011 Oscars Say Anne Hathaway And James Franco’s Hosting Gig Was A Mess Behind-The-Scenes Too

April 15, 2021 / Posted by:

The 2011 Oscars was a flaming train wreck, and it was in part thanks to hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco, who redefined awkward. James Franco came off as a stoned douche (so he came off as he usually does) and Anne Hathaway tried, but compared to him, she was like a way too hyper child beauty pageant contestant who was given pixie sticks before going onstage (so she came off as she usually does). And it was also awkward for those who had to write words for Anne and James. It seems that leading up to the big night, the writers could see the writing on the wall, and try as they did, everything blew up in their faces. Now the writers can laugh about it, but it’s still the worst thing Anne’s done apart from Bride Wars. For James, it wasn’t the worst. James being an alleged predator is worse.

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Linda Ronstadt Checked Mike Pompeo To His Face At A Kennedy Center Honors Event

December 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Linda Ronstadt was one of the Kennedy Center honorees this weekend, and she was also inducted into the Hall Of Shit Throwing Legends when she verbally spit at and shut down Secretary of State Mike Pompeo right to his face during a dinner honoring Linda and her fellow inductees. Linda the Legend may have lost her ability to sing due to Parkinson’s disease , but luckily didn’t lose her ability to stir shit up and let a bitch rightfully have it.

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