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Sydney Sweeney Defends Herself Against The Backlash Over Her Mom’s Birthday Party Photos

August 28, 2022 / Posted by:

Sydney Sweeney is in hot water. No, it’s not for saying something about practically being a POOR. This time it’s because of some Instagram pictures from her mom’s 60th birthday bash. While 60-year-olds can still get down, the pictures aren’t the typical drunken party photos that starlets and Finnish prime ministers get in trouble for. The images in question feature MAGA-like hats and a Blue Lives Matter t-shirt.

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A CEO Went Viral For Posting A Crying Selfie To LinkedIn After Laying Off Employees

August 11, 2022 / Posted by:

Braden Wallake is the CEO of HyperSocial, a marketing services firm in Columbus, Ohio. Mashable reports that recently, Braden laid off a few of his employees. This made him sad. So sad that he actually shed tears. But it’s what Braden did next that made him go viral: he posted a crying selfie on LinkedIn and wrote about how guilty he felt: “Days like today, I wish I was a business owner that was only money driven and didn’t care about who he hurt along the way. But I’m not.” Braden says that he just wants people to see that not every CEO is cold-hearted. Exactly! Some are emotionally manipulative doofuses who get off on playing the victim.

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Hilaria Baldwin Announces That She’s Taking A Social Media Break

March 5, 2022 / Posted by:

There comes a time in every attention whore’s life when they announce that they’ve decided to quit social media in an effort to do some self-reflecting and find inner peace. Chrissy Teigen has done it, Kanye West has done it (more than once), Alec Baldwin has done it, so we all know that leaving Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram is the key to becoming a better person. Now Hilaria Baldwin joins the ranks of the “I quit this bitch” and has declared her temporary departure from social media. Godspeed, sweet princessa!

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BREAKING: Chrissy Teigen Discovered That You Can Wear Comfortable Clothes All The Time

January 30, 2022 / Posted by:

After completing what appears to be a successful brow transplant, Chrissy Teigen is back to overshare her latest groundbreaking transformation. May I shock you? She’s getting rid of high heels. Yes, Ms. Teigen announced on Instagram that she will be throwing away her collection of heels as they are a sexist symbol designed to entertain the male gaze and to wear them would be implicitly supporting the patriarchy. Kidding! She just realized she can actually wear comfortable shoes more often.

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Adele’s Instagram Password Got Taken Away After She Posted A Certain Picture

December 6, 2021 / Posted by:

Remember last year when, out of nowhere, Adele’s Instagram account threw up a picture of herself in a Jamaican flag bikini top and her hair in Bantu knots, all in celebration of the Notting Hill Carnival, and the internet asked, “Who is running Adele’s Instagram page???“. As it turns out, the answer is that it was probably Adele running it at the time. But she doesn’t run it anymore, thanks to a one-time picture post that had her people frantically scrambling to think of a new password and lock her out.

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Aaron Sorkin Hopes People Will Pay Less Attention To What Twitter Has To Say After Watching “Being The Ricardos”

December 4, 2021 / Posted by:

After the internet saw the trailers for Being The Ricardos, Aaron Sorkin’s movie about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s marriage woes during the Red Scare, many dragged it, especially Nicole Kidman’s Lucy. But if Debra Messing sent Aaron Sorkin her picture and resume and let him know that she’s available for reshoots, he definitely tossed her picture and resume to the side. Because Aaron, who has defended his casting decisions before, has some THOUGHTS about the online backlash. Looks like Twitter is less Sorkin’s The Social Network and more Sorkin’s Enemy of the State!

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