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Jim Carrey Reacts To The MAGA Conspiracy Theory That He’s Pretending To Be Joe Biden

April 29, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s been over a year since our long national nightmare of POTUS Trump came to an end, but he’s still got supporters out there and his supporters are still spewing out all kinds of foolery. One conspiracy theory is that President Joe Biden is actually dead and that several actors are out there portraying him including Jim Carrey who played Biden on Saturday Night Live during the 2020-2021 season. And Jim’s Biden wasn’t even that great, but MAGA messes seem to think that his Biden is good enough to fool everyone.

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The Super Bowl Commercials Targeted A New Generation Of Old Folks

February 14, 2022 / Posted by:

I only realized it was Super Bowl Sunday when I went to Home Depot and the Garden Center was the only section seeing any action. The moment I realized I shouted “MOVE BITCH, I’M MISSING MY COMMERCIALS!” as I pushed an old lady into some zinnias and hightailed it to the car. But I was too late and by the time I got home, I had to find out on Twitter that cryptocurrency, useless apps, and hard seltzer are the future.

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Martin Freeman Says Method Acting Is A Pretentious Pain In The Ass

June 8, 2021 / Posted by:

Martin Freeman recently went on a podcast and shit on Hollywood method acting, calling it “pretentious” and “highly amateurish.” He says British actors don’t pull that crap (all eyes on Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale), they just “get on with it and get it done.” Martin singled out Jim Carrey’s performance in the Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon (1999), which was captured in Netflix’s 2017 documentary Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond. Now, I haven’t seen that movie cuz I love my TV and don’t wanna have to throw shit at it, but apparently Jim “became” Andy Kaufman, began to lose his sense of self, and pissed off the film’s cast and crew. Hey, at least he didn’t send anybody rats, bullets, or dead hogs!

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Colin Jost Was Tricked Into Making A Joke About Scarlett Johansson On “Saturday Night Live”

December 21, 2020 / Posted by:

There’s an annual holiday tradition at Saturday Night Live, in which Colin Jost and his Weekend Update co-host Michael Che will write jokes for each other, in secret, then force each other to perform said jokes live, with no prior knowledge of what they might be reading off their cue cards. Personally, I’d rather my co-worker surprise me with a cheese plate, but a gift is a gift. Usually, the jokes are made at the expense of the other in an embarrassing way, like Colin Jost writing a joke for Michael Che which implied he’s been fucking Sanderson sisters-levels of women (as you’ll see). But this year, Colin’s wife of two months was dragged into the cringefest as well.

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Adele Ended Up Singing On “Saturday Night Live” After All

October 25, 2020 / Posted by:

And no, she didn’t slip back into those Bantu knots to belt out a Bob Marley-Shaggy-Grace Jones medley. In fact, Adele, who randomly decided to host “Saturday Night Live” last night (with musical guest H.E.R.), kept it MOSTLY safe and boring while relying heavily on those cue cards and said she wouldn’t sing but eventually did. And I said “mostly,” because there was one skit that made people scream, “Adele’s at it again!

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Bill Burr’s “Saturday Night Live” Monologue Divided The Internet, Or Something

October 11, 2020 / Posted by:

Comedian Bill Burr hosted Saturday Night Live last night (with Jack White filling in as musical guest after that country nobody Morgan Wallen was dropped for acting a COVID fool), and his opening monologue gave some a case of the cringes and others a case of of the slow claps. Bill went in on cancel culture and anti-maskers and wondered why Pride Month gets June while Black History Month gets the short month of February. Bill also had things to say about white women, so he just replaced a mandatory mask sign as “Karen” enemy #1.

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