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A Gay “Golden Girls” Could Be Coming Soon

June 15, 2017 / Posted by:

Yes, I know that’s redundant since The Golden Girls is really gay. But I’m talking about a version of the Golden Girls starring gay men, and no, it’s not called Golden Gays. It’s called Silver Foxes. I can already see Anderson Cooper rolling his eyeballs over them stealing his nickname!

As HuffPo points out, the producing and writing team of James Berg and Stan Zimmerman, who wrote episodes of The Golden Girls and Roseanne as well as A Very Brady Sequel, were on the podcast Party Foul Radio with Pollo & Pearl to talk about stuff. James and Stan said that after watching the documentary Before You Know It, which is about the struggles of elder-gays, they got the idea to do a show about four older gay men. So they wrote the pilot for Silver Foxes and last year they did a table reading of the script with George Takei, Bruce Vilanch, Leslie Jordan, Todd Sherry, Cheri Oteri and more!

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The Live-Action “Beauty And The Beast” Will Have Disney’s First “Exclusively Gay Moment” In It

March 1, 2017 / Posted by:

Nearly every Disney fairy tale movie is one long “exclusively gay moment” and that’s why I love many of them, but what I mean by that headline is that the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie has a gay character in it. And that gay character gets the swoons over another character. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t end with the curse not being broken because Belle is really a lesbian objectophile who runs off with the hot feather duster instead of getting with The Beast. A different character is gay. (Side note – When I die, please make sure my tombstone reads: He lived every exclusively gay moment like it was exclusively his last)

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Luke Skywalker Might Be Gay… If You Think He Is

March 6, 2016 / Posted by:

In a galaxy far, far a gay, I mean away, there was a hero. A young man who faced his darkest fears and changed the fate of the worlds. And maybe kissed on men. If that’s what you want to believe. Mark Hamill, the actor that plays Luke Skywalker – I’m clarifying because there is a shocking number of people that have not seen Star Wars – has said that if people want to think that Luke is gay, then they should raise a rainbow flag, because he is. To them.

Mark spoke to The Sun (via NY Post) and said, “fans are writing and asking all these questions: ‘I’m bullied in school . . . I’m afraid to come out.’ They say to me: ‘Could Luke be gay?’ I’d say it is meant to be interpreted by the viewer. If you think Luke is gay, of course he is. You should not be ashamed of it. Judge Luke by his character, not by who he loves.” Honestly, kudos to him. The character arc for Luke doesn’t hinge on him being gay or not, so it’s not brought up and there was no romantic storyline for him either. This is a pretty classy way of addressing something that clearly means a lot to a lot of people as well as going with the flow of the more diversified world of Star Wars.

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Mickey Rourke Is Not About Manny Pacquiao’s Anti-Gay Comments

February 22, 2016 / Posted by:

Even though boxer Manny Pacquiao shat up a non-apology for saying that gays are “worse than animals,” he continued to double down on his comments by Instagramming Bible scriptures that say gay dudes getting caught doing gay sex should be murdered. While some of us patiently wait to hear the news that Manny P was caught tap-dancing in a men’s public bathroom somewhere, Loki’s human and champion boxer (Um, don’t give me that look, even if he used his wallet to win it, he still won it!)  Mickey Rourke gave his thoughts about that shit. TMZ caught the Panty Creamer Hall of Famer outside of The Nice Guy in West Hollywood on Friday night and asked him about Manny P’s words. Mickey shat on Manny P’s comments and pretty much quoted notable philosopher Honey Boo Boo when he said he’s a little gay himself. (Cut to Little Gay from The Soup poking out of Mickey’s gorgeous wig while waving.)

Here’s what Mickey said about Manny’s comments while dressed like an extra fancy gay hair dresser from Wild Wild West times:

“I think they were wrong and out of place and I think that we all got to watch what we say. You know, that was from the Old Testament, he was quoting, so you got to give him a little bit of room. But I got a lot of gay friends. I’m a little bit gay myself.”

And to show he’s a “little gay,” Mickey kissed on another dude in front of the paps.

Manny P is probably not going to respond to Mickey, but I’d like to see him try to snatch the wig cemented onto the hot piece of salmon jerky’s head. It’s impossible. Mickey came prepared by using Gorilla Glue, Super Glue, Krazy Glue, Elmer’s Glue, four different rubber cement brands and chameleon saliva to keep his hot wig from leaving his head.


A high-powered winch, a crane clamp and a hungry eagle couldn’t yank off that wig. Mickey stays winning!

And here’s more of Mickey working that “butch Cinderella’s stepmother” lace front outside of  The Nice Guy and at the premiere of Triple 9 with Norman Reedus.

Pics:, Splash

Colton Haynes Came Out…Maybe

January 4, 2016 / Posted by:

A few years ago when he was on MTV’s Teen Wolf, Colton Haynes’ lawyer tried to scrub the Internet of the pictures of him getting into some twink-on-twink action for the now dead gay magazine XY. Colton Haynes’ team didn’t want the innocent eyes of the children tainted by the images of him doing gay stuff! Well, those days are gone and Colton Haynes may or may not have subtly come out.

On Saturday, Tumblr user pornandmariah (ha) declared how excited they were about discovering Colton Haynes’ secret gay past. Colton read pornandmariah’s post and answered by saying that his gay past was never on the shush:


Colton also tweeted this:

When I read the headlines this past weekend about Colton Haynes of Arrowcoming out,” I expected to see video of him yodeling at the top of his lungs about his undying love for dick while waving a rainbow flag as he rode on a hoverboard down Santa Monica Blvd. I was ready to wish him a Happy New Queer, but his response and tweet are pretty coy. Maybe by “Was it a secret?” he was referring to his gay twink spread in XY? Maybe by “No fear this year” he meant that he’s the new face of No Fear (Is that shit still around?). It’s times like these when I really need a Rosetta Stone emoji edition. Because maybe all of his emojis translate into: “Yay! I love peen!”

And here’s Colton Haynes in Miami on New Year’s Eve Day:

Pics: Splash


Thanks To 50 Cent, I Now Have The Image Of Vivica Fox Tossing Salad In My Head

November 9, 2015 / Posted by:

I really didn’t think I was going to start my week with my brain farting up the picture of Vivica Fox sticking her tongue in 50 Cent’s wrinkled coin purse, but here we are.

The talk of 50 Cent’s ass getting itself a face full of Vivica started when she was on Watch What Happens Live last night. Andy Cohen brought up 50 Cent reposting an Instagram post that blamed Empire’s season 2 ratings dip on too much “extra gay stuff.” Anybody who has heard the rumors that 50 Cent loves some dick in his candy shop threw a level 10 side-eye at that move. Well, Vivica, who plays Cookie’s other sister Biscuit (I made that name up) on Empire this season, thought that was a good time to bring out the old rumors that her ex loves peen. Vivica basically said that 50 thinking that Empire is “too gay” is the dick-loving pot calling the dick-loving kettle a dick lover.

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