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Kim Kardashian Caught Heat After Posting A TikTok That Appeared To Show The Family’s Dogs Living In Her Garage

December 29, 2022 / Posted by:

Kim Kardashian is so committed to her “zenaesthetic that even her two Pomeranians are beige. However, some are upset that her dogs’ existence might not be so peaceful after she posted a TikTok that seemingly showed them relegated to her garage. After Kim started catching hell, she deleted the TikTok from the account she shares with her daughter, North West; which only pissed people off more.

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An Olive Garden Manager Was Fired For Telling Staff To Come Into Work No Matter What, And If Their Dog Dies, They Need To Bring The Dead Dog In To Prove It

December 9, 2022 / Posted by:

The manager of an Olive Garden in Johnson County, Kansas has been fired after sending an extreme message to employees about attendance. KCTV5 reports that the manager (who has remained nameless) was so annoyed about her restaurant’s “staggering” amount of call-outs that she ordered them to come into work when they were sick to “prove it to us.” Then she took it several billion steps further and wrote, “If your dog died, you need to bring him in and prove it to us.” Um, is that a smart idea for a restaurant? “I’m sorry you found fur in your chicken parmigiana, ma’am. Unfortunately, our kitchen is packed to the rafters with fresh dog corpses…”

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Cheryl Burke Says That She’ll Fight Her Ex, Matthew Lawrence, In Court For Custody Of Their Dog

October 7, 2022 / Posted by:

Because the court docket in a state where excessive water usage violations and Erika Jayne Girardi exist isn’t full enough, Dancing With The Stars pro, Cheryl Burke just waltzed in to make it known that she’s ready to go to war with her recent ex-husband, Matthew Lawrence, when it comes to the custody of the couple’s particularly human-named French Bulldog, Ysabella.

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U.S. Marshals Are Offering A Reward For The Man Accused Of Shooting Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker After He Was Accidentally Released From Jail

July 20, 2022 / Posted by:

Remember how the suspect who allegedly shot Lady Gaga‘s dog walker and kidnapped her dogs was released from prison by accident? Well, they still can’t find him. He’s pulling such a good impression of Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? that the police have now offered a $5,000 reward for anyone who can help them re-catch his ass. I think this is a job for the once-kidnapped dogs themselves! Get Koji and Gustav on the street and have them sniff out their alleged captor!

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Open Post: Hosted By Dexter, The Pooch Who Broke Out Of A Dog Hotel

June 25, 2022 / Posted by:

Ever been trapped at a dinner where you’re trapped between your opinionated uncle (“the beams were steel after all”) and your judgmental aunt (“oh, so you’re getting seconds?”) and all you can think is, “If I just hopped the table, I could be free“? If so, here’s some inspiration for your next Thanksgiving dinner. Meet Dexter, the dog world’s version of Steve McQueen, who made his great escape from a dog hotel.

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The Man Who Allegedly Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Ryan Fischer Was Accidentally Released From Jail

April 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Even when a horrible dog-napping story feels like it’s all wrapped up with a conclusive ending, it might not be. In February 2021, Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer was shot in the chest by a stranger who then kidnapped two of the three dogs he was out walking at the time, Gaga’s French bulldogs Koji and Gustav. Arrests were made, the dogs were returned safe, and Ryan began his recovery. Dog-napping and attempted murder feels like more than enough reasons for a criminal to spend a long time on an uncomfortable prison bunk. But the man who allegedly shot is already out of jail. The only issue: He’s not actually supposed to be out of jail right now. Whoopsies.

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