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After Prince Hot Ginge And Meghan Markle Encouraged Americans To Vote, Trump Said That He’s Not A Fan And Wished PHG “Luck”

September 24, 2020 / Posted by:

On National Voter Registration Day, Meghan Markle and Prince Hot Ginge did a video, which played during the televised Time 100 special, where they got into the importance of voting and shat on hate speech. PHG wasn’t wearing a “Ginger Bros For Joe” t-shirt, and they never mentioned the name Joe Biden or endorsed Biden. But many still got their assholes twisted up about it, and because there’s absolutely nothing else going on in the country besides this, a reporter from The Daily Mail (of course) asked Donald Trump how he feels about Meghan and PHG “essentially encouraging people to vote for Joe Biden.” Trump didn’t have Mean Girls-like words for PHG (Why would he? PHG is a rich white dude whose mom Trump believes he could’ve had sex with if she took an HIV test). But he did shit-talk Meghan by saying he’s not a fan, which really is the ultimate compliment.

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Zelda Williams Dragged Eric Trump For Using Her Father To Diss Joe Biden

August 11, 2020 / Posted by:

Zelda Williams had to collect Eric Trump after he used an old clip of her father, Robin Williams, to mock Joe Biden. Zelda reminded Eric on Twitter what Robin thought of his father, Donald Trump, and it’s a much less glowing review than the one Joe Biden got–one that includes suggestions of incest. The Trump family loves to ask people to dunk on them!

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Kanye West Pretty Much Admits That His Presidential Campaign Is Designed To Hurt Joe Biden’s Chances

August 7, 2020 / Posted by:

Kanye West is supposed to be focusing on Operation: Save His Shit Marriage in an “island fortress” somewhere in the Dominican Republican, but I guess Pimp Mama Kris’ Zoom call presentation, where she uses storyboards to show how they can stretch out the inevitable KimYe divorce for maximum attention and profits, doesn’t take all day. Because Kanye managed to pull himself away for a minute to talk to his good friends at Forbes about how the Donald Trump campaign is helping him get on the ballot in certain states. That move makes it look like Kanye2020 is a reboot of JillStein2016, and he didn’t deny that, but he later tweeted that his goal is to win it all. So basically he’s Amber Rose’s three fingers and the presidential race is his booty hole because he’s all the way in.

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Armie Hammer Pulled A Susan Sarandon

July 28, 2020 / Posted by:

I’m envious of Elizabeth Chambers who, after 10 years of marriage, was able to divorce Armie Hammer while the rest of us, after 10 long years of trying to make Armie Hammer happen, still have to endure Armie Hammer. Armie, AKA The Silver Spoon Socialist, has once again #TakentoTwitter with some political hot takes. Following in the footsteps of Susan Sarandon, Armie tweeted, then deleted, a case for “another American revolution” over voting for Joe Biden. Armie may have taken a bite out of a mushy cum filled peach, but is he ready to have Debra Messing take a bite out of him? Because other than being Megan Mullally, this is the best way to get Messinged with.

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Kanye West, Who Was Never In The Presidential Race, Is Possibly Out Of The Presidential Race

July 15, 2020 / Posted by:
It’s been less than two weeks since Kanye West threw his MAGA hat into the dumpster and tossed his MAPEM (Make America Puke Even More) hat into the presidential ring and promised to give Joe Biden and Donald Trump some competition. Kanye followed that certified STUNT QUEEN stunt with a Forbes interview where he let us know he has removed his tongue from Trump’s MAGA-hole, is against vaccines, is against abortion, isn’t running for president as a stunt to promote his new album, and will model the U.S. government after Wakanda from Black Panther. Many laughed at Kanye wanting to use Wakanda as an important tool in his presidency, but um, Trump inadvertently uses Idiocracy as an important tool in his presidency, so…. Kanye also denied that he’s mentally unwell even though sources claim he’s going through a bipolar disorder.
But it looks like President Yeezy is a thing that will not happen anytime soon because there are claims that his campaign is as dead as Pimp Mama Kris’ soul. You’re probably bubbling on the inside with pure SHOCK over this surprising development. Or you’ve just got the farts from reading about another Kardashian story. BUT WAIT, TMZ says he’s still making moves to join the presidential election circus.

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Chance The Rapper Wants To Know Why Joe Biden Is A Better Presidential Candidate Than Kanye West

July 13, 2020 / Posted by:

Slap me on the ass and call me mother. He’s running. It looks like Chance The Rapper has his sights set on becoming the Mike Pence of the Kanye West administration. Unlike millions of Americans who don’t have the time or mental bandwidth for Kanye’s bullshit right now, Chance is apparently taking his Chicago brethren’s possibly bipolar episode induced declaration of candidacy seriously. Vulture reports that Chance’s bid to become Kanye’s Secretary of Hotepery began when he retweeted a video for Kanye’s latest single Donda (a tribute to Kanye’s late mother) with the statement “And yall out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden. Smfh.” He then posed a series of questions to his followers and asked “can someone explain why Joe Biden would be better??

*****spoilers ahead*****

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