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Open Post: Hosted By Britney Spears Wishing Her LGBTQ+ Fans A Happy Pride

June 24, 2020 / Posted by:

Two Britney Spears Open Posts in a row? We’re so Lucky! Thank you, Brit Brit, for generously gifting us with the perfect pandemic-era Instagram account. It’s sexy, sad, hilarious, scary, confusing, thought-provoking, political, and pretty much all the adjectives. But unlike her Queen of Pop foremother/father, Madonna, whose social media antics give me cringe emoji face, the Princess of Pop’s Instagram makes me do kitty cat with heart eyes ft. “awww, God bless her!”

Yesterday Britney Hit Us Baby One More Time with another iconic post. She wished all her fans “at the LGBTQ community” (she totally thinks it’s a building) a Happy Pride Month while wearing a conservative black dress against a blah beige wall (um, this would have been the time to do tits out in front of the famous red background). Her speech was perfect, until she was rudely interrupted by her 26-year-old hot piece, boyfriend Sam Asghari. Continue reading

Thank God! There’s (Maybe) A New “Mamma Mia!” Movie In The Works

June 20, 2020 / Posted by:

Never having seen Mamma Mia 1 or 2, I cannot truly wrap my head around the massive success of a movie about a hippie Meryl Streep running through the streets of Greece with Christine Baranski and a daughter who doesn’t know who her father is. Oh, and then Cher shows up out of nowhere. And then the hot guy on the jet ski…and then it’s over? (I took a break, mid-sentence, to watch both trailers and now I’m fully up to speed). Well, strap in gays and girls because after the first movie made more than $600 million worldwide, and the second one made $395 million worldwide, some genius decided that it might be worth it to make another one. Cut to Cher unplugging her landline telephone and adding “CAN’T. TOO BUSY” to every date in her 2021-2022 calendar.

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SpongeBob SquarePants May Have Finally Come Out As Gay

June 14, 2020 / Posted by:

Every June, corporations come out in support of Pride Month by slapping some rainbow graphic on their IG page, or posting an image of two hunky white dads in button-downs, sitting on a sofa laughing at something on their shared iPad, and then they’re like: “okay done!” In the grand scheme of things, these “love is love” messages were once nice gestures but have since become laughably transparent. Home Depot is like, “we’re here for you––all year round”. That’s great, but my gay ass isn’t walking into the lumber department wearing my daisy dukes and a flannel shirt tied around my waist and NOT expecting to be laughed at.

And then, some corporations go the EXTRA mile. Case in point: Nickelodeon recently offered their version of a Pride Month tweet by seemingly outing SpongeBob SquarePants. I mean, it does look like he has balls on his chin. But needless to say, some people have….thoughts.

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“Lady G” Is Trending On Twitter––And It Has Nothing To Do With Lady Gaga

June 6, 2020 / Posted by:

Well, well, well. what do you know, an anti-LGBTQ+ politician may soon get caught with his pants down and his butt covered with lube. Your wig probably just blew off with shock like Lindsey Graham’s during an (~alleged~) rough session. A very generous and giving gay porn star (is there any better kind?) is making claims that while Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham votes against LGBTQ+ rights, he sexes up on gay male escorts.

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Grindr To Remove Ethnicity Filters In An Effort To Fight Racial Discrimination

June 2, 2020 / Posted by:

In case you didn’t know, the gay hookup app Grindr can be a hotbed of racist activity. I myself have had guys tell me they don’t date black guys, and once a guy called me “Mexican.” And I live in Canada where racism allegedly doesn’t exist! So you get the picture. With all the racial tensions right now going on across America and the world, Grindr has decided to do something about racism on its platform. And so it’s going to remove race and ethnicity filters from the app.

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Entertainment Weekly Released Their Pride Cover, And People Have Opinions

May 14, 2020 / Posted by:

June is right around the corner, and ya know what that means… Pride Month! Unfortunately for the LGBTQ+ community, many Pride celebrations have been canceled because of this party pooper (possibly homophobic?) pandemic. So Entertainment Weekly thought they’d cheer us all up by releasing a sneak peek of their upcoming Pride cover!

And it is SOMETHING… Continue reading

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