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Dua Lipa May Be Dating Jack Harlow

December 13, 2022 / Posted by:

Back in September, Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah were spotted hugging and kissing on the street after an intimate dinner in the West Village. Since then? Nada. And now, over two months later, Page Six is reporting that Dua and Jack Harlow are a thing! This pairing may seem random, but, actually, it makes perfect sense. Jack’s latest album, Come Home, The Kids Miss You (Pitchfork called it “among the most insipid, vacuous statements in recent pop history”), features a song called “Dua Lipa”. It’s about how he wants to date Dua. Does Dua want to date Jack? Doesn’t matter. It’s like a public marriage proposal. You sorta have to say “um, suuure” to appease the masses.

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Will Smith Breaks Down In Tears While Talking About The Oscars Slap On “The Daily Show”

November 29, 2022 / Posted by:

I knew THIS moment would be coming after Will Smith started opening up about The Slap heard ’round the world in preparation for his upcoming film Emancipation and Oscar campaign. Will went on a brief apology tour over the summer, but he’s upping the ante with waterworks and a sweet story involving one of his family members during an interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

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Trevor Noah Announced He’s Leaving “The Daily Show,” And He And Dua Lipa Might Be A Thing

September 30, 2022 / Posted by:

It’s a big Trevor Noah week for the world. On Wednesday night, he and pop star Dua Lipa were spotted on a possible date in New York City. The Daily Mail reports that the two were seen “enjoying an intimate dinner together” at a Jamaican restaurant in the East Village. Later, the maybe-couple were papped ending their night with a big ol’ sidewalk smooch. One kiss is all it takes… to quit your day job and become a full-time Mr. Dua Lipa. Yep, last night 38-year-old Trevor made the surprise announcement that he was leaving The Daily Show with Trevor Noah after hosting for 7 years.

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Kanye West Apologized To Kim Kardashian And Shared His Vision For The Future On “Good Morning America”

September 22, 2022 / Posted by:

Despite what we see all around us, we are still technically “pre-apocalypse,” so that disheveled man who looks like he just crawled out from under the scorched remains of the 101 Freeway overpass with a twisted 3-wheeled shopping cart filled with scavenged goods you might have seen on Good Morning America is actually fine. Better than fine in fact, it’s Kanye West as you’ve never seen him before. Kanye sat down with GMA’s Linsey Davis for an exclusive interview in which he shares his vision for the future he is creating for all of us. Don’t worry! He’s got this. Kanye’s plan is actually really good if you’ll just hear him out. All he needs is a minute of your time and your children’s souls. Oh, and can he hold $20? Just for a sec?

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Made An Appearance At Last Night’s Grammys

April 4, 2022 / Posted by:

Before Amy Schumer co-hosted the Oscars last week, along with Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall, she said that she tried to get Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to make a cameo appearance on the show. It didn’t happen and thank God because he would have been upstaged by a Telenovella-quality slap. Instead, President Zelenskyy appeared via a pre-recorded message at last night’s 64th annual Grammy Awards to remind us about Putin’s devastating attack on his country.

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Trevor Noah Says Kanye West Should Be Counseled, Not Canceled

March 21, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week Kanye West’s “concerning online behavior” got him canceled twice: Instagram suspended his account for 24 hours and the Grammys cut him as a performer. The Grammys is on April 3 and will be hosted by Trevor Noah. Last Tuesday on The Daily Show, Trevor said that he was worried that Kanye’s harassment of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson could lead to violence. Kanye responded by going on Instagram, graciously thanking Trevor for his concern, and assuring him he would never hurt anyone. JK, Yeezy’s response was to call Trevor a racial slur. Before the post was deleted, Trevor left a very classy comment, writing that he was a huge fan of Kanye’s music, and “it breaks my heart to see you like this.” And yesterday he had more to say about the situation. Trevor tweeted, “I said counsel Kanye not cancel Kanye.”

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