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Hugh Grant Admits He Had A Tantrum On The Set Of The “Dungeons & Dragons” Movie

March 8, 2023 / Posted by:

Hugh Grant has always been a grump. His ex, Elizabeth Hurley, says her friends refer to him as “Grumpelstiltskin”. But on the set of his latest flick, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, “Grumpelstiltskin” got upgraded to “asshole with an anger problem.” Yahoo! reports that 62-year-old Hugh admitted to losing his fucking shit on a woman who walked into his eye line during a take. So, Hugh did a Christian Bale. And that’s exactly how he describes it: “I did a Christian Bale.”

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Chris Brown Complains That People Still Hate Him For Assaulting Rihanna

February 18, 2023 / Posted by:

The man who transformed the mere act of whining into an insufferable art form is back to give us even more. After showing that he’s still the world’s greatest sore loser, Chris Brown is back to remind us that he’s also a contender for world’s biggest scumbag. While singing might be the way he pays the bills, his true calling in life is complaining about how the world is unfair to a millionaire who has a track record of being entitled and awful AF. In today’s episode of “Everybody Hates Chris,” Chris is super pissed that people still dislike him for assaulting Rihanna.

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Chris Brown Lost Last Night’s “Best R&B Album” Grammy to Robert Glasper, And Unsurprisingly, Acted Like A Sore Loser

February 6, 2023 / Posted by:

In a time when we can almost always find ways to disagree on the most trivial of issues, I find comfort in knowing the majority of us (aside from Kelly Rowland; Lizzo; and for some reason, the people who keep nominating him for awards) can come together to agree that Chris Brown has remained the actual worst for well over a decade. He’s shown no growth. Yet, he’s somehow managed to remain in the pop culture lexicon, and his album, Breezy (Deluxe), was just nominated for Best R&B Album at last night’s Grammys. But Chris lost to Robert Glasper, who also beat Mary J. Blige, Lucky Daye, and PJ Morton to claim the trophy for his album, Black Radio III. It should be shocking to no one that Chris acted like a sore Chris Brown loser and took to his Instagram Stories several times to take several Chris Browns shits on Robert.

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Flavor Flav Responded To Video Of Him Cursing Out Spirit Airlines Gate Agents

November 15, 2022 / Posted by:

Flavor Flav (born name: William Jonathan Drayton, Jr.) is and always has been a notorious mess. Somehow, many still find him an endearing part of pop culture. It might have to do with the fact that despite his buffoonery and transgressions, he can take a licking (from Brigitte Nielsen) and keep on ticking. Even a boulder couldn’t take him out. But, it was a missed Spirit Airlines flight that recently almost got the best of him; luckily, he stopped short of assaulting someone this time and just ended up cursing out the gate agents who wouldn’t open the door back up for him to board the flight, despite them allegedly doing so for others.

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Kanye West Calls Out Adidas For Holding “Yeezy Day” Without His Approval

August 3, 2022 / Posted by:

I just learned that every August 2 is “National Ice Cream Sandwich Day” and no one bothered to inform me yesterday so that I could partake; so it pains me that I do now know that Adidas also holds “Yeezy Day” every August 2, due to “Ultimate Stunt QueenKanye West’s latest grown man-trum. TMZ says that while this is “Yeezy Day’s” third year, the almighty Yeezus is claiming that Adidas has never gotten his input about it, so he decided to tear into them for not consulting him and also aired some of his other grievances with the brand–including again accusing them of stealing one of his (hideous) Yeezy designs for a (hideous) pair of Adidas Originals slides.

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About The Woman Who Threw An Ultimate Tantrum At Victoria’s Secret After Trying To Attack Another Customer…

July 14, 2021 / Posted by:

Karen alert! A woman in New Jersey named Ijeoma Ukenta was at Victoria’s Secret picking up some free panties with a coupon but what the coupon did not mention was a random woman was going to allegedly attack her and then have a mental breakdown about it. A woman named Abigail Elphick threw the tantrum to end all tantrums on the floor of the Victoria’s Secret at the Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey. This led to the police being called and absolutely no legal action being taken against her. But now she’s a viralebrity so that’s actually much worse.

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