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Rose McGowan Has Accused Director Alexander Payne Of Statutory Rape

August 17, 2020 / Posted by:

Apparently, Rose McGowan woke up this morning and decided it was a good day to wrap up some unfinished business. Back in February of 2018 while Rose was in the midst of promoting her memoir Brave, she did an interview with Ronan Farrow and disclosed that she had been sexually abused by a “very famous” director when she was 15. At the time she did not say who it was, only that she’d “get to him” when the time was right. Well, today the clock has struck “oh shit” O’clock for Alexander Payne. Rose #TooktoTwitter to make good on her promise, accusing Alexander of statutory rape.

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Open Post: Hosted By The Small Irish Village That Matt Damon Is Quarantining In

April 24, 2020 / Posted by:

I have got to hand it to Matt Damon. Two years ago, after getting dragged like a burlap sack full of bricks for his comments about diversity and a “spectrum of behavior in regards to #metoo, he said he was going to keep his trap shut moving forward. And he has! I haven’t heard a single regrettable hot take from Matt ever since. And unlike his BestBro4Life Ben Affleck, who feeds off of flashbulbs like some kind of LED vampire, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Matt or his family since coronavirus came a-knockin’. Well, according to The New York Times, that’s because Matt’s been holed up in a small Irish town called Dalkey, much to the delight of the locals. Though they seem more delighted by the absurdity of the situation, insomuch as why anyone would give a rat’s ass, sorry, rat’s arse, where Matt Damon is than at the possibility of a chance encounter. Bono lives there too. Trust me, they have seen it all.

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The Cast of “Contagion” Came Out With A Coronavirus PSA

March 28, 2020 / Posted by:

What better way to capitalize on a global crisis than to bring back the stars of a re-discovered cinematic masterpiece and have them teach you how to wash your hands (if, by the way, your hands aren’t already raw from hourly scrubbing, Kate Winslet probably isn’t going to change your mind).

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Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Will Reunite To Play 14th Century Knights In A Movie

July 23, 2019 / Posted by:

After going through some personal life messiness over the past few years (proof of which now takes up permanent real estate on his back), it appears Ben Affleck has decided to take his life in a new direction. And apparently that direction is backwards, all the way to the late-90s and early-2000s. First Ben Affleck made up with his former friend and seven-time director Kevin Smith after a decade of not speaking. Now Deadline is reporting that Ben will do another movie with Matt Damon.

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The End (game) Is Near: Some Of The Millions Of Looks From The “Avengers: Endgame” Premiere

April 23, 2019 / Posted by:

God bless ya if you’ve been able to keep up with all the fucking Avengers running around here these days. Just looking at the poster for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie takes so much concentration. I keep thinking I’m supposed to eventually see a sailboat or some shit. It’s a mess, and it gives me a throbbing, Thanos’ dick-sized migraine. But the poster isn’t nearly as much of a mess as the red carpet for last night’s premiere of Avengers: Endgame: Too Many Spidermen. Not only was every Groot, Korg and Kraglin Obfonteri from the movies there, all the Marvel universe TV characters were there too. It must have been the least exclusive guest list to hit Hollywood since the premiere of Gotti. I mean, they even let Colin Jost in!

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