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Bill Murray Will Reportedly Pay $100,000 To The Woman Who Complained About His Behavior On The Set Of Aziz Ansari’s “Being Mortal”

October 11, 2022 / Posted by:

There’s a reason why they say never meet your heroes and I’m going to bet that Aziz Ansari is intimately familiar with that reason. Aziz, unfortunately, took a shit on that advice and even took things a step further by hiring Bill Murray to star in his directorial debut, Being Mortal. Back in April, Bill repaid Aziz for his mistake by getting the entire production shut down after a female employee accused Bill of inappropriate conduct and an internal investigation was launched. Initially, it was reported that Bill was being “very hands-on touchy,” and that he had touched and pulled the woman’s hair, all of which Bill later chalked up to a “difference of opinion, with him being of the opinion that he was just being the same lovable goof he’s always been, and her, obviously, being of the opposite and correct opinion.

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Aziz Ansari Is Anne Hathaway’s Canceled Person Of Choice

June 23, 2022 / Posted by:

Anne Hathaway covers the latest issue of Interview magazine, and in the Interview interview, she answers 20 questions from celebrities like Matthew McConaughey (“what does feminism mean to you?”), Jake Gyllenhaal (“which do you like better, acting or singing?”), Julie Andrews (“what really ticks you off?”), and Octavia Spencer (“how do you maintain the joyous work/life balance so seamlessly?”). But those questions were a bore compared to Mindy Kaling’s, who woke up and chose clickbait drama. Mindy asked her Ocean’s 8 co-star which problematic celeb’s art she still loves (Mindy says she still loves Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters). Anne’s answer? Aziz Ansari. Apparently, she’s a big Master of None fan.

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Aziz Ansari Married His Forensic Data Scientist Fiancée

June 17, 2022 / Posted by:

Last December, Aziz Ansari announced during one of his stand-up shows that he was engaged to his girlfriend, Swedish forensic data scientist, Serena Skov Campbell. Does a “forensic data scientist” ever get tired of being introduced as a “forensic data scientist?” She better get used to it; it’s probably going to keep happening since the number of people in the celeb stratosphere with bona fide brains seems to dwindle lower and lower. But now, we can pop some of Aziz’s Parks & Recreation character Tom Haverford’s SnakeJuice, because Aziz and Serena were recently married in Italy.

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Bill Murray Calls The Incident That Shut Down Production On “Being Mortal” A “Difference Of Opinion”

May 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Somebody really needs to get Bill Murray a mirror and a wall calendar because he seems to think it’s still 1981. Deadline reports that Bill addressed the circumstances that led to production on Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut, Being Mortal, being suspended after a complaint was filed against him for inappropriate behavior. Over the weekend, Bill made an appearance at the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting and said “I did something I thought was funny, and it wasn’t taken that way,” and chalked the incident up to a “difference of opinion.” Bill is 71-years-old and was apparently shocked to learn, just this year, “that the world is different than it was when I was a little kid.” Honestly, being booked for a shareholders meeting gig with an enormous Geico gecko trying to pull focus over his shoulder, should have been his first clue.

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Bill Murray Was Allegedly Suspended From The Set Of “Being Mortal” For Being Too Handsy With Women

April 25, 2022 / Posted by:

Last week, we learned that there was trouble on the set of Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut film, Being Mortal, due to a complaint of “inappropriate behavior.” That’s pretty vague and could literally mean anything. Harassment? Bullying? Picking up a watering hose and pretending it’s a dick to get laughs from the crew? Well, it turned out, we discovered the Who of the situation much quicker than the What, when it was revealed the complaint was lodged against Bill Murray. Now we’re finding out the What, and what 71-year-old Bill allegedly did to get his ass bounced from the set was that he allegedly wouldn’t keep his hands to himself. Color me shocked that it was sexual harassment, and not verbal of a side of physical.

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Aziz Ansari Is Engaged To A Forensic Data Scientist

December 3, 2021 / Posted by:

Aziz Ansari has been keeping a pretty low profile since 2018 when he was accused by a woman, known only as Grace, who recounted an awkward sexual encounter she had with him for the since defunct blog Grace accused Aziz, in part, of not picking up on hints that she wasn’t interested in having sex. Since the controversy, Aziz has been lying so low that, according to Page Six, he’s been living in London and barely appeared in season 3 of his own TV show Master of None. But Aziz has been doing stand-up comedy lately and during a surprise set at New York’s Comedy Cellar on Wednesday, he announced he’s engaged to girlfriend Serena Skov Campbell, a Danish forensic data scientist. Maybe Serena helped Aziz crunch the numbers and concluded that enough time has passed that he can get through an entire set without being pelted with crumpled-up Post-It notes with the word “hint” written inside.

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