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Stacey Dash Posted A Tear-Filled Video After Just Learning That DMX Died A Year Ago

September 1, 2022 / Posted by:

Someone needs to update Stacey Dash, on a FEW THINGS, but especially on celebrity deaths, it seems. Stacey (or at least they tell me that’s Stacey Dash in the screen shots above) was absolutely SHOCKED to learn that rapper DMX tragically died of an overdose a year ago at age 50. Stacey learned the news the way people learn most things nowadays, through TikTok, and she decided to make a whole video about how she didn’t know he died. The hashtag “RIP” on a DMX song sent Stacey into a tailspin and she posted a crying video on Instagram. I guess Stacey is just lucky she learned of DMX’s death from a TikTok and not when his hologram inevitably goes on tour–that would have taken her OUT!

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Stacey Dash, Lamar Odom, And NeNe Leakes Are Set To Appear In The BET Reality Show, “College Hill: Celebrity Edition”

March 15, 2022 / Posted by:

BET is rebooting the reality show College Hill, which originally aired from 2004 to 2009. The original series followed students attending historically Black colleges, but the 2022 version will feature a bunch of random famous people living together at Houston’s Texas Southern University. College Hill: Celebrity Edition will star Stacey Dash, Lamar Odom, NeNe Leakes, Big Freedia, India Love, DreamDoll, and Slim Thug. That’s two Kardashian exes, a Real Housewife, and a (former, allegedly) MAGA worshipper. Methinks Big Freedia is gonna spend most of her time at the library “studying” (getting some goddamn peace and quiet).

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Stacey Dash Is Sorry For The Offensive Shit She’s Said And Is No Longer A Trump Supporter

March 11, 2021 / Posted by:

Well, I guess the MAGAs can no longer count Stacey Dash as their “black friend.” Because she has retired her MAGA hat. Stacey worked as a commentator for Fox News from 2014 until they fired her in 2017. The irony is that 2017 Stacey Dash may have been too crazy for Fox News, but now she’d look like one of the tame ones. And Stacey knows it! Stacey did an interview with DailyMailTV and said that the attack on the Capitol was a turning point for her and she doesn’t want to be cast as the “angry, conservative, Black woman.” The internet has reacted accordingly and I’m so happy about it.

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Stacey Dash Says Her Recent Domestic Abuse Arrest Is Normal Married Couple Stuff

October 8, 2019 / Posted by:

Stacey Dash is claiming that her recent time in the clink for domestic battery was a result of a “martial spat that escalated” and it happens to normal couples…Huh?!…I know Stacey lives in Florida land of horny alligators and home to Michael Lohan and Crystal Methheneny so there’s a conflated sense of normal, but let’s be real clear that getting arrested for domestic violence and claiming that children are conspiring against you is never normal couple shit. Even in Florida. Even in Central Florida.

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The Domestic Battery Charge Against Stacey Dash Has Been Dropped

October 6, 2019 / Posted by:

Former Fox News commentator Stacey Dash (aka “the black girl” to the not-so-dearly-departed Fox News CEO Roger Ailes despite being booked as a white woman) found herself on the wrong side of the law last week when she was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. Luckily for her, Stacey is now free to eventually star in a dinner theatre production of Clueless as the charge against her has been dropped.

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