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Harvey Weinstein May Be Trying To Represent Himself In Court

July 9, 2019 / Posted by:

In “Girl You Are Really Trying It” news, accused serial sexual-assaulter, Harvey Weinstein may have found what he thinks is the key to his freedom from punishment for his decades of abuse: Himself.

Page Six says that Harvey now wants to represent himself in some of his pending legal issues, which is like, really? You think the person to best convey you aren’t a pervert is the guy whose reputation has been shot for being a pervert? Makes sense!

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Dame Judi Dench Is Defending Kevin Spacey And Harvey Weinstein Again

June 25, 2019 / Posted by:

I know Dame Judi Dench is reportedly losing her eye sight, but surely she’s able to see that the cheerleading squad for Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein isn’t exactly the side you want to be on. Still, Dame Judi Dench is back to ask the question: won’t somebody please think of Kevin and Harvey’s film legacies?!?

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Harvey Weinstein Will Reportedly Pay A $44 Million Settlement To His Victims

May 24, 2019 / Posted by:

Harvey Weinstein has earned a reputation as a…I want to say “disgusting pig,” but that feels disrespectful to actual pigs. But for lack of a better word, he’s a pig who allegedly couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Well, according to The New York Times, Harvey is about to use his hands to write a massive settlement check for his victims, former employees, creditors, and legal fees.

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A Judge Ruled That Preliminary Hearings For Harvey Weinstein’s Upcoming Rape Trial Will Be Closed

April 26, 2019 / Posted by:

Remember this asshole? Harvey Weinstein’s trial for sexual assault is moving forward, but according to Page Six, we’re not going to be privy to an upcoming pre-trial hearing which “focuses on whether evidence of Weinstein’s bad behavior for which he is not charged will be admitted at trial”. During a preliminary hearing today, a judge decided to keep that hearing sealed and the courtroom under wraps, which is what attorneys for the prosecution and the defense wanted, but for different reasons.

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Ashley Judd’s Sexual Harassment Suit Against Harvey Weinstein Has Been Dismissed

January 11, 2019 / Posted by:

Harvey Weinstein may be the reason Ashley Judd’s currently starring in A Dog’s Way Home instead of wearing a catsuit and fucking shit up as Thor’s mom or something, but a judge just told her Harvey doesn’t have to pay her to make up for it. Back in May, Ashley filed a sexual harassment suit against Harvey claiming he shut her out from being cast in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings trilogy and initiated a smear campaign against her after she declined one of his trademark massage requests back in 1997. Peter even confirmed that Harvey steered him away from casting her in LOTR. However, a judge just declared that the producer/actress relationship was not covered under sexual harassment protections at the time of the initial filing.

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Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Assault Case Is Going To Trial

December 20, 2018 / Posted by:

Harvey Weinstein, the giant lump of shit who became a movie mogul, has been trying to get out of facing trial for sexual assault in NYC, and I’m surprised his team of lawyers didn’t argue that only a human can be tried for something and Harvey’s technically a giant lump of shit. But CNN says that today in court, Judge James Burke sided with the prosecution and dropped a wet judicial fart on Team Harvey’s dismissal request. Harvey Weinstein is actually going to trial for rape. First, Bill Cosby goes from alleged rapist to rapist rapist, and now Harvey is one step closer to moving into a prison cell. I see 2018 winking at us like, “See, bitch, I’m not that bad.”

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