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Open Posted: Hosted By A Cat And A Racoon Dramatically Facing Off

March 11, 2023 / Posted by:

Cats vs. dogs. Cats vs. mice. Cats vs. cats. Cats vs. you any time you don’t feed them at the exact second they’re hungry. Yes, cats have many, MANY nemeses. Just look at one sideways, and you’ve made an enemy for life. That’s what a raccoon recently experienced when scavenging for food around a home in Canada. Rather than coming across a tipped-over trash can with half-eaten Hungry Man meals inside, the raccoon came face to face with Lily, the feline ruler of the house. Only a glass door stood between the two foes. Who won the dramatic standoff? (The cat, obviously).

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Open Post: Hosted By The Cat Who Destroyed A $27 Pizza

January 7, 2023 / Posted by:

There are two things most people can agree on: cats are cute, and pizza is great. But what happens when a cat and a pizza collide? The result is a viral video where a furry friend named Lucas obliterates America’s favorite bastardized Italian dish. To make matters worse, the pizza cost $27. I hope Lucas put in a replacement order on Uber Eats because IN THIS ECONOMY, we can’t afford to lose even one pizza!

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Matt Damon Talked About The Time Kennedy Center Honoree, George Clooney, Shit In Richard Kind’s Cat’s Litter Box

December 16, 2022 / Posted by:

The 45th Annual Kennedy Center Honors already happened earlier this month, and those who’ve given us a lifetime of contributions in the entertainment arena, like U2 and George Clooney, were some of this year’s honorees. And if by “lifetime contributions” they meant “your iTunes is still fucked all the way up and always will be for the rest of your lifetime by the unsolicited disbursal of U2’s Songs of Innocence album,” then yeah, I guess U2 qualifies. But not to be outdone by U2’s tomfoolery, honoree, and one of the “world’s most handsome men,” George Clooney also did some shady shit in his storied time in the biz–literally. While giving a speech about his good friend, George, Matt Damon’s KCH speech touched on the time that George took a big girthy dump in fellow actor Richard Kind’s kitty litter box back in the day when they were roommates. Stars–they’re just like us!

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Open Post: Hosted By Larry The Downing Street Cat Chasing Away A Fox

October 16, 2022 / Posted by:

Everything may be going err… less than optimally in the UK, but there’s one inhabitant of Downing Street who has everything under control: Larry the Cat! The famous feline of Number 10 was seen guarding his grounds by chasing off a fox twice his size. Of course, Larry has his shit on lockdown. Someone needs to put him on the ballot for Prime Minster in the next general election. PM Larry would solve the world’s problems!

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Open Post: Hosted By The Kittens Who Locked Their Human Out Of Her Bathroom

July 27, 2022 / Posted by:

The Dodo says that earlier this month, writer Julee Balko couldn’t open her bathroom door. Try as she might, she couldn’t get in. So she turned on her phone’s camera and slid it under the door to see if she could figure out the problem. The picture (top right) identified the door-blockers: Julee’s new kittens, Dandelion and Bumble. Somehow, these two mischief-makers closed the door behind them and opened a cabinet drawer, which blocked the bathroom door from opening from the outside. Probably revenge for making them shit in a box. “No more toilet for you, mommy!” Continue reading

Open Post: Hosted By This Outdoor Kitty’s POV

December 1, 2021 / Posted by:

Outdoor kitty cats are fascinating, mysterious creatures. Where do they go? What do they do? Do they have a second family? A secret lover? These meowers are living double lives! Luckily, there’s a new trend on TikTok where people attach cameras to their cats’ collars. And we the people receive precious POV footage! One user, @lovegailun, went viral thanks to their kitty’s hijinks. This pussy’s a parkour master! He balances on branches, leaps onto rooves, and eventually has a showdown with a dog! If my cat had a POV-collar the only footage would be him sleeping, him eating, and him watching me on the toilet. Too edgy for TikTok!

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