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Jimmy Kimmel Addressed THE SLAP In His Oscars Opening Monologue

March 13, 2023 / Posted by:

For anyone hoping there would be a repeat of last year’s slap-happy Academy Awards ceremony, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It was just as stale as it’s always been for the past nine decades. Well, that’s what I’m assuming because I didn’t watch that mess. However, I wish I could have at least caught Jimmy Kimmel‘s opening monologue in real time because he skewered most of the people in that room like they were on the menu at Benihana. But it was what he had to say about Will Smith‘s infamous pimp slap to Chris Rock‘s face that ironically left a sting across Will‘s face as he watched from the comfort of his own home like the rest of y’all.

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Chris Rock Will Finally Talk About Will Smith And The Oscars Slap In His New Netflix Special

March 2, 2023 / Posted by:

After laying down numerous jokes about Will Smith’s glorified roommate Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock got slapped by Will so hard it took him a whole year to retaliate. The New York Post says that now Chris is back and ready to live out his Carrie revenge fantasy with his new live and unedited Netflix special called Selective Outrage, which comes out this weekend.  After all the countless commentaries, apologies, memes, and Red Table Talks, Chris is ready to use the slap for jokes for his Netflix special. Well, he did tell us that he wouldn’t talk about the slap unless he got paid.

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There Will Be A “Crisis Team” Set Up For This Year’s Academy Awards

February 23, 2023 / Posted by:

This year, a new award will be introduced at the Oscars called “I Wish A Mutha Fucka WOULD!” because the Academy isn’t interested in impromptu slaps and belligerent curse outs during this year’s broadcast. Of course, you know I’m referring to you know who, so let’s just keep his name out of our mouths today. But the Academy realizes their audience members and home viewers shouldn’t be exposed to unwarranted fits of violence, so they are implementing a crisis team to help deal with anything that would be deemed inappropriate for this year’s show.

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Will Smith Is Once Again Reminding Us Of The Oscars Slap On TikTok And People Have Thoughts

February 22, 2023 / Posted by:

We will NEVER stop talking about the time Will Smith really thought he was Muhammad Ali and slapped the taste out of Chris Rock‘s mouth at The Oscars, especially with the latest edition of that boring broadcast coming up in a few weeks. I wonder if they will be allowed to make jokes about it this year since we’ve all been making jokes since it happened. In any case, Will has put on the tears and the remorse for the dog and pony show that was his wack ass apology tour. And now he’s at the point where he can poke a little fun at himself with a TikTok that asks the question, “What does my Oscar think?

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Will Smith Did A “Red Table Talk Takeover” And Discussed Dropping Weight After His Dad Bod Went Viral And Getting Unexpectedly Spat On By One Of His “Emancipation” Co-Stars

December 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Most people who put the smackdown on someone on stage at a formal televised public event forever immortalized on the internet for millions and millions to gawk at for eternity might consider taking a beat (heyyo!) to fade into the background and self-reflect without a mistrustful audience. Will Smith isn’t “most people,” though, and recently he’s been trying to make Will Smith happen again by crying on The Daily Show and now doing a Red Table Talk takeover as he tries to snatch that Oscar for his upcoming film, Emancipation. And though Will isn’t even allowed to attend an Oscar ceremony for the next decade if he does snag a nomination, he talked about the extreme measures he took for the role, which included losing weight after a 2021 picture of his dad bod went viral and getting surprise-spat on by one of his co-stars.

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Will Smith Breaks Down In Tears While Talking About The Oscars Slap On “The Daily Show”

November 29, 2022 / Posted by:

I knew THIS moment would be coming after Will Smith started opening up about The Slap heard ’round the world in preparation for his upcoming film Emancipation and Oscar campaign. Will went on a brief apology tour over the summer, but he’s upping the ante with waterworks and a sweet story involving one of his family members during an interview with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show.

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