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Amanda Seyfried Is Working On A Musical Adaptation Of “Thelma & Louise” With Even Rachel Wood Possibly Riding Shotgun

January 13, 2023 / Posted by:

Mamma Mia! Just when Amanda Seyfried’s career was picking up speed, she’s about to drive that shit right off a cliff. And she might be taking Evan Rachel Wood down with her. Because according to Variety, the new musical that Amanda was so “deep in the process of creating” that she couldn’t make it accept her Golden Globe for The Dropout is a musical adaptation of Thelma & Louise.

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Marilyn Manson Is Suing Evan Rachel Wood For Fraud, Defamation, And Conspiracy

March 3, 2022 / Posted by:

Evan Rachel Wood has spoken publicly about being a victim of domestic and sexual abuse at the hands of a former partner (she took her story all the way to a House Judiciary Committee in 2018, in an effort to help get a sexual assault survivor’s bill passed). And last year, she named said abuser as Marilyn Manson, with who she was with from 2006 to 2010. Many women have also come forward and accused Marilyn Manson (real name: Brian Warner) of several forms of abuse. Just four months ago, police raided his house after receiving a warrant in an ongoing sexual assault investigation. So it’s enough evidence to make skeptics think, “Yeah, that’s not good” and believers say, “Oh, he totally did that shit.” But Marilyn is still claiming innocence and is suing Evan Rachel Wood for allegedly cooking up false allegations against him.

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Evan Rachel Wood Flips Off Marilyn Manson After He Made An Appearance At Kanye West’s Listening Event

August 31, 2021 / Posted by:

The rollout for the release of Kanye West’s tenth studio album Donda was messier and longer than the diarrhea stream a Kardashian lets out after her bi-weekly CoolSculpting session. But I guess all those eye roll-worthy stunts that Kanye pulled paid off because Donda set new records on Apple Music including hitting #1 in 152 countries and racking up 60 million streams in the U.S. in 24 hours. Well, it’s totally safe to say that zero of those streams came from Evan Rachel Wood who gave a concise review of Kanye putting a spotlight on her alleged abuser, Marilyn Manson. It’s also safe to say that a huge chunk of those streams came from Soulja Boy listening to the album over and over again to make sure that Kanye really cut him from it. And at least one stream came from Kim Kardashian who listened to it with the volume all the way down. “Us too,” said everyone.

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Esmé Bianco Is Suing Marilyn Manson For Sexual Assault And Sex Trafficking

April 30, 2021 / Posted by:

Back in February, more than a dozen women came forward and accused Marilyn Manson of a whole lot of terrible things, including physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse… all the abuses, really. Guy is (allegedly… eye roll) a real piece of shit, and his label, talent agency, and TV shows all dropped himEvan Rachel Wood was the first to publicly call out Marilyn, and Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco followed suit a couple of weeks later. She gave an in-depth interview to New York magazine and said Marilyn was an abusive monster who left her with physical scars and PTSD. Now Esmé is suing Marilyn and his former manager, Tony Ciulla, for sexual assault, sexual battery, and sex trafficking.

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“Games Of Thrones” Actress Esme Bianco Accuses Marilyn Manson Of Abuse

February 12, 2021 / Posted by:

OK, first off… I did not want to subject your eyes or my eyes to another photo of that alleged abuser Marilyn Manson. Secondly, once again, things are about to get gross and horrifying. Here we go! British actress and burlesque performer Esme Bianco, best known for her role as Ros in Game of Thrones, has bravely accused MM of abuse in an interview with New York Magazine. Esme says their relationship left her with both physical scars and PTSD and called MM “monster who almost destroyed me and almost destroyed so many women.”

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Some Alleged Text Messages Sent By Marilyn Manson Were Posted To The Internet, In Which He Dragged Lana Del Rey’s Body

February 8, 2021 / Posted by:

It’s another day in Marilyn Manson’s reputational downfall, and today we can all calm that twisty crampy feeling in our stomachs because for once we’re not reporting about what an abusive, awful creep he allegedly is. Today we’re talking about how Marilyn Manson allegedly directing some unfiltered body-shaming hate towards his former friend Lana Del Rey.

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