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The Cast Of “Ted Lasso” Appeared At The White House To Talk About Mental Health, And A Reporter Got Into It With Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

March 21, 2023 / Posted by:

President Joe Biden introduced his “Unity Agenda” during the 2022 State of the Union address, and part of that was the aim to improve mental health care in the US. So yesterday, he had (Joe Biden impersonator) Jason Sudeikis and several other members of the Ted Lasso cast visit the White House’s press room to promote the idea that most of us grapple with mental health struggles at one point or another or at least know someone who does, so we should discuss it more often. On the Apple+ show, the titular character regularly sees a therapist because of his severe panic attacks. But, the cast’s appearance started out a little chaotically when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to get the discussion started, and a reporter began loudly sparring with her and claiming that she never calls on him. The awkwardness in the room was comparable to that time when Jason had his ex, Olivia Wilde, served with custody papers on stage at CinemaCon.

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Naomi Biden’s Wedding Was Covered By Vogue, And The White House Press Corps Is Pissed

November 22, 2022 / Posted by:

On Saturday, Naomi Biden, aka Joe Biden’s granddaughter/Hunter Biden’s daughter, got married to her partner of 3 years, 25-year-old Peter Neal. The couple wed at the White House. Since 1800, only nineteen weddings and four receptions have been held there. 28-year-old Naomi’s wedding was covered by Vogue, because they love to profile wealthy nepo-babies (see: Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, that Getty heiress, and Lena Dunham). The pics are pretty, but not everybody is pleased. Gawker reports that the White House Press Corps and other journalists are annoyed they weren’t invited, but Vogue was. SNUB!

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Champ And Major Biden Have Been Temporarily Evicted From The White House

March 9, 2021 / Posted by:

When President Joe Biden was elected last November, pets everywhere rejoiced in their own special way, whether that be howling with joy, meowing with excitement, licking themselves with restrained delight, or elatedly dragging ass across the carpet. Because for the first time in four years, the White House officially has Presidential Pets again. I say “officially,” because I don’t believe they ever formally gave Rudy Giuliani the title. Biden’s rescue German Shepherds Champ and Major Biden moved into the White House back in January, and everything seemed a-ok, until now, when we’re learning that Champ and Major got a little aggressive and were put in a doggy time out back home in Delaware.

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Claudia Conway Announced On TikTok That Her Mother Kellyanne Has Coronavirus (UPDATE)

October 3, 2020 / Posted by:

UPDATE: Claudia Conway has also tested positive for coronavirus.

One quick second after we all found out that Hope Hicks, Donald Trump, and Melania Trump shocked the shit out of the world by catching coronavirus even though they’ve taken every single precaution imaginable (read: the complete opposite of that), many GOPers have also tested positive. Chris Christie, who’s been helping with Trump’s campaign and was at the mostly mask-less SCOTUS nomination ceremony in the Rose Garden at the White House last Saturday, tested positive for COVID-19. So have Senators Ron Johnson (of Wisconsin), Mike Lee (of Utah), and Thomas Tillis (of North Carolina). Mike Lee and Thomas Tillis were at that SCOTUS nomination ceremony too (Johnson was not because he was already in quarantine after having been exposed to coronavirus).

Trump’s former right-hand-ghoul, Kellyanne Conway, was also at that ceremony last weekend. And what do you know? Coronavirus cha cha cha’d right up into her nostrils and mouth. And the news was announced on TikTok by her daughter Claudia Conway.

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The White House Has Finally Responded To Taylor Swift’s Equality Act Petition

August 28, 2019 / Posted by:

After Taylor Swift won Video of the Year at the MTV VMAs on Monday night, she used her time to call out the White House for not responding to her online petition in support of the Equality Act.

Taylor claimed in her speech that it only takes 100,000 signatures to warrant a response from the White House. The petition has over 500,000 signatures, and still no response. Well, the White House has finally responded. Donald Trump most likely remains Taylor’s least favorite person, because their response was pretty bogus.

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Comedian Michelle Wolf Went In On Sarah Huckabee Sanders In Front Of Sarah Huckabee Sanders

April 29, 2018 / Posted by:

White House fuckery apologist Sarah Huckabee Sanders must realize that her monotone, dead-eyed defense of her menacing buffoon boss’ every lie has earned her the scorn and ridicule of a chunk of the nation. That’s probably why she didn’t kick her comfy shoes from Clarks into high gear and exit the White Correspondents’ Dinner last night. Sarah stayed put as the night’s emcee Michelle Wolf from The Daily Show did a whole routine on her and POTUS last night. Michelle dragged Trump and his crew up and down that room. According to Vulture, many Trump officials walked out in protest and Michelle is being alternately celebrated/excoriated on social media this morning. Judging by their track record so far, this is probably one administration that should be able to take a joke.

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