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Love WINS! Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are “Officially Back On”

April 8, 2023 / Posted by:

This weekend is a holy time for many people. Thousands around the world come together to celebrate the resurrection of something considered long dead and rejoice in the knowledge that miracles are possible. That’s right. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox‘s relationship has risen from the dead and is stronger than ever! It’s time to spread the good word that, against all odds, love between two attention-seeking celebrities CAN survive.

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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Were Seen Vacationing In Hawaii Together Amid Break Up Rumors

April 4, 2023 / Posted by:

Like an old carton of milk in the back of your refrigerator, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship seems way past its expiration date, and they’ve only been together for two years. And in that two years, they’ve squeezed in an engagement, a blood ritual, cheating rumors, and daily couples counseling. That must be one gifted relationship counselor they’ve been seeing cause Megan and MGK were spotted together on a Hawaiian getaway right after it was rumored that they were on a “break.” Well, true love does always prevail.

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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Reportedly “On A Break”

March 22, 2023 / Posted by:

Today in NO SHIT, SHERLOCK, a source tells Us Weekly that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are officially “on a break”. This earth-shattering news comes ten days after Megan showed up to the Vanity Fair Oscar party sans engagement ring and five weeks after she took to Instagram to imply that Machine Gun cheated and they were through. The insider adds that the couple has pressed pause on their wedding plans.

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Megan Fox Hung Out With Noah Centineo At The Vanity Fair Oscar Party, And Friends Say She And Machine Gun Kelly Are “Likely Over”

March 15, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s been over a month since Megan Fox hinted she dumped Machine Gun Kelly for cheating and then deleted her Instagram. Since then, the two have reportedly been trying to save their relationship with daily Zoom therapy sessions. Megan also denied her own implication that MGK cheated. But, at Sunday night’s Vanity Fair Oscar party, 36-year-old Megan showed up sans fiancé, sans engagement ring, and avec freshly dyed red hair that makes her look like a yassified Lindsay Lohan and absolutely screams, “I’m going through a break-up!” Continue reading

“Blonde” Named Worst Picture At The Razzies

March 12, 2023 / Posted by:

It’s OSCUH Day!! Who is going to be crowned prom king and queen of Hollywood? We only have a scant few hours to find out. In the meantime, the Academy Awards’ ugly sister the Razzies has already taken place, so we finally know who got the pig’s blood dropped on them. And the winner is…Blonde! I wonder if Ana de Armas and the film crew told Marilyn Monroe’s grave that they were getting her blessing for making the worst film of 2022.

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Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Are Reportedly Doing Daily Therapy Sessions On Zoom To Save Their Relationship

March 1, 2023 / Posted by:

Megan Fox continued the theatrics of her and Machine Gun Kelly‘s relationship by deleting her Instagram after posting some cryptic posts that probably were about MGK slipping his crotch BB gun to somebody else. Megan then doubled down on the theatrics by whiplashing in the other direction and swore they were no cheating of any kind. Welp, now the couple is reportedly still trying to make it work, and that involves counseling. I think counseling is definitely needed here, but not the couples’ variety–both should get their needs for attention looked into.

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