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James Cameron Says His Pregant Na’vi Warrior In “Avatar: The Way Of Water” Is “The Last Bastion For Female Empowerment”

December 16, 2022 / Posted by:

In addition to the dazzling images on a huge aquamarine screen that James Cameron has promised us, he also promises that Avatar: The Way of Water does more to depict “female empowerment” than “Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel” because one of the blue aliens he made up in his mind is “a female warrior who’s six months pregnant.” OK, James! We see you. Female empowerment hasn’t had a champion this dedicated to the cause since the last time James declared his strong female lead unfuckable. You see, unlike that big-tittied strumpet Wonder Woman, Sarah Connor in The Terminator had “pure grit” where her Double-Ds should be. Back then, James’ brand of feminism earned him an Amazonian pimp slap from across the universe from THEE Ms. Lynda Carter, who said to James, “you poor soul,” “STOP IT.” Now I’m going to need somebody to please go get Lynda her Bracelets of Submission; she’s gonna need them again.

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