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Amy Schumer Goes After Hilaria Baldwin In Her New Stand Up Special

June 13, 2023 / Posted by:

Amy Schumer has a new stand-up special on Netflix called Emergency Contact, and- STOP! Before you click away, this is a Hilaria Baldwin post! Phew. Alright, where was I? So, Amy has a new special, and, according to USA Today, she goes after Hilaria and Alec Baldwin. Amy jokes about #Pepinogate, the Rust shooting, and calls Hilaria a “sociopath.” Now, now, Amy, it’s not very nice to diagnose people you don’t know. Unless you met them one time backstage at SNL. You did? Great, then diagnose away! Continue reading

Open Post: Hosted By Amy Schumer Defending T-Shirt Sex After Tom Sandoval’s Comment On The “Vanderpump Rules” Reunion

June 9, 2023 / Posted by:

Be nice to us uncultured swine who’ve been eating, breathing, and shitting the Vanderpump RulesScandoval” between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss behind Ariana Madix’s back, because the final part of the reunion aired on Wednesday, leaving us in mourning (until Secrets Revealed next week). As Emily recapped the other day, many unbelievable things went down at the last installment of the reunion, like Raquel asking Tom if they could get Ariana to be in a throuple with them. But one of Tom’s comments about Ariana keeping a t-shirt on during sex reigned evil supreme. Ariana’s thriving now and, as we know, is already capitalizing on the shitty comment with “Fuck Me In This T-shirt” t-shirts (above). And VPR fan Amy Schumer was on last night’s Watch What Happens Live, where she said she’s on Ariana’s side and is a sex-in-a-shirt supporter.

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Amy Schumer Says She Fired Her Doula For Being Too Beautiful

June 27, 2022 / Posted by:

A whole bunch of employment lawyers might have heard that and started prepping for the wrongful dismissal suit of a lifetime. Meanwhile, any famous person whose marriage ever bit the dust over a nanny and a snake of a husband just nodded like, “Okay, tell me more.” But it’s not exactly like that, at least according to Amy Schumer herself. She didn’t just fire her doula simply because she was too busy hotting-it-up around Amy’s house to find the time to take care of Amy’s baby. No, it all comes down to self-esteem, which Amy says she didn’t have enough of to handle a pretty post-partum assistant.

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Procter & Gamble Blames Amy Schumer For The National Tampon Shortage

June 9, 2022 / Posted by:

Back in July 2020, Procter & Gamble hired Amy Schumer to appear in an “edutainment” (ad) campaign for Tampax, America’s most popular brand of tampons. Two years later, there’s a national tampon shortage. The streets run red with menstrual blood! P&G’s explanation? Amy Schumer’s commercials were so amazing that she’s the reason for the lack of supplies. Huh. So the next time you go to the drug store for an emergency tampon run and are greeted by empty shelves, blame Schumer!

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Amy Schumer Says She Got Death Threats Over Her Seat Filler Bit With Kirsten Dunst At The Oscars

April 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Just when you thought everyone was done talking about the 2022 Oscars, namely: Will Smith, and everything that went along with that (like the fact that Will can’t get jiggy with the Oscars for a whole ten years). But then Amy Schumer pops up and reminds us that she too had her own Oscar moment that apparently won’t die. And according to Amy, her little bit with Kirsten Dunst and her husband Jesse Plemons went over so poorly with the audience at home, that Amy became the target of major hate, including death threats.

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