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Tom Ford Thinks That Some Celebrities Are Getting Too Much Filler

May 3, 2023 / Posted by:

Tom Ford has something to say! And this time, it’s not about restricting his infant’s clothing choices (though he does bring that up too) or the House of Gucci movie. This time it’s about fillers, mainly how some celebrities have too much in their faces. I mean… look at that picture. Tom is giving us frozen-faced pot calling the frozen-faced kettle frozen-faced with this one…

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Open Post: Hosted By Tom Ford Dragging People Who Turned The Met Gala Into A “Costume Party”

April 28, 2022 / Posted by:

The Met Gala returned last September after a two-hear hiatus caused by COVID-19. But this year’s Met Gala is returning to its traditional date of the first Monday in May, so it’s a big triumphant return for fashion types, style vanguards, or those who just love an over-the-top spectacle. That last part isn’t exactly Tom Ford’s favorite aspect of the Met Gala, as he recently shared that he hate hate HATES the way some people have turned the Met Gala into something that looks like it’s sponsored in part by Spirit Halloween.

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Tom Ford “Laughed Out Loud” While Watching “House Of Gucci”

November 29, 2021 / Posted by:

House of Gucci got meh reviews from critics who thought it was too camp to be serious and too serious to be camp. Well, Tom Ford, who breathed new life into Gucci as its head designer in the 90s and is featured as a character in it, has given his thoughts on that method-out extravaganza. Tom says that HoG is equivalent to the “nighttime soap Dynasty for subtlety,” and he couldn’t tell if he was watching a real movie or a “Saturday Night Live version of the tale.” Was Kenan Thompson in it? Because that’s how you can tell.

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Amal Clooney Pissed Off Tom Ford (And Vogue!) At The Met Gala

May 16, 2018 / Posted by:

The Vogue interns got a brief moment of mercy this year when they found out Anna Wintour wouldn’t be sending them through the wood chipper for seating her next to Pimp Mama Kris. Instead, it’s the 2018 Met Gala co-chair, Amal Clooney, who is making everyone at the Haus of Winter and Tom Ford angrily eat carbs because she didn’t wear a Tom Ford dress on the Met Gala red carpet like they thought she would.  Continue reading

Diddy Either DGAF Or GAF 

May 2, 2017 / Posted by:

Answer: Diddy gives a fuck, like a lot of fucks.

During the red beige and blue carpet posing portion of last night’s Met Gala, Diddy worked the cameras with his on-and-off-and-on-and-off-and-on-again piece Cassie, and at one point he lounged on the steps like a man casually lounging on a display at Forever 21 while his girlfriend gets in a long line to try on a pair of jeans. That little smooth move brought out a dozen “Diddy Don’t Give A Fuck” headlines. Au contraire, bitch. Diddy does give a fuck and that shameless spotlight-shifting whore knew what he was doing.

Cassie stood there in a field of humongous ass sea urchins, working for those camera clicks, as Diddly easily got the cameras to move his way by casually strolling to the stairs for a little lounging time. Cassie’s dress is covered with giant plastic caterpillars (or are those giant Groucho Marx brows?) and Diddy gets all the attention by simply lounging like an evil vampire lounging on a velvet settee while eyeing his prey from across the room. Diddy wants us to think he’s saying, “Oh, this moment is all about her,” but we all know he’s saying, “Oh, this moment is all about moi.

With that being said, I’d probably do the same thing, because standing is hard. And also, that dramatic lying down pose really does show off Diddy’s “Steven Seagal spending a casual afternoon at home” outfit.

And now we end our never-ending Mess Gala 2017 coverage with several dollops of hotness provided by the dudes of the night including ASkars, Riz Ahmed, Rami Malek and Luke Evans.

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