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Swatters Targeted Nicki Minaj Twice In One Night

June 12, 2023 / Posted by:

Usually, when law enforcement rolls up to Maison Minaj, it’s probably to check that Nicki Minaj’s sex offender husband, KennethZooPetty, didn’t shadily strap his house arrest ankle monitor onto an assistant so he could step out to do whatever it is he does; but, this time sheriffs checked in with them twice in one night after swatters first claimed that Nicki and Kenneth’s 3-year-old son was in danger, and later that their house was actively on fire.

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A 21-Year-old YouTuber Is Recovering After He Pranked The Wrong One At A Mall And Got Shot

April 5, 2023 / Posted by:

Tanner Cook is a 21-year-old from Virginia who enjoys doing things for attention on the internet (what historians will refer to as the “viral moment“). In his quest to become the next Johnny Knoxville or Jake Paul, Tanner and his band of merry men, the Classified Goons on YouTube, enjoy pulling a little prank here and there, all in the name of fun. But on one fateful day at the Dulles Town Center in Sterling, VA, the fun came to an abrupt end when one of Tanner’s pranks lead to a bullet being introduced into his body. And that’s where the laughter stopped.

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Open Post: Hosted By The Texas Lawyer Who Got Arrested For Walking On The Beach While Dressed As Michael Myers

September 16, 2021 / Posted by:

Picture it: Galveston, Texas, 2021. Tropical Storm Nicholas is on its way to ravage the island city. You look outside at the waves, getting bigger and more ferocious by the minute. Then, a lone figure catches your eye. A man, dressed in black, wearing a creep white mask… with a… what is that? A knife? Covered in blood? WAIT A SEC. Is that fictional serial killer Michael Myers from the Halloween series?! You betcha. The police are called, put him in cuffs, discover the knife and blood are fake and expose Michael’s true identity: Mark Metzger III, an attorney who’s ticketed for disorderly conduct and soon released. Mark claims his “prank” was nothing more than an attempt to bring “a little bit of positivity in the gloomy doom.” Because nothing makes a hurricane more fun than the promise of murder!

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A TikTok Idiot Spilled A Bunch Of Milk And Cereal On The NYC Subway

May 15, 2020 / Posted by:

Today in douchebags, TikTok idiot Josh Popkin, better known by his 3.3 million followers as @fckjoshy, incurred the wrath of the Internet when he purposely dumped a giant bin of milk and cereal on the NYC subway. Hmmm, looks like licking toilets to get corona is officially passé.

Obviously this “prank” made a huge, wet Fruity Pebbles mess, getting milk on a bunch of passengers (many of whom could be essential workers on their way to their jobs). While the unmasked dumbass pretended to clean up, everyone switched cars. Then @fckjoshy (seriously, fuck Joshy) strolled away, leaving the disaster to be cleaned by more essential workers. How thoughtful. Continue reading

Prince Hot Ginge Supposedly Got Tricked By Pranksters Pretending To Be Greta Thunberg

March 11, 2020 / Posted by:

I threw the word “supposedly” into that headline, because for all we know, The Sun could’ve hired a Prince Hot Ginge voice-alike for this stunt, and if that’s the case, please have that Prince Hot Ginge voice-alike call me. Just give me time to grab the gallon jug of lube and make some room on my credit card for the $3.99 a minute I’ll probably get charged.

The last time a royal-themed phone prank happened was in 2012 when two Australian radio hosts called King Edward VII Hospital, where Duchess Kate was laid up with pregnancy woes, and pretended to be THE QUEEN and Prince Charles in order to get through to Kate. The nurse who answered the call fell for the prank and transferred them to the nurse attending to Kate. The station aired the prank, and later, the nurse who answered the call tragically died by suicide. In other words, that royal phone prank did not end well. But two Russian pranksters still decided to bust out their own phone prank and put on their best Greta Thunberg and Greta Thunberg’s father voices to trick PHG, and they reportedly got through and talked to him. Will somebody please pay PHG and Meghan Markle another $1 million to speak at their event, because they obviously can’t afford to pay a phone screener and are getting Guy The Beagle to do the job (no offense to Guy The Beagle’s phone-screening skills).

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Open Post: Hosted by The YouTube Stunt That Messed Up A Neighborhood’s Sewer System

March 3, 2020 / Posted by:

Normally whenever I hear someone speak French my drawls hit the floor immediately because that language is sexy as hell. I never thought that hearing someone speak French would make me want to slap a muzzle upon their lips and say, “Shhhh!” But that day came quickly for me after seeing a very stupid YouTube prank gone all the way wrong.

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