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The Release Date Of “Wonder Woman 1984” Has Been Pushed To Christmas

September 11, 2020 / Posted by:

Anyone who was really looking forward to seeing Kristen Wiig hit the big screen looking like a Petster toy cat that was thrown in the washing machine on a heavy scrub cycle (even though the tag specifically says spot clean ONLY), are going to have to wait just a bit longer. Wonder Woman 1984 feels like it’s going to take 84 years to finally make it to the theaters, because Variety is reporting that the release date has been pushed to Christmas.

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Kristen Wiig As Cheetah In “Wonder Woman 1984” Is Giving Serious “Cats” CGI Flashbacks

August 23, 2020 / Posted by:

The Batman wasn’t the only DC FanDome premiere yesterday that managed to bring the nerdgasms. After Wonder Woman came out in 2017 and became a huge hit, bringing in $821 million worldwide, director Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot re-teamed for the sequel Wonder Woman 1984, which is scheduled to come out on October 2, and the latest trailer may make you want to splatter antibacterial shampoo onto your screen because Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah has a serious case of mange.

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COVID-19 Has Forced Warner Bros. To Delay The Release Of A Bunch Of Movies, Including “Wonder Woman 1984”

June 15, 2020 / Posted by:

If you were hoping to kick off your summer by watching Gal Gadot strut around in some pattern-clashing leftovers from the L.A. Law storage unit sale, I have bad news for you. Your post-quarantine freedom won’t involve running off to the local multiplex and buying a $15 ticket to Wonder Woman 1984. I mean, that’s assuming AMC doesn’t fold and all locations turn into socially-distanced Spirit Halloween outlets. No, it’s not going to happen, because Warner Bros. has pushed the release of several movies, including Wonder Woman 1984.

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The Trailer For “Wonder Woman 1984” Features An Unexpected Object

December 9, 2019 / Posted by:

Here, just in time to ruin James Cameron’s Christmas, is the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984: Quest For The Crystal Butt-Plug starring Gal Gadot. Spoiler alert, Pedro Pascal has it! When he pulled that bad boy out of its cave (1:10), it’s literally the only thing I could think about for the duration of the trailer. In fact, I’m still thinking about it right now, and I’ll continue to think about it until the end of time. However, if Chris Pine’s reappearance as the previously deceased WWI soldier Steve Trevor is any indication, time may be a relative concept in this film. Plus the movie doesn’t come out until next summer, so me and my thoughts about the butt plug I have a long cold winter ahead of us.

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The First Look At “Wonder Woman” Sequel Gives A Spoiler 

June 13, 2018 / Posted by:

Because the folks at Warner Bros. presumably like making money and because last year’s Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot raked in $822 million worldwide, they’re at work on the seque right nowl. The studio released a few first looks of the next movie, and it reveals that we’ll watch Wonder Woman taking to the 1980’s in the film, to be called Wonder Woman 1984. I get that nobody freaks our inner middle schooler out like a George Orwell reference, but I really think they missed an opportunity here by not having Wonder Woman just team up with Julia Sugarbaker to take down that bitch who mocked Suzanne during that “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” episode of the first season of Designing Women. Continue reading


Gal Gadot Intentionally Waited To Respond To James Cameron’s “Wonder Woman” Comments

January 9, 2018 / Posted by:

Wonder Woman was one of the biggest films of 2017; it made almost $822 million worldwide, got mostly good reviews and is locked down for a sequel. But about two months after Wonder Woman’s release, James Cameron decided to verbally crap all over her good time, saying the film wasn’t really the feminist celebration people thought it was.

WW director Patty Jenkins slapped back at James. Gal Gadot kept quit until now. It turns out she was operating under a “Don’t feed the troll” mentality.

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