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Post Malone Wants Everyone To Know His Recent Weight Loss Is From Healthy Living And “Dad Life” And Not Because Of Drugs

April 28, 2023 / Posted by:

Post Malone is nearing the homestretch of his global Twelve Carat Tour, and ever since it began in September 2022, he’s been noticeably shrinking. A few months ago, his dad spoke up to assure fans that they didn’t need to be worried about Post because he’d just been making healthier choices, and the weight loss was not due to illness or drug addiction. But that must not have been enough to quell the chatter because Post himself just made a post of his own to once again let everyone know he’s NOT doing drugs, and he’s just made a conscious effort to improve his health so he can be around longer for his daughter. Not once mentioned? Ozempic. Kyle Richards approves of this message!

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Post Malone’s Weight Loss Is Reportedly From Diet And Exercise, Not Sickness Or Addiction; And He Drank Beer From A Fan’s Sneaker At A Recent Show

February 8, 2023 / Posted by:

Post Malone is just wrapping up the Australian leg of his tour, and apparently, fans have been concerned about his health and physical appearance. I mean, haven’t we all seen him at some point and been a little concerned about his health and physical appearance choices? He looks like his entire body is covered in scuzzy Band-aid glue. But the worry this time wasn’t because of–broadly gestures at his entire person–it was because some of his bizarre movement choices and noticeable weight loss have led people to believe he may be in the throes of serious illness or drug addiction. This isn’t even the first time he’s had to shoot down rumors about drug problems, but sources and Post’s own dad say he’s healthier than ever right now, and everyone can relax. And in a display to probably prove he’s not gone totally soft, Post drank beer out of a fan’s shoe mid-performance the other night.

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Post Malone Injured Himself Onstage (Again)

October 21, 2022 / Posted by:

I realize that tatted-up hip-hop cherub Post Malone likes to charm fans with his down to Earth swag and hype man antics, but if he doesn’t learn how to maneuver a stage soon, he’s going to end up killing himself. Post has a history of getting just a little too hyped and injuring parts of his body, and during a recent stop on his Twelve Carat Tour at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Post has once again become the poster boy for accidental injuries when he twisted his ankle, yet still kept the party going.

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Post Malone Says He’s Going To Be A “Hot Dad”

June 2, 2022 / Posted by:

Last month, Post Malone announced that he’s expecting his first baby with his girlfriend, who so far has remained unnamed and mysterious. But, he has been pretty open about his own journey into impending parenthood. According to a recent interview, Post seems to fancy himself a future DILF, and I’m guessing that his interpretation of the acronym is the traditional “Dad I’d Like to Fuck,” differing from mine when I think of him, which is “Dad I’d Like to Febreze.”

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Gen Z And Justin Bieber Have Helped Crocs’ Stock More Than Double

May 6, 2021 / Posted by:

Well Gen Z has finally found a way to make me side with the Boomers on something, CBC reports that Crocs have made a comeback. The hideous foam shoe which I accept on people in high-stress fields where they walk around a lot and spend time on their feet but almost no one else, has seen a surge in popularity during the pandemic and stock prices have more than doubled. Screw Bitcoin and NFTs, time to invest in Crocs!

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Post Malone Would Like You To Know That He Is NOT On Drugs

March 7, 2020 / Posted by:

Here’s a novel concept: when you begin to stumble around in public, slurring your speech and falling down for no apparent reason, and just generally acting a (bigger) fool, people are going to take note. And they may even reach out with wild theories and unfounded diagnoses. Well, if you happen to be one of those people, Post Malone would like to talk to you.

24-year-old Post, who looks like the human equivalent of a broken, beer-soaked Etch-a-Sketch, recently lit up the internet after a series of concert performances where he exhibits all of the above behavior. And concertgoers, with video phones at the ready, have been trying to stage an intervention by circulating clips in the hopes that Post will notice. And notice, he did.

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