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Chrissy Teigen Has Been Accused Of Copying The Cake Mixes Of A Baker She Previously Collaborated With

November 1, 2022 / Posted by:

We all know that Chrissy Teigen’s number one craving is attention, but since she can’t really market that, she named her line of kitchenware, food, and cookbooks Cravings. Her other venture is apologizing for being a bullying asshole in the past to Courtney Stodden and Lindsay Lohan, among others. And while Chrissy seems to fancy herself as a “reformed” troll, it looks like she might have recently steamrolled a small business, at least according to a baker named Jordan Rondel, who says that after the two collaborated together on one cake mix, Chrissy’s company, Cravings, copied her product when creating their own line of mixes.

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Open Post: Hosted By The “Is It Cake?” Trailer

March 8, 2022 / Posted by:

Remember that dark period of Internet history where we all kept seeing videos of people cutting into things that looked like they were not cake but in fact, it turned out they were cake? We are going back there! In the new Netflix baking competition series, Is It Cake?, bakers bake a cake that does not look like a cake. And then host Mikey Day of Saturday Night Live asks a group of guests to guess which is which? And to think, I just re-learned to trust!

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Oprah Threw Out Half A Cake To “Reset” Her Healthy Eating

January 12, 2022 / Posted by:

Gayle King turned 67 over the holidays. To celebrate the occasion, bestie Oprah and her live-in fleet of culinary experts prepared a special Bananas Foster cake for the birthday girl. But two full weeks later, the leftover cake continued to exist in Oprah’s fridge. Watching her. Taunting her. Plotting her demise? “Eat me, Oprah. Put me insiiide youuu.” Yesterday Oprah said “ENOUGH!” and pulled a Miranda Hobbes: she chucked that wretched cake in the garbage. Continue reading

Open Post: Hosted By The Life-Sized Cake Of Jason Derulo

September 11, 2021 / Posted by:

Much like the quarters stuck underneath the bottom of my driver’s seat I always forget Jason Derulo is there. But he has gone from singer to crotch-less cat of terror to TikToker. And recently, Jason united his love of terrifying people and his love of TikTok attention by reaching out to a baker and asking her to make him a cake. But not just any kind of basic bitch sheet cake. Nah, Jason is going for a different kind of basic by requesting a life-sized cake of himself.

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Drake Rented Out Dodgers Stadium For A Date With A High School Basketball Star’s Mom

July 9, 2021 / Posted by:

We all know Drake loves a honey with a big juicy ass, but no ass in the history of asses needs its own baseball stadium. But since Drake is always doing the absolute most, he recently rented out the entirety of Dodgers Stadium for a dinner date with Instagram model Johanna Leia. And the only thing Drake loves more than a juicy ass is basketball, and with Joanna, he’s scored a 3-pointer. Joanna appeared on the Lifetime reality show Bringing Up Ballers and is the mother of Sierra Canyon High School star basketball player Amari Bailey, who is teammates with LaBron James’ son Bronny James. Leave it to Drake to turn a date with a 40-year-old into an opportunity to holler at a teen.

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Open Post: Hosted By The Life-Size Cake Version of Colin Firth As Mr. Darcy

September 5, 2020 / Posted by:

For a good portion of 2020, we as a society have cruelly been presented with videos online showing countless yummy morsels presented as one thing––only to discover that they are, in fact, cake. Well, fortunately, somebody has turned something already delicious and made it EVEN more delicious…like the artist who turned a full-sized ‘Colin Firth as Fitzwilliam Darcy into a heaping, 6-foot tall mound of sweet stuff. Anybody looking to be able to make the claim that they once received a mouthful of Colin Firth needs to follow up with this amazing cake artist and place a repeat order STAT!

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