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Camille Cosby Is “Very, Very Pleased” That The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Will Hear Part Of Her Husband’s Appeal

June 26, 2020 / Posted by:

Camille Cosby spoke to ABC News for the first time since her husband, Bill Cosby, was convicted of rape and went to prison. Camille is back and she has so much to say. She once again claimed that everyone accusing her husband is lying and that the #MeToo movement is full of shit and based on white women being historic liars about rape during slavery. It’s a lot and even though Bill Cosby will likely die in prison, she’s still standing by her man.

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Bill Cosby And Leif Garrett Were On A “Do Not Ask Back” List for “The Rosie O’Donnell Show”

May 5, 2020 / Posted by:

Rosie O’Donnell recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen that Leif Garrett was one of about 5 people who earned themselves a spot on the Rosie O’Donnell Show’s “Do Not Ask Back” list. Which is crazy because he’s on my “Wait, He’s Not Dead?!” list (not only is he alive, he’s only 58!).

If you remember who Leif Garrett is, your reading glasses are probably right on your head silly. That’s where I usually find mine. Leif was a 70s teen heartthrob and the mold from which Charlie Sheen was formed. Another name on Rosie’s list was Bill Cosby. And if you can guess why Leif was on the list, you can probably also guess why Bill was on there. Leif was banned for smoking crack in the green room, and Bill was banned for (eye-roll allegedly) terrorizing a woman.

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Bill Cosby Asked To Be Sent Home So He Doesn’t Catch Coronavirus

March 25, 2020 / Posted by:

Notorious rapist Bill Cosby, who is not sick nor has he been tested for novel coronavirus, is asking the court to send him home to his 9,000 sq ft. Pennsylvania mansion to serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest under the loving care of his devoted wife Camille Cosby. You see, Bill’s just a feeble old blind man who wouldn’t hurt a (Spanish) fly. According to Page Six, Bill’s legal team are filing a motion to have him released because “at least one prison officer” at the jail where he’s serving three to ten years, has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus. Of course Bill Cosby is trying to use the coronavirus as a get out of jail free card! This was so inevitable, I just typed “Bill Co” and predictive text filled in the rest of the sentence for me.

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Harvey Weinstein Went To Bellevue With “Chest Pains” As Bill Cosby Sent Him Love And Support

February 25, 2020 / Posted by:

Harvey Weinstein‘s trial in New York ended yesterday with the jury convicting him of two of the five sex crime charges. They found him guilty of the third-degree rape of Jessica Mann and a first-degree criminal sexual act against Mimi Haley. But the jury found him not guilty of two predatory charges and the first-degree rape of Jessica.

Harvey, who still faces charges in Los Angeles, didn’t actually even make it to lock-up after his conviction and was instead taken to the hospital after complaining of chest pains. Since that walker bit didn’t get him off the hook in the name of sympathy, Harvey’s gotta step it up for sentencing so bring on the heart attack woes.  Continue reading

Snoop Dogg Has Apologized To Gayle King For His Tirade Against Her Over Her Kobe Bryant Questions

February 13, 2020 / Posted by:

Snoop Dogg has issued an apology to Gayle King on Instagram for calling her a “funky dog-head bitch” (Siba would like A WORD) and possibly threatening her (depending on who you ask) in the wake of CBS airing a clip of the interview Gayle did with Lisa Leslie, a WNBA star and close friend of the recently deceased Kobe Bryant. Snoop’s initial tirade was directed at both Gayle and her BFF Oprah Winfrey (and concluded with the statement “Free Bill Cosby” which was applauded by Bill Cosby himself on Twitter from prison). That caused Oprah to take precious time away from promoting her controversial book club selection to defend Gayle on Today and let us know that Gayle had been receiving death threats over the matter. Happy Black History Month! (yes, it’s still only February)

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Bill Cosby’s Rep Slammed Eddie Murphy From Prison For Joking About Him On “Saturday Night Live”

December 23, 2019 / Posted by:

Eddie Murphy was the host of Saturday Night Live‘s Christmas episode and he was pretty good, which makes sense since he’s a comedian and used to work on the show in the 80s. He brought along a bunch of A-list black comedians for his opening monolgue like Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Tracy Morgan. And in that same monologue he made a joke about former comedian and current remorseless convicted criminalBill Cosby. Well, Bill Cosby’s rep earned his Christmas bonus (good luck getting it) by keeping Cosby’s name out there and slapping Eddie Murphy for the joke.

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