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Ridley Scott Blames Millennials With Cellphones For The Box Office Failure Of “The Last Duel”

November 23, 2021 / Posted by:

Ridley Scott directed two big movies that came out this year: House of Mario Bros. Gucci which is out this week, and The Last Duel, which was released on October 15. Well, change the name from The Last Duel to “The Most Recent Flop” because it tanked at the box office. The film starred Matt Damon and Adam Driver who enter a duel to the death after Jodie Comer‘s character accuses Adam’s character of rape. Audiences did not pour into theaters to watch a period piece about a woman’s sexual assault and Ridley thinks he knows why. Ridley believes his movie tanked because millennials love using their phones… or something.

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Charlize Theron Is Heartbroken She Can’t Play Furiosa In The “Mad Max” Prequel

July 8, 2020 / Posted by:

Last month, the director of 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller, confirmed that Charlize Theron will not get to reprise her role as one-armed badass Furiosa in the upcoming prequel. Alas, the movie is set when the character is in her twenties, and while George initially considered technologically de-aging 44-year-old (I know, ancient) Charlize, he thought the effects in The Irishman were a little too “uncanny valley” for his liking. I still say Scorsese shoulda saved himself millions by simply casting Joey from The Circle as a young DeNiro. But hey, I ain’t the auteur.

Charlize doesn’t hold George’s decision against him, but she admits she’s heartbroken she won’t be playing the role again. Continue reading

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