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Open Post: Hosted By Bruce Springsteen Bringing Michelle Obama On Stage To Sing “Glory Days”

April 29, 2023 / Posted by:

Bruce Springsteen is currently on an international tour, giving people’s ears a taste of all of his beloved hits. Most recently, The Boss was found in Barcelona doing his usual thing of singing and shaking his ass. However, this particular show took a turn for the Mad Libs when the singer brought former FLOTUS Michelle Obama and timeless actress Kate Capshaw on stage to play backup on Glory Days. A resounding “QUE??” went up throughout the audience as they didn’t know they were going to get the sight of Michelle Obama and Kate Capshaw yodeling along to a Bruce Springsteen song.

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Barack Obama Celebrated His 60th Birthday At His Martha’s Vineyard Estate With A Bunch Of Celebrities

August 9, 2021 / Posted by:

Barack Obama turned 60 on August 4th, and he threw a big celebrity-filled birthday party at his Martha’s Vineyard estate on Saturday night. It’s unclear how many guests there were; People says it was an “intimate” soirée with just 200 “family members and close friends,” but TMZ claims there “appeared to be several hundred party revelers.” And that was the downsized version! Last week Obama’s spokesperson announced that the party was being scaled back and some guests were uninvited last minute due to the recent rise of the Delta variant. And while the event was technically outdoors (in a massive tent) and masks were provided, it looks like most of the guests partied with mouths exposed. All the better to schmooze with, Mr. President! Continue reading

The Obamas Are Producing A Comedy For Netflix About The 2016 Presidential Transition

December 2, 2020 / Posted by:

Oh joy. A “part-documentary, part-comedy sketch” show on Netflix “based on the chaotic transition of power when Donald Trump became president” produced by Barack and Michelle Obama. We may all still be clenched tighter than Melania Trump’s face in a sandstorm, bracing for whatever Donald might do in his final desperate hours, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ready to share a gentle guffaw with the Obamas about one of the most painful periods in recent American history. It’s called The G Word I’m already LOL’ing as we speak! (that’s Letting Out a Long anguished guttural moan while experiencing nervous diarrhea and conflicting emotions about not knowing what’s “funny” anymore)

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Beyoncé’s First Project For Disney Will Be A Visual Album Titled “Black Is King”

June 29, 2020 / Posted by:

Earlier this month, we learned that the Disney corporation was about to make Beyoncé the highest-paid star next to Daisy Duck (don’t tell me they don’t pay top dollar for her avian beauty). Beyoncé was reportedly looking at a $100 million contract with Disney to be a major brand partner, and it was rumored that her first project might have something to do with the Black Panther sequel, which might possibly be followed by two film projects. It was all very mysterious! Well, we’ve now learned that her first project will be another visual album, a la 2013’s Beyoncé and 2016’s Lemonade, called Black is King, coming to Disney+ next month.

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People Magazine Names Its 2019 “People Of The Year”

December 4, 2019 / Posted by:

It’s that time of year where the drinks at Starbucks go from being cloyingly sweet pumpkin monstrosities to cloyingly sweet peppermint monstrosities, and strains of Mariah Carey’s AIWFCIY repeat and repeat in your brain until you want to stab yourself in the ear with the sharp end of a half-eaten candy cane just to make it stop. That means it’s also time for utterly meaningless lists! From the people who decided John Legend was the sexiest man alive, comes People Magazine’s equally dubious People Of The Year list. It’s like Time Magazine’s Person of The Year, only it’s decided by the intern who does the Starbucks runs. Congratulations to Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift‘s publicists. The editorial staff only got to make one “out of contract” pick, and they went with Michelle Obama.

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Some People Have Issues With The Duchess Meghan Edited Issue Of British Vogue

July 30, 2019 / Posted by:

We can add Vogue Magazine to the list of things Duchess Meghan has ruined for good (previous entries include but are not limited to: The Monarchy, common decency, Suits seasons 1-7, Wimbledon, Princess Diana’s legacy, baby showers, and Michael K’s rich fantasy life). As previously reported, Meghan guest edited the September issue of British Vogue featuring 15 “changemakers” but not the kind that walk around ballparks and arcades with those belts filled with nickels and dimes. Instead of using her unprecedented opportunity to highlight the glory of pretty clothes on pretty ladies, she used her platform to shove her COMMUNIST AGENDA down everybody’s throat in a move Piers Morgan called a “shamelessly hypocritical super-woke Vogue stunt“, which just so happens to be the name of my band!

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