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Whoopi Goldberg Apologized After Rehashing Her Previous Controversial Holocaust Comments

December 28, 2022 / Posted by:

At the dawn of 2022, Whoopi Goldberg started her year by catching a ton of well-deserved flack for arguing on The View that the Holocaust wasn’t about race–because she didn’t consider “Jewish” a race– but it was actually just about “how people treat each other.” And after a tsunami of eye-rolls, she embarked on a weak apology tour. Although one would think that her largest takeaway from that whole experience is that she should never open her raspy mouth-hole about the Holocaust again, she did. But while Whoopi’s comments in a recent interview looked like she was back on her “Jewish isn’t a race/the Holocaust was white on white crime” bullshit, she issued another apology and said she was only reflecting on her thought process when she made the original controversial comments.

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Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Are Getting Dragged For Their PDA At Someone Else’s Wedding

November 15, 2021 / Posted by:

I am so glad to hear that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker haven’t deviated from their unwavering aesthetic, which is of course: the absolute horniest adults in the room. Guests at a recent wedding got to experience such libido-based theatrics, when Kourtney and her fiancé Travis walked in and silently announced that the show was now all about them, so pull up a seat, and maybe grab a plastic poncho if you’re seated in the splash zone. Naturally, lots of people thought it was highly inappropriate for Kourtney and Travis to turn that wedding venue into their own personal rec room couch.

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Lana Del Rey Thinks Donald Trump’s Presidency Had To Happen To Expose Earth’s Narcissism Problem

January 12, 2021 / Posted by:

It’s time for yet another episode of Poor Lana Del Rey’s Publicist, in which we all collectively feel really bad for Lana Del Rey’s publicist, aka the person who gets the biggest headache whenever Lana opens her mouth. Yesterday, it was all about Lana’s explanation for why the cover of her latest album, Chemtrails over the Country Club, looked so white. Now she’s talking about Donald Trump, a conversation topic she’s covered before, mostly when she’s been defending herself against accusations that she’s secretly a MAGA. But this time, Lana is giving Trump credit where she believes credit is due, which is his tireless efforts in narcissism awareness.

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Several Musicians Are Demanding Politicians Ask Permission First Before Using Their Songs At Campaign Rallies

July 28, 2020 / Posted by:

Anyone who has ever sat through a high school student council assembly can tell you that music is a big part of the political campaign experience. How else would I know that the 11th-grade student running for student council treasurer was willing to work all day without Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” blasting through the gymnasium’s speaker system? It’s the same reason why higher-profile politicians will pumping high-energy tunes at their rallies. It gets the people all excited for policy discussions and audience Q&A. The only problem is, some musicians don’t want their music associated with certain politicians. Like Rihanna with Donald Trump. Or R.E.M with Donald Trump. Or Pharrell Williams with Donald Trump. Or Ozzy Osbourne with Donald Trump. I’m sure I’m missing about 200 more examples involving Donald Trump, but you get the picture.

The point here is, there’s a whole lot of entertainers who would rather use their writing skills for composing lyrics and not cease-and-desist letters. Which is why they have come together to demand that politicians require explicit permission first before pressing play on a song at a campaign rally.

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J.K. Rowling Thinks That Too Many Kids Are Being “Converted” Into Being Trans

July 6, 2020 / Posted by:

I know that every reality we knew prior to January has completely changed, but a couple people were inching towards 2020 energy back in 2019, like J.K. Rowling. Which is all too bad, because I think we can all agree she was much better when she was suing her former assistant for blowing money on body wash and cats. This current J.K. Rowling has a whole lot to say about trans people, and literally none of it is any good. It’s almost like a crappy, hateful wizard has cursed J.K. with a spell to completely tarnish what remained of her legacy. Well (dramatic wand swirl) Plentificus Transphobious, she’s once again talking trans issues in a pretty problematic way.

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Offset Crashed Cardi B’s Concert Last Night In A Public Attempt To Win Her Back

December 16, 2018 / Posted by:

Last night, Offset took his public appeal to woo back his estranged wife Cardi B when he crashed her set, begging her on stage with flowers to take him back. It looks like he has upped his game, but -UGH- this guy. There were 7th grade couples at my school who had more exciting and less predictable make up/break up drama than these two. So how did Cardi react to Offset’s little reindeer games? Let’s just say she wasn’t quick to recreate their old finger banging antics on stage.

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