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Kanye West Calls Out Adidas For Holding “Yeezy Day” Without His Approval

August 3, 2022 / Posted by:

I just learned that every August 2 is “National Ice Cream Sandwich Day” and no one bothered to inform me yesterday so that I could partake; so it pains me that I do now know that Adidas also holds “Yeezy Day” every August 2, due to “Ultimate Stunt QueenKanye West’s latest grown man-trum. TMZ says that while this is “Yeezy Day’s” third year, the almighty Yeezus is claiming that Adidas has never gotten his input about it, so he decided to tear into them for not consulting him and also aired some of his other grievances with the brand–including again accusing them of stealing one of his (hideous) Yeezy designs for a (hideous) pair of Adidas Originals slides.

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Sources Claim Kanye West Is Only With Julia Fox To Piss Off Kim Kardashian

January 10, 2022 / Posted by:

File this in DUH, BITCH! Sources tell Page Six that Kanye West is only dating Julia Fox, to “get under Kim Kardashian‘s skin,” and is a direct response to her dating Pete Davidson. Um… obviously! It’s not even remotely coy–they had an Interview article about a date! Even Kris Jenner knows that’s too obvious. She’ll make one of her uber-rich children go to a got-damn public amusement park before she’ll do a faux-interview about Pete loving Kim’s bodacious ass. She’ll just have them take walks with obvious hickeys on their necks–way more nuanced.

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Kim Kardashian Makes It Clear She’s Not Interested In Getting Back Together With Kanye West

December 14, 2021 / Posted by:

Kim Kardashian is ready to move the fuck on from her marriage to Kanye West. The struggling soon-to-be “legally single mother of 4 didn’t bust her ass studying for “10 hour days, daily 4 hour zooms, [and] in-person practice tests week after week” just to go back to being a housewife. No, ma’am. Despite his embarrassing attempts to woo her back (or because of them, you’d have to ask Kris Jenner), Kim has told the judge in her divorce case that “irreconcilable differences” between her and Kanye have caused their marriage to “irretrievably break down.” So Kim is asking for a bifurcated divorce like the one that was granted to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Kim’s had it! Kim’s practically a lawyer now, Kanye can do his own dishes and laundry from now on. And as such, she can finally afford to have someone come in to help out. And by “help” I mean explain to her what “dishes” and “laundry” are so she can in turn explain them to Kanye. All this time they’ve both just been shedding their gimp suits as they walk through the door and they magically disappear!

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Kanye West Asks Kim Kardashian To Come Back To Him, As His Publicist Is Accused Of Pressuring A Georgia Election Official

December 10, 2021 / Posted by:

Drake and Kanye West‘s “feud” is over and they celebrated with a concert at the Los Angeles Coliseum. But don’t worry, this isn’t some bullshit promotional thing where these two self-obsessed rich men poked at each other publicly just to get some album sales, ticket sales, and merch sales. Perish the thought! This was a benefit concert, which means that someone benefited. Their bank accounts Larry Hoover. But the thing is, while the show was meant to bring attention to freeing Larry, they didn’t really talk about him very much at all. But you know what did happen? Kanye is still desperate to have Kim Kardashian take him back, so he took a moment at the show to tell her once again. That smokescreen is getting headlines today, and what do you know? This morning there’s also a story from Reuters about how failed presidential candidate Kanye’s publicist pressured a Georgia election official to lie about voter fraud.

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Marilyn Manson And Justin Bieber Prayed With Kanye “Ye” West At His Latest “Sunday Service” Concert

November 1, 2021 / Posted by:

I can hardly think of an unholier trinity than The Kardashian Formerly Known as Kanye West, Marilyn Manson, and Justin Bieber, huddled together in prayer and wearing the entire sales rack at Sheets-R-Us, but I guess that’s what passes for church these days. According to Page Six, Ye has resurrected his Sunday Service concerts and at one held yesterday on an undisclosed rooftop somewhere in LA, his new friend Marilyn led a prayer circle. Justin also read a prayer where he thanked God for birds when what he should be praying for is God’s aim when he finally moves on Marilyn. “Lord, give me the strength to step back 10 feet, I’m not trying to get struck by some other dude’s lighting On This Sunday, Amen!

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