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Netflix May Delay Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Docuseries After Former British Prime Minister John Major Complained About “The Crown”

October 18, 2022 / Posted by:

Another day, another appalled British dude who should be sending Netflix a lovely gift basket as a thank-you for casting a relative hottie to play them on The Crown, but is complaining instead. As we know, The Palace’s ass is already puckered over what might be depicted next season as The Crown catches up to more modern events. And now, with the premiere of season five fast approaching, former British PM Sir John Major (played by Jonny Lee Miller) has come out strongly against a plot point that he thinks is going to play out in an upcoming episode involving King Charles III, formerly known as Prince Charles (Dominic West), whining to him that his mom THE QUEEN (Imelda Staunton) won’t abdicate the throne to him. I’m like, Sir, get your priorities straight. Jonny Lee Miller has actual lips! I mean, they’re still British, but they’re there.

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The Palace Is Reportedly Nervous About The Upcoming Season Of “The Crown”

September 27, 2022 / Posted by:

The season five premiere of Netflix’s The Crown is lurking just around the corner (November 9) ready to pop out and scream “OOGITY BOOGITY” at Britain’s new King Charles III which is just wrong given his age and general condition. He can barely tolerate holding a leaky fountain pen without screaming like a little bitch, so imagine what it’s going to be like for him to turn on the telly and see Dominic West’s weathered mug reminding the world that despite the fancy gold hat, he’s just a dude who got caught cheating on his wife. According to Salon, The Firm is nervous that The Crown will be focused on the interviews Charles and Princess Diana gave during that time, instead of on THE QUEEN who most likely spent the greater part of the 1980s and 90s tinkering with THE QUEEN-BOT she sent out to smile and wave while she hid out in the stables waiting for it all blow over.

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Lily James Seemingly Responds To Those Pap Pictures Of Her Kissing Dominic West

February 12, 2022 / Posted by:

A few months after Lily James and married cheating slut Dominic West got papped loving on each other in Rome, The Guardian asked her about the SCANDAL and she only said, “Ach, I’m not really willing to talk about that. There is a lot to say, but not now, I’m afraid.” Well, Lily might be a little less afraid now because, in Rolling Stone’s article about her, they mention the pics right before a quote from Lily about how famous women’s personal lives are treated in the gossip world. And yes, she said this while promoting Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, a show that Pamela Anderson wishes didn’t exist because it’s traumatizing her all over again.

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Dominic West’s Son Will Play Prince William To His Prince Charles In Season 5 Of “The Crown”

November 18, 2021 / Posted by:

Senan West won’t have to dig very deep to play the role of young Prince William in the upcoming fifth season of The Crown. He and William have so much in common! Senan also grew up in a castle (Glin Castle, his mother’s ancestral estate in Ireland) and his parent’s marriage is in shambles. His dad, Dominic West, who will play his TV dad, Prince Charles, is also a cheater. And Senan’s mom, Catherine Fitzgerald, like Princess Diana, dealt with that betrayal by putting on a stiff upper lip and pretending everything is fine. The only difference is Senan’s dad is handsome (on a good day) and cheated with a Hollywood starlet whereas Charles is not and cheated with, how do I put this politely, a handsome woman.

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The Trailer For The Second “Downton Abbey” Movie Has Arrived

November 15, 2021 / Posted by:

The first Downton Abbey movie was the final flick I watched in theatres before the pandemic. The plot was thinner than Rachel Zoe’s client roster circa 2005, but I enjoyed it immensely (thanks edibles!). So I will go see the sequel, Downton Abbey: A New Era, only in theatres on March 18. The trailer was released today, and it looks like fancy fluff. Except, this time, some of the story will be set in a spectacular villa in the south of France. Turns out Maggie Smith’s character boinked a wealthy Frenchman in her youth, and now she’s inherited his mansion. It’s a helpful lesson for young people everywhere: fuck the rich. You never know which one will leave you a villa in their willa!

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Netflix Has Released The First Official Pictures Of Elizabeth Debicki As Princess Diana And Dominic West as Prince Charles

August 17, 2021 / Posted by:

One of the most fun parts of a based-on-real-people television series is to wait with anticipation at how well or how busted the real-life person is translated into the actor playing the character. Usually it’s pretty satisfying. Sometimes magic happens and it’s good in all the wrong ways. When it comes to Netflix’s award-winning series The Crown, you can usually rely on some pretty close copies. However, there was really not much potential for a gasp-making reveal when it came to the character of Season 5’s version of Princess Diana, since Elizabeth Debicki looks like she was made in a Diana factory. But still, Netflix went ahead and gave us the first official look at Elizabeth as Diana. The shock lies in what Dominic West looks like all dressed up as Prince Charles.

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