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James Cameron Says That Leonardo DiCaprio Almost Didn’t Get Cast In “Titanic” Because He Didn’t Want To Audition

November 23, 2022 / Posted by:

The timeless tale of a vagabond’s dalliance with a door-hogging socialite, Titanic, marks its twenty-fifth anniversary this year. At this point, anyone who has seen it will never let go of the love they have for Jack and Rose, but according to director James Cameron, Kate and Leow were almost cast aas teary-eyed theatergoers instead of the film’s stars. And in a recent interview with GQ (via CNN), James admits had to be convinced by both Kate and Leo that they were right for the part.

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James Cameron Doesn’t Want To Hear People “Whining” About How Long The “Avatar” Sequel Is

July 6, 2022 / Posted by:

James Cameron‘s Avatar sequels are coming out soon, with the first of the four planned movies, Avatar: The Way Of Water, coming out on December 16. It stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winslet, Edie Falco, Cliff Curtis, and probably a ton more people. I mean, the movie will have to be filled with something because apparently, it’s going to be so fucking long that you WILL piss yourself unless you stand up and go to the bathroom. And it’s all about water so that won’t help!

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13 Years Later, Here’s The Teaser Trailer For “Avatar: The Way Of Water”

May 9, 2022 / Posted by:

What if I told you there was a sequel to Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar on the way? I think you’d be pretty stoked, I know I would be. But what if I then told you it was directed by James Cameron and that Jamie Dornan is not in it, as far as we can tell? Perhaps your enthusiasm might begin to wane, as mine did while realizing that I was actually watching a teaser trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water, and not Barb and Star 2: Barb and Star Raid Davy Jones Locker. Variety reports that after 13 years, we finally get a glimpse of what James has been doing all this time, and apparently, he’s been trying to clear the licenses for Lisa Frank’s aquatic series of stickers to complete his vision.

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James Cameron Regrets Being Such A Dictator On Set And Wishes He Could Be More Like Ron Howard

June 26, 2021 / Posted by:

If you Google “James Cameron is an asshole,” you’ll get a list of stories longer than the running time of his movies, which are the CVS receipts of movies. And I’m not talking about James Cameron hating on a movie about a mythical fish man not being realistic enough, or how Wonder Woman is an objectified icon that we should not be praising. I’m talking about the stories of how working with James Cameron is about as pleasant as running a mile while wearing nothing but a thong made of rusty piano wire. James has a reputation of being Hollywood’s answer to Kim Jon-un, and he recently brought that up and said he regrets acting that way and wishes he could be more like Ron Howard. Don’t we fucking all?!

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Linda Hamilton’s Madonna Arms Are Back In “Terminator: Dark Fate”

May 23, 2019 / Posted by:

I don’t know if part of Linda Hamilton’s divorce settlement from James Cameron included securing a starring role in his third attempt to milk the Terminator franchise drier than a mummy, but if it was, congratulations? In a new trailer for the upcoming movie Terminator: Dark Fate, Linda reprises her iconic role of future-saver Sarah Connor and she’s brought her big guns with her. She looks amazing and seems to have been keeping up with her pull ups routine. And it looks like she shared her workout, and original costume, with co-star Mackenzie Davis.

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James Cameron Hates “Aquaman,” Unfortunately For Him There’s Gonna Be A Sequel

February 14, 2019 / Posted by:

Oscar-winning director and professional at sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, James Cameron, had some words to say about Aquaman. Specifically, that the movie–about a super-powered man from the lost underwater city of Atlantis who can breathe underwater and communicate with marine life–is not realistic enough. I also have some comments to make about unrealistic movies. Namely, in the Avengers films: when the Hulk’s clothing rips off when he transforms it is highly unrealistic and we need to be seeing big green dick.

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