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Kid Cudi Ended His Set At Rolling Loud Early After Kanye West Fans Threw Water Bottles At Him (And Yes, Kanye Made An Appearance At The Festival Too)

July 23, 2022 / Posted by:

The messiness between mess maestro Kanye West and Kid Cudi made its way to the Rolling Loud Miami music festival last night when Kanye fans pulled a move straight out of their idol’s playbook by throwing a hissy fit. Kanye West was announced as the original headliner of Rolling Loud Miami but just a week ago, Kanye did what he did to Coachella and dropped out at the last minute. Kid Cudi stepped into the open headlining slot, and that caused some Kanye fans to demand a refund. Well, I guess they didn’t get that refund and woke up yesterday and chose violence (literally). Because Kid Cudi was forced to hit the QUIT THIS BITCH button on his set early after Kanye fans kept throwing and hitting him with water bottles. And around the same time that Kid Cudi was run off the stage by assholes, the STUNT QUEEN of destruction himself, Kanye West, made a surprise appearance on a different stage at Rolling Loud.

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Kid Cudi Calls Kanye West A “Dinosaur” After Getting Cut From “Donda 2” For Being Friends With Pete Davidson

February 13, 2022 / Posted by:

It looks like Kanye West’s marketing angle for his next album Donda 2 is to get attention by acting like a 2-year-old brat throwing a tantrum and screaming at everyone over his favorite rattle going missing (only to find out later that he’s been holding his favorite rattle in his hand the whole time). Because fresh off from starting a one-sided fight with Billie Eilish over for something she didn’t do, Kanye has now made an enemy out of his friend and collaborator (correction: EX friend and EX collaborator) Kid Cudi and all because Cudi is friends with “you know who.” At this point, “you know who” could be anyone since Kanye is burning bridges left and right, but he’s talking about his estranged wife Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson. And Cudi slapped back, calling Kanye a “dinosaur.” And because of that, I’m sure Barney is going to file a defamation lawsuit against Kid Cudi for that hurtful comparison.

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Open Post: Hosted By Kid Cudi Looking To Hire A Professional Blunt Roller

August 18, 2021 / Posted by:

Complex says that a new job has become available, but you won’t find it on LinkedIn. Kid Cudi has taken to Twitter to post a new job opening on his staff. It’s an assistant of sorts but you’d be tasked with assisting with one thing in particular: getting Kid Cudi stoned AF! He’s looking for a professional blunt roller to help him with his day-to-day marijuana rolling. I mean… with this job market, why do we even have college anymore? Although to be fair, I did learn how to roll a joint in college… So I guess the classes just need an update. Time for Blunt Rolling 101![/caption]

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Open Post: Hosted By Kid Cudi’s Floral Dress Tribute To Kurt Cobain On “Saturday Night Live”

April 11, 2021 / Posted by:

During his performance of Sad People on Saturday Night Live last night, Kid Cudi wore a pretty little floral dress and some may have thought that he was paying tribute to every girl named Becca who wore a Jessica McClintock dress like that with jellies to an Easter party in the 80s. But Kid Cudi was actually paying tribute to Kurt Cobain and it wasn’t his only tribute of the night.

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Lorde Thinks Kanye West And Kid Cudi Stole Her Floating Stage Idea

November 13, 2018 / Posted by:

Regardless of whether she is or isn’t a member of Taylor Swift’s girl squad, Lorde is probably going to get a call from Big T herself today. Because I’m sure the thought of helping Lorde prove that genius Kanye West isn’t as original and creative as he thinks he is has really put some pep in Taylor’s slither. Lorde has performed in a floating glass box, and so has Kanye and Kid Cudi. But according to Lorde, she did it first and Kanye and Kid are blatant copycats.

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Kanye West Is About To Drop Two New Albums

April 20, 2018 / Posted by:

Back in March Kanye West was spotted in Jackson Hole (Wyoming, you pervs) with a bunch of celebrities that led many to believe he was either starting a cult or working on new music. Unfortunately, it’s not a cult. Kanye will be unleashing his Yeezinesss all over us with two new releases slated for June.

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