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The “Don’t Worry Darling” Drama Continued At Its Venice Film Festival Premiere

September 6, 2022 / Posted by:

…And then there was one. Gemma Chan is the golden angel floating high above the smoldering embers of the Don’t Worry Darling Express which flew off the tracks in some suburban desert near Bakersfield and somehow landed, still ablaze and spewing toxic fumes, all the way in Chris Pine’s lap at the film’s Venice Film Festival premiere. Gemma probably slept like a baby last night as her costars Chris, Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, and Nick Kroll, and her director Olivia Wilde were still stumbling around the wreckage in a daze with Olivia looking for Harry, Harry looking for a clue, Nick looking for chapstick, Chris still looking for his sunglasses and Miss Flo looking for a refill on her Aperol Spritz. Somebody call 311, there’s been a beautiful disaster!

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Open Post: Hosted By Madonna French Kissing Two Women On Her Italian Birthday Vacation

August 17, 2022 / Posted by:

Madonna has a love(s the attention)/hate(s the rules) relationship with Instagram (and it seems that they’ve kind of had it with her); but while she’s cried censorship more than once during her tenure on the platform, she’s still a frequent poster. This week, in which lies the day of her sacred birth 64 years ago, she’s Expressed Herself (along with her continued need for attention and to be cool with the kids) aplenty. Madge, her kids, and some of her friends are vacationing in Italy to celebrate the births of both her and her son, Rocco Ritchie. Apparently, Madonna is still tonguing ladies to get the people talking, as she posted a video on Instagram of her raucous evening.

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Lady Gaga Is In “Early Talks” To Play Harley Quinn In “Joker 2,” Which Is Going To Be A Musical

June 14, 2022 / Posted by:

Seen above making the same “Say the fuck what?” face I made when reading that Joaquin Phoenix will mumble yodel as the Joker, Lady Gaga is probably going to play a singing Harley Quinn in the Joker sequel that will apparently be a musical. So prepare your nerves for Joker 2: Incelectric Singaloo. So since the first Joker movie was director Todd Phillips’ comic book-ized Taxi Driver, then I’m guessing Joker 2 will be his comic book-ized New York, New York. That means we could see Lady Gaga as Liza Minnelli as Harley Quinn. That’s what Gaga really meant when she said, “I got you” to Liza at the Oscars. That shady trick!

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Open Post: Hosted By The Woman At The Airport In A Mask And A Bikini

September 6, 2021 / Posted by:

Coronavirus is not a tan, it’s not caught through an evenly displayed amount of bare skin. And one intelligent woman clearly knows her infectious viruses. The New York Post says that a traveler was snapped at the airport with a mask on for safety and a bikini on for… something? Maybe she had a pool party to get to upon landing, or just came from one? And with that mask covering her face from COVID-19 and the Delta variant, she’s got more chance of staying on her flight than the likes of Chris Kattan.

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Open Post: Hosted By This Hijinks-Filled Disaster Movie

April 7, 2020 / Posted by:

A lot can happen in the span of one minute. Even during a quarantine, drastic things have gone down at this Studio 6 hotel (Motel 6’s fancy cousin). Someone set off a fire alarm or triggered the wrong sprinkler system or something, because the hotel went full Titanic with water sloshing out of the rooms. But that’s not all, the video also has a dramatic escape and emotional loss. It has it all!

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Stacey Dash Pleaded Not Guilty To Domestic Battery And Her Husband Bailed Her Out

October 2, 2019 / Posted by:

In the audio recording of Stacey Dash’s arrest for alleged domestic violence, she had clearly had enough of her husband Jeffrey Marty’s “disrespectful, awful children” who she claimed were conspiring against her. It’s a classic wicked stepmother thing to say, it’s no wonder there was friction in the household. Still, despite Stacey calling his kids’ names, Jeffrey paid her bail and she was released on Monday, according to People.

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