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Spanish Actress Ana Obregón Used A Surrogate To Carry Her Grandchild Using Her Late Son’s Sperm

April 5, 2023 / Posted by:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… a 68-year-old Spanish actress has caused a ton of controversy after using her late son’s sperm and a surrogate to give birth to her granddaughter. Huh. HUH. Last week, actress and presenter Ana Obregón was papped outside a Miami hospital holding a newborn baby she named Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón. People assumed Baby Anna was Anna Sr.’s daughter and many tsk-tsk-ed her apparent use of a surrogate at her age. Surrogacy is actually banned in Spain, where many politicians and media types refer to it as “womb renting.” But today, ¡Hola! magazine released an interview with Ana, where she revealed that Baby Ana is actually the daughter of an egg donor and her only son, Aless Lequio García, who passed away from cancer in 2020. If there was ever a time to use the “Escándalo” tag… Continue reading

The Academy Is Looking Into Whether Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar Campaign Broke Any Rules

January 28, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s officially Oscar time. Only 45 days until the day after the Academy Awards when we’re treated to a million think pieces angrily wondering why the youth won’t willingly watch a 15-hour broadcast. It’s probably because of all that TikTok-ing! In the meantime, we’ll have to get our Oscar fill by reading up on think pieces about the current crop of nominees and who is more deserving of having the coveted gold paperweight. While Ke Huy Quan and Michelle Yeoh should sweep EVERYTHING (yes, even Best Animated Short Film, I don’t care), some nominees are getting the side-eye (cough Andrea Riseborough cough). The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has begun an investigation into Andrea’s unusual grassroots campaign to get that OSCUH. Academy members are probably thrilled that this year’s scandal doesn’t involve a slap!

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SCANDAL Followed Miss USA To The Miss Universe Pageant

January 16, 2023 / Posted by:

In October of last year, SCANDAL rocked the Miss USA pageant as Miss Texas, R’Bonney Gabriel, was crowned the winner amid accusations that the competition had been rigged in her favor. As a result, Crystle Stewart (a former Miss Texas herself) was suspended as the head of the Miss USA organization and an internal investigation was launched. Simultaneously, JKN Global, a Thai multinational corporation, acquired Miss Universe for $20 million. And for a time, it seemed, all had been forgotten, if not forgiven, as the newly crowned Miss USA boarded a rocket ship to the moon (by way of a convention center in New Orleans) to represent her country in last night’s Miss Universe pageant. However, it soon became clear that R’Bonney’s ship had a stowaway, as insidious as a virus and powerful enough to engulf the entire universe in its gaping maw.

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“Good Morning America” Producers Took T.J. Holmes And Amy Robach Off The Air Because Their Relationship Is A “Distraction”

December 5, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s been a busy week for Good Morning America‘s T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach. First, the co-hosts were papped “getting cozy” on a horny getaway. Then, sources confirmed they were having an affair and had left their spouses for each other. After this scandalous revelation, T.J. and Amy returned to GMA and acted like everything was normal. Apparently, they weren’t ashamed. After all, if two consenting adults fall in love and there isn’t a power imbalance, then what’s the big ⁠— wait, this isn’t T.J.’s first affair? Whoops! Over the weekend, sources claimed T.J. had a 3-year affair with married GMA producer Natasha Singh. Insert that Marie Kondo “I love mess” gif. But guess who doesn’t love mess? The suits at ABC. This morning, 45-year-old T.J. and 49-year-old Amy were M.I.A. for GMA’s third hour. The replacement hosts, Stephanie Ramos and Gio Benitez, cheerfully explained that the cheaters had “the day off.” But insiders tell TMZ that ABC executives pulled T.J. and Amy off the air because their relationship is a “distraction.” Booo! Bring back the adulterers I’d never heard of before last week!

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T.J. Holmes Allegedly Cheated On His Wife With A “Good Morning America” Producer Before The Amy Robach Scandal

December 4, 2022 / Posted by:

Every day we discover a new heinous crime committed by Good Morning America’s T.J. Holmes. The scandal that rocked the morning meemaw gossip circles continues to merrily chug along. If you’ve not been invited to the GMA text chat and don’t know what a T.J. Holmes or an Amy Robach is, they’re two morning hosts who got caught “getting cozy” with each other and not with the people they were married to. Their affair has been the biggest thing to hit morning show news since we “shockingly” discovered that Matt Lauer was an asshole. Now that everyone knows that T.J. and Amy are rotten cheaters, some super sleuths have uncovered more of T.J.’s dirty laundry. Before Amy sashayed into the picture, T.J. was allegedly doing the nasty with one of GMA’s producers for at least three years. How many horny marathons did this guy run?

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Married “Good Morning America” Anchors, Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes, Reportedly Had An Affair And Left Their Spouses For Each Other

November 30, 2022 / Posted by:

It seems like most of the morning show messiness comes from Today or The View, but well, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes of Good Morning America said, “Hold our beers,” before humping on each other. The Daily Mail posted several pictures of Amy and T.J. “getting cozy,” including a pic of him touching her ass during a weekend getaway. That wouldn’t really be a big deal except for the fact that Amy has been married to Andrew Shue (aka Billy from Melrose Place) since 2010, and that was the same year that T.J. married his wife, attorney Marilee Fiebig. After those ESCANDALOSO pap pictures of Amy and T.J. came out, Page Six heard from a source who said that they’ve been passing their fuck parts to each other for months, and they have since left their spouses to be together. Good Whoring America!

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